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 posted in Roads of Rome: New Generation 2 on Jan 18, 18 8:31 AM
My game just goes back to desktop at level 13, very strange, playing on Windows 7, will wait for a fix I guess. I have never had a problem with any of the Roads games before.
 posted in Jewel Match Twilight Solitaire on Nov 20, 17 2:02 PM
I am having the same problem, stuck at about level 150, no more options available to finish up castle. I really was enjoying this game too, playing on windows 7.
 posted in Leaves: The Journey on Aug 2, 17 6:57 AM
I loved this game sooo much, finished it in 2 days, couldn't stop playing! The length is quite long, I would estimate it took me about 8 to 10 hours to finish. There were only 2 puzzles I had to check You Tube for the solution, not bad considering there are loads of them! Also, if you need a hint, it doesn't come freely, you have yet another puzzle to complete to obtain it. It took me awhile to figure out, but, light bulb! You look at both circles which are black and white, combine each section and color in the big one, so if the top circle has a section that is black and the same section on the bottom circle is white, fill that section of the grid grey, if the top and bottom sections are both black, do black, if both white, do white, pretty easy after the first one.
I saw online there is a sequel, I do hope Big Fish offers it someday, best game I have played in a very long time! Oh, and don't get discouraged in the beginning, once you figure out how it works it gets a lot easier.
 posted in Grim Tales: The Final Suspect Collector's Edition on Jul 7, 15 10:48 AM
You probably already figured it out, but just click "show all" on the top!
 posted in Surface: Alone in the Mist Collector's Edition on Jun 21, 15 10:58 PM
I completely agree! I thought it was just me but many of the new games are so easy I would rather just read a book, also in the same vein, getting shorter.
 posted in Governor of Poker 2 on Apr 10, 15 11:17 AM
Thanks for the tip about the hat, going to try it!
I am having a similar problem, I was in the cave when I did the mini game deciphering the codes with the magic puppet, no problem with that, but after the mini game was done, the doll and code completely disappeared from my inventory so now I can't finish the bonus game. In the strategy guide it shows her playing that particular mini game in the temple/hospital where the brother is laying. I have a feeling that is why it disappeared, because I was in a different location.
In the bonus game after I played the mini game with the magic doll and the code sheet, the doll disappeared from inventory, I can go no further without it, running Windows 7.
 posted in Governor of Poker 2 on Mar 28, 15 9:09 AM
I for one am so addicted to this game, and I agree it takes patience and takes a very long time. I still haven't won yet but that's ok, learned a lot about poker and grateful it's not MY money! I have 4 different players going so I switch them off if one seems to be having a streak of bad luck, super fun game!
 posted in The Emptiness on Mar 7, 15 8:44 AM
In the end I got a piece of advice, he said I have a humdrum life and try to brighten up my days by making a change. Pretty much true! LOL!
 posted in Runefall on Feb 22, 15 8:25 AM
Thank you so much, I didn't notice the circles at the bottom!
 posted in Runefall on Feb 21, 15 2:22 PM
I can't figure out if you can redo a level, I mistakenly picked up the last ruin and wasn't done with the board, I don't see anywhere you can go back once a board is finished. Also, does it say anywhere how many ruins are on the board? That is why this happened, I thought there would be more ruins and there wasn't! I love this game, best match 3 I have played in a long time!
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Aug 1, 14 10:30 AM
I was starting to wonder if there was going to be a VV6. So I was messing around and checked Last Day at Works facebook page, and they are working on a new one, they have a screen shot and it looks completely different. It was posted in May. That is all I know, looks like they are going for the smartphone crowd so I hope they will have it for us old fashioned PC gamers.
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Jul 11, 14 9:04 AM
Thank you so much, I get it now, I was thinking I had the potbelly egg, but I can't buy it cause I have any egg in the nursery! OK back to the game, I can see this is going to get addicting!
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Jul 10, 14 10:27 PM
I just started, when I try to buy potbelly, it says it's already in the nursery, I don't understand what that means, can someone help? Thanks!
I too was disappointed with this HE game, I think I finished in about 3 1/2 hours which is way too short, I seem to remember the previous HE games being much more involved, especially the Amazon one. The colors seemed really washed out and dull and the puzzles if you can call them that, so easy they were not even a challenge. For me personally, I know there is a problem when the funnest part of the game is the hidden object scenes! The game of the year is the new MCF Madame Fate, it was at least twice as long and much more challenging.
 posted in Otherworld: Shades of Fall Collector's Edition on Oct 21, 13 9:23 AM
You have to place the pictures in the display cases.
 posted in Otherworld: Shades of Fall Collector's Edition on Oct 21, 13 9:20 AM
It took me almost 5 hours on advanced mode, plus about an hour on the bonus game and no skips the entire game. I rarely buy collector's edition games but I love this series and this game was awesome!
 posted in House of 1000 Doors: Serpent Flame on Jul 8, 13 11:04 AM
I finished the game today, loved it, but there were NO beyond objects in the SE version. Too bad the walkthrough lists them.
 posted in Viking Saga on Jun 30, 13 11:22 AM
I was wondering the same thing?
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