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 posted in Gummy Drop! on Apr 19, 16 6:44 PM
33tlc wrote: I am not very good at expressing myself in writing. So thanks for saying everything I was thinking. I must say I am a little surprised it has taken so long for someone to post a really positive comment for the update. So many people were waiting and some had well and truly run out of patience.
As much as I love everything about the update I find myself completely stuck yet again. Such is the nature of this game.. It is just not an option to stop playing for some reason, and strangely, I like it like that.

Well THANK YOU 22tlc!
That was very kind of you to say.... I am honored.
( I admit that I did post awhile back that I felt that us PC customers were feeling we are paying customers too!)
But, was SOOOOOO excited when i finally SAW THIS UPDATE, i did literally jump out of the pond in joy! )
So, again, thank you, you have made my year~and so far this year had not been on my side!
I hope you get "un-stuck," and can move forward,as I do agree I cannot stop either, and strangely like it too!
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Apr 16, 16 8:24 AM
Sportspaz1449 wrote:
carolyn_thomas wrote:You need to go on to face book and go on to the gummy drop web page.
Hope this helps

Hi Carolyn_thomas!
I am definitely having a "blonde Momday here!" I cannot find where the Gummy Drop giveaways are! I went to the BFG FB page, but to no avail! Where am I going wrong?! Lol....
Thank you!

I found it! Thanks for posting where to go! And good luck to all whom entered!
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Apr 16, 16 7:56 AM
carolyn_thomas wrote:You need to go on to face book and go on to the gummy drop web page.
Hope this helps

Hi Carolyn_thomas!
I am definitely having a "blonde Momday here!" I cannot find where the Gummy Drop giveaways are! I went to the BFG FB page, but to no avail! Where am I going wrong?! Lol....
Thank you!
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Apr 16, 16 7:26 AM
I am SOOOOO thankful and grateful for the new update!
I can FINALLY play LA!!!! And now I have the passport too! YIPPEEEEEE!
As we PC players have been awaiting this update for so very long, imagine my excitement when I saw there was one available, and immediately installed, although not quite knowing exactly what to expect, when I saw the major changes and that one included LA,...I jumped for joy! Because several months +/- ago, I had FINALLY gotten through Shanghai, (after MANY weeks, and several dollars!) then I saw the 2 little dudes in the little boat take me to LA, only to have that button flash for 2-4 seconds, then "poof: it was gone! ....I admittedly did write a whine post, and discovered that I was not alone, and MANY others were stuck as I was. and unable to advance, only go back through the levels that we had already played, just to pass the time, and try to collect some more bucks and boosters. (And yes, I was very bummed,) as I did work SO VERY HARD, and spend many bucks that I really didn't have, and shouldn't have to get through Shanghai,
But NOW, I am such a HAPPY CAMPER and enjoying LA! SO THANK YOU AGAIN for the update, as I was having a "blonde Monday" ALL month long, this had totally made my year!
And I love the new look, and ease of moving the "world" around in it's axis. PLUS I NOW KNOW what everyone has been talking about, regarding the "passport!" and the extras that is has to offer!
So, yes, again to reiterate, THANK YOU for not forgetting about your loyal PC fishies~as it appeared that only the other "tech," toys were the only ones to be updated sometimes bi-weekly!
So, in essence, I am obviously tickled pink to FINALLY have the update, and completely extactic to be able to move on and forward!
( I honestly, from my entire heart, hope that this game never ends!!!!) And that you will just keep adding levels and different challenges forever!
And now understanding that the PC version IS a stand alone version of the game, I admit that I was feeling left out with ZERO updates for roughly 6 months! +/-, but not by much!
Okay, I will end here now, and once againnn, say: THANK YOU SO MUCH for making this small fish in the huge pond a very, very, very happy fishie!
Off to play LA!
I hope that my fellow fishies are just as pleased as this one is!
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Mar 19, 16 5:31 PM
eli173 wrote:You are most welcome, Sportspaz!

Good luck! [/quote
[Post New]by fishfinder246 on Jan 16, 16 3:10 AM
Thanks for the acknowledgement, it's good when a fellow player let's you know that you've helped.


