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 posted in Hotel Dash 2: Lost Luxuries on Jul 12, 12 4:18 PM
Tried the trial version. Screen problems and no ice machine.

Loved the previous games. Too bad this one is buggy.
 posted in Hotdog Hotshot on Jul 12, 12 2:15 PM
CEH42 wrote:Upgrades are harder to come by in this game, but there are some great tips on this forum.

Two that I read that really helped:
1. You don't have to buy the incremental improvements...e.g. the $800 board and grill. Save your $$ for the more expensive level of improvements and you'll spend less in the long run.

2. Focus on the "on fire" rounds. I didn't even know what these were the first time I played this. You will earn way more $$ for each person served during those 20 seconds. Look at the upper right smile display...when you have 4 smile faces, stock up on burgers, hot dogs, etc., before serving the 5th person a perfect order.

My tip for all these games. If it's getting too hard, start over. You will have learned something just by playing. Throw in forum trips, and you'll be surprised how much further you can get.

Good luck.

Some GREAT advice here! Thanks!!!!
 posted in Hotdog Hotshot on Jul 12, 12 1:13 PM
I LOVE this game! It's become a fast favorite.

I would love to get more games like this, as I'm nearing completion.

Any suggestions?

I've got Burger Shop -- also excellent.
 posted in Chocolatier: Decadence by Design on Nov 5, 09 4:41 PM
Thank you so much for your help! About a half hour after I made the second "cry for help", I discovered the Doualan plantation, and everything took off from there. Four hours later, I went to Tokyo, Bogota, Las Vegas, and now, I'm in San Francisco! A little patience on my part, and help from your forum got me out of the slump- thanks!
 posted in Chocolatier: Decadence by Design on Nov 4, 09 3:45 PM
I only have 3 out of the 10 or so creation spaces filled. I have Irish coffee, cafe con leche, Arabic coffee, the basic Cup of Joe, nutmeg coffee, and one or two others. I can't access Colombian beans, nor can I access the 65% African cacao that I "promised" a deal with the coffee house owner in Tangiers. How can I "talk" with the shop owners, or anyone else, to stimulate further business, trade, etc.?
 posted in Chocolatier: Decadence by Design on Nov 2, 09 6:54 PM
Any advice from experienced players would be appreciated...I'm only able to sell my wares in Hawaii, Cuba, Tangiers, Douala, Cape Town, Bali, Australia, and of course, Zurich. I've made 3 candy bar creations in Reijkavik. I have 6 coffee recipes under my belt. I've been playing for hours on end for several days, and I can't seem to have a breakthrough recipe, or turn of events leading me to buy shops, get new recipes, etc. Have I done something wrong? Should I start over?
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