Y'all rock! I love kind fishies in the pond!
 posted in Mysteries of the Past: Shadow of the Daemon on Mar 12, 16 5:08 PM
pjplanner wrote:I am so torn as to whether to buy or not. The HOS are different as you have to do many things to get to the end. But what I HATE is that you can't get away from the sparkles. On expert mode you are meant to get no sparkles but you do but you don't get hints or skips. Haven't devs realised yet that the best mode is Custom so you can taylor the game to your own expectations. The sparkles may prevent me from buying which is a shame because I think it may be quite a good game otherwise.

Hi piplanner!
I COULDN'T agree more with you! The sparkles drove me nuts (a short drive!,) on what otherwise was a pretty good game. However, with ALL of those sparkles, (even when you were at that area,they continued!) were just way too much hand holding! It was very distracting to myself, as many of y'all as well,I am sure. IF we had the option to change the difficulty during the game, I would have played in the expert mode. However, as it wasn't available, I chickened out! LOL... Which I normally don't do.
I enjoyed the story line, and game itself, and as it was more of an "adventure" game, there wasn't much of an "adventure" with all of the hand holding going on.
I did find and create a post for a walkthrough, and did need it a time or two! All in all tho, I did enjoy the game and story line, not too many HOPS, just the right amount for me personally, and the puzzles were a bit different also.
No offense to the devs. but PLEASE, either give us the options to create the custom, or "no sparkles at all!"
Some may not be bothered by them, and I did after a short time almost want the game to end due to them, however, I did complete it,was glad I did as the ending was fulfilling, didn't leave us hanging. But, as per the norm, do check it out for yourselves fishies, and it may be to your liking...
Happy Gaming! And remember, if you need the walkthrough, gimme a holler!
*Edited for a misspelling!*
 posted in Mysteries of the Past: Shadow of the Daemon on Mar 11, 16 11:07 PM
Howdy! I have found a good walkthrough if any of my fellow fishies are interested.
Out of respect for I won't post here, but please do feel free to PM me and I will share!
Happy Gaming!
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Feb 1, 16 12:42 AM
I am so curious, and a bit upset about the missing LA on the PC! I spent A LOT of actual money to get through Shanghai, and was so excited to see the little guys in the boat take me to LA, the button appeared for 2-4 seconds, then "POOF" IT WAS GONE! And now I am really bummed to see that only the tablets or the other tech. items are getting the updates!!!!
Why are you forgetting your loyal PC customers ????
It really hurts to see us be neglected and forgotten.... we are your paying customers too!
So, could SOMEONE PLEASE address this issue?
Thank you very much. I miss playing Gummy Drop, and as mentioned, spent a lot of cash so far. So, I feel I earned my way to LA!
Looking forward to hearing back from anyone!
Have a wonderful day!
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Jan 15, 16 9:03 AM

There's a very recent discussion about this in the Shanghai thread:

In short, you can only buy the missing pinks or ship them from other countries. While according to the game's rules all resources are supposed to be available in the current city via playing levels, Helping Hand cards or 10-item missions, this is not the case here. Sorry!

See my post on page one of the forum. ALERT to those starting SHANGHAI.

Howdy! And thank you so very much to you both for responding to my SOS!
I so very much appreciate your replies to my S.O.S! And for you awesome advice!
This level is crazy mean! Lol....I saw where another fish had mentioned where we have to "buy" our way out of this level, and I must say that I do agree. I have spent $ that I really shouldn't have, however, twas the only way to advance!
Very frustrating I must add....but I will paddle on and pray for a way out!!!!
Loving our "family" of fellow fishies here at , and please know that I DO appreciate you very much. And how fast y'all replied. THANK YOU!
Goin' back in~wish me luck!
Much hugz to you both.... :heart
& on me!
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Jan 14, 16 1:14 PM
Howdy my fellow fishies!
Is it just me, or are there ZERO pink gems in Shanghai, that one has to have to progress to build the "Happy Valley Shanghai?" I have exhausted all of my extra help and am literally stuck between levels 61-70. I do have 1,045,400,however I need 1,120,000!
But there are ZERO places to gain what I need?!
Anyone know where I can find the pink gems needed to proceed?
Anyone?! Thank you in advance for taking the time to help me.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Dec 19, 15 11:55 PM
Howdy fishies! Is it just me, or has everyone received a passport but myself?!
I keep looking every time I play, and I play at least 9-10 times a day! Sometimes ALL day! Lol....
Am I just a dork, and missing it,or not looking in the correct place?! HELP!!!!
Does one HAVE to complete "everything" that the "annoying" (sorry ) green flashing side panel that tells you what needs to be~rather is what one can or perhaps there is to do?! Does one need to complete all of the 3 levels of each, along with every helping hand, question mark areas etc. to obtain said Passport?! It's driving me nuts~SHORT DRIVE, I KNOW!
Any help whatsoever would be so appreciated, so I can relax on the wondering where the heck it is?!!!!
Do you have to have your 3rd party cookies turned on? Have I asked enough questions yet?! I feel like SUCH a dork!!!!
Thanks for ANY help from my fellow fishie family!
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and any others I may have left out~NOT ON PURPOSE!
ALSO,I SO LOVE when I get to a question mark area that give us free coins and the ton of bricks-hats and gems! THAT SO ROCKS! THANK YOU FOR THAT !!!!!
With heartfelt thanks! SSPAZ!
 posted in Nevertales: Legends on Oct 24, 15 2:31 PM
Hi my fellow fishies!
Has ANYONE been able to get back down to the "shipwreck" yet? Rather, since y'all posted your bug issue? Just curious if anyone has found the secret or not?
PLEASE do post as to whether or not you have... I truly was enjoying this game, and would love to be able to continue!
Thanks bunches....
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Oct 20, 15 5:00 PM
snowmanvt1 wrote:Sorry. Didn't mean to upset you. Sometimes humor doesn't
translate well. Hope you got the update. It finally came thru
on my phone yoo.

No worries snowmanvt1, I understand how things can come across in the written word as opposed to the spoken ones,as it has happened to probably everyone! and I do apologize too. Thank you....
We are one big, happy family here snowmanvt, and I hope to remain as such with you.
And, may I ask a dorky question? As I play on a laptop, I haven't seen, (or quite possibly must wait for,) the update that brigs forth the passport. And I typically am very sharp at noticing things! (Lol) as I am technically a nerd/geek when it comes to the PC! However, I feel silly in not knowing exactly where to look for such update! Is it in the right side, where the green explanation point blinks when showing our goals? ALSO, does one HAVE to complete EVERY possible thing in each level? ie: where the gummy dudes offer one the opportunity to gather "extra," and every type of gummy, such as the bricks etc.? Or just every numbered level.and all 3 of each?
As I am disabled, and on a very fixed income~but feel very Blessed to have an income,~and simply cannot afford to pay for the "extra gummy dude offerings!"
And one last ?~is there a certain city in which this passport appears? I just reread where you had mentioned that you had received your passport through the Lottery Ticket, that's why I was curious as to where you were in the game~meaning, where you were in the world! (I mean which city!) Lol....
I am in London, and having a difficult time in gathering the blue board hats! So, am doing my best to pass levels, and redoing each and every level that has them. Where/what city were you in when you received your passport? and was there ANYTHING that showed you that it was available? (Can you tell that I am excited and anxiously awaiting for a sign, and to receive it!)
Any help will be so very appreciated.....And also, "THANK YOU" for reading this, and I look very much forward to your reply.
Thanks again my fellow (family fishy member) <3
And I wish you a wonderful day/evening/night~wherever you reside on this wonderful Earth!
Sportspaz1449~aka: Steph....
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Oct 20, 15 1:03 AM
snowmanvt wrote:Duh? GD= Gummy Drop.

No need to be rude snowmanvt, I was just asking, as there are many types of abbreviations in games.....
Thank you...
 posted in Nevertales: Legends on Oct 19, 15 6:49 PM
Same here,
I cannot get back to the shipwreck, the hint and map tell me it's the only place I need to go to continue, but can't!!!!
And I refuse to un/re install my game manager, as I have worked SO HARD, and spent $ I really don't have to advance there, and last time I did that with my GM, I lost EVERYTHING in my Found game, (in which I had been playing since it's inception!) I lost over 1,500 diamonds + almost 1,000 honey pots, among SO MANY other helps in said game.,) SO I WON'T take that chance with Gummy Drop!!!!
Anyhew, if anyone finds out the secret to getting back to the shipwreck, please do let me know okay? Thank you...and BFG, Y'ALL KNOW I LOVE YOU GUYS, but PLEASE do fix this bug, I am truly enjoying the game, and would love to continue to play.
Thanks bunches!
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Oct 19, 15 6:36 PM
Ton1782gc wrote:
Sportspaz1449 wrote:
Ton1782gc wrote:I have the update also and it is indeed a Big change but a good one.

Hi Ton1782gc! Could you tell us what country you received this passport?! I am in London, and so far.....nuttin'! Lol....

I have got it when I was started Budapest!

Thank you Ton1782gc.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Oct 17, 15 9:21 AM
Ton1782gc wrote:I have the update also and it is indeed a Big change but a good one.

Hi Ton1782gc! Could you tell us what country you received this passport?! I am in London, and so far.....nuttin'! Lol....
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Oct 17, 15 9:04 AM
Hello, I was just curious if anyone knows why, when you go to the shop to purchase, it gives us a box to redeem a game credit, but will not allow nor accept any? Has any other fishie been able to use theirs? Thanks in advance for any help! Much appreciated.
Have a wonderful, fun filled gaming weekend!
And hugz to all....
 posted in Nevertales: Legends on Oct 17, 15 8:59 AM
Is anyone else unable to return to the shipwreck area? Am I missing a trick?!
I was playing along just fine, and the map and hint kept telling me to go back down to the shipwreck, but I am unable to do as such.
For some reason I cannot get my cursor to face downward. I am using my system cursor, does anyone think that if I use the game cursor, that it may work?
And as I am really enjoying the game, I am now bummed that I cannot continue. I have un-re installed, and all the other tricks, so am I missing a "certain" area to point my cursor to get me back down? Or just a dork?! Lol....
I will not un-reinstall my game manager, as I have worked tirelessly on Gummy Drop, and WILL NOT risk losing my progress!!!! (Spent a lot of money for coins too!) And the last time I did that with my GM, I lost everything on Found, which I had been playing since it's inception, and had over 1,500 diamonds and a rear end load of honey pots and everything else!!!! Anyhew, getting back to my original question....
(Sorry moderators, this does all tie in!)
IS there a certain position, or trick to get back down to the shipwreck? ANY help, suggestions from my BFG family would be SO appreciated!
Thank you all so much in advance....and I look forward to any help!
Have a wonderful, and fun filled gaming weekend fishies!
and ~ and on me!!!!
Hugz to all....
 posted in Hero of the Kingdom II on Mar 24, 15 3:36 PM
I am typically not into the Time Management games, AT ALL! However, as the 1st of the series,I discovered, is more of an adventure game-my favorite- I am having a blast!
As I wasn't aware of the first one, I decided to give II a try, and fell in love with it, so I HAD to go and purchase the 1st one!
It is so much fun to advance with completing tasks, and having new adventures appear. I actually find myself smiling throughout the game play! (After I figured out how to play, which only took a little bit,) and the excitement began!
I can't stop playing..Lol. It's fun when new areas open, and you know there are more and different accomplishments to, well, accomplish!
Thank you to the Dev's and for offering such wonderful, fun, and challenging games.
PLEASE do create more LT developers! Your games ROCK! You have a customer for life here! And a HUGE Thank You to for these games!
Happy Playing Fishies! And do give them a try, it may take you a bit to catch on, like myself, (as I don't play Time Management games,) but this is not, and so different and fun! You will catch on and enjoy in no time!
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