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Keep your dorsal fins up! (Thank you, Tauret)

 posted in Haunted Legends: Monstrous Alchemy on Apr 22, 18 11:05 PM
My pleasure! It was great seeing someone from the Old Pond and give hugs! Miss doing the old fun posts. I pm morph congrats occasionally! But it is not the same!
So much to miss and soon it will all be gone!

Take care and As Always Happy Gaming,
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Probably get deleted, but for the sake of times long gone :

(((((((((((((((((( FlatSlewFoot )))))))))))))))))))))

Hope you are doing well!

portion bolded by me

pennmom36 wrote:
Foxy57 wrote:I loved that game. Elephant are the best developers..

I agree I have always loved their graphics, makes me feel like I'm actually there, in a creey, abandoned town.

I enjoyed the demo, and want to finish playing the game, so despite more than a few misgivings, I will be using the sale to add it to my game library. I agree, also, that the graphics are great. Music is theme appropriate, IMO, and I experienced no big tech problems. Just an occasionally floaty cursor. Not a game killer for me. The storyline is the usual good vs some kind of evil. I was hoping to see Elf and was not disappointed, however, I am happy that the Devs gave folks who don't like helpers a choice to play without him! Shows that some people are listening to us here.

As always, try the demo for yourself to see if it is compatible with your OS, and what you expect from a game.

pennmom36, the portion I bolded is eerily similar to how I feel right now in the Forums!

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@quarlesqueen, I have sent you a pm!
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portions bolded by me
SynthpopAddict wrote:Well, seems like we finally got an answer to why they don't want to get a new URL with new forums back on page 7 of this thread. BF just doesn't want to. Even if a new forum system isn't as complex as this current one is, something is better than nothing! I've even contacted CS about this, and got the same answer from a CS manager. Sorry BF, you're shooting yourself in the foot but I guess some folks have to learn the hard way by losing market share that being cheap in the short term with not willing to get new software or whatever it is that's the concern with having new forums is truly a dumb business decision. This site will be no different than any other casual gaming portal. And without someplace for casual gamers to get game help or developers to get feedback, I've got to be worried about the casual PC gaming market in general. People won't buy what they think they can't play, and it's not going to help with the increasing cookie-cutterness of games coming out.

I feel bad for the mods who are most likely losing their jobs, even if they're not saying so right now. Would like to thank all the BF moderators for their hard work maintaining these forums especially over the past few years when all the spam started creeping in. It's been great while it lasted.

Thanks to everyone who's given me kudos over the years for my gaming tips. I've migrated to Pond Friends ( so you can at least PM me there if you get stuck in a M3 somewhere down the road. Happy gaming to everyone wherever you may go.

I add a felt Thank You to ALL those who have given tips, help and support (both game and personal!) throughout the years. What someone wished me, I wish to you all: A Happy Gaming Journey!

Kindest Regards,
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j62janet wrote:Hello Bearkat, I didn't get to the end of the trial, the game demo ended and I still had 50 minutes left to play it, I tired it twice, and it happened both times, I am going to try something else, I used one of the links that the moderator told us about, I'm hoping it works, because that particular game looks good

I am sorry that you are having this problem. Hopefully one of the links you try will fix it and you can play the game. I beta-ed this game back in December, and have been waiting for them to release it so I could finish it!

I finished the demo with 40 minutes leftover myself, but did reach the "thank you for playing screen".

Good ,
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j62janet wrote:I use Windows 8.0.
I started the game alright, but I got told that the trial was over, and when I came out of the game, it showed that I had 50 minutes left, now I am not sure if I should buy it or not, it looks like a good game.
If the forums are ending, how can we get help with games any more, perhaps a moderator can explain it to us

Hello, j62janet, if you played the game until you got to the "trial is over, thank you for playing screen", then you completed the "free sample" of the game.

You are given 90 minutes to play the portion of this game that the Dev considers a "sample", how long it actually takes you to do that depends on how quick/fast a player you are, if you skip puzzles, etc.

As for game help, beginning April 30th, it looks like players will be dependent on the BFG Help pages and Customer Service.

Hope this helps.
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Thank you, pennmom36, for starting this thread. And thanks to all who have posted here. At the risk of being maudlin, I am afraid, however, that it is just a chance for all of us to say farewell to one another.

Do I want them to keep the Forums open as they are now? ABSOLUTELY.
Do I think they will? No!

I am afraid the sad truth is that they do not want our opinions or suggestions. Nor for the net at large to see all the complaints about game glitches or lack of Tech Support. Economics is as good an excuse as any!

Big Fish Games was the best game site on the net with the best people and best Technical Support, IMHO! To that BFG, I say a huge thank you for many years of great games and fun relaxation! To the BFG that has become just another online appendage of a large conglomerate, well, good luck!

To the many friends (real people as skpjazz pointed out ) I have met here, those who are still swimming around in the Pond and those who have moved on, I will miss you ALL! Thank you to each and every person who offered tips, help and support to me and to all the other real people who needed it! To quote one of those friends (a real person), some of you many recognize this, "Keep your dorsal fin up!

Happy Gaming,
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Thank you, karnisaur, for coming into the Forums to help. It is always great when a Dev comes in to show they care about their game and the players!


@ pennmom36, thank you, also for the explanation!
Looks like your mind conrol worked pretty well! And quickly too!

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Joining the swim upstream!

I enjoyed the playing demo, and will absolutely be adding it to my game library, which already includes the previous games in this series. The graphics were clear and sharp (on my screen). The music I found to be theme appropriate and enjoyable. The gameplay was smooth, with only a couple hiccups with the transitions of screens, nothing I found too offputting.

Is it the hardest game I ever played? By no means! I have plenty of those already, and I, too, enjoy playing a game that doesn't have me pulling out my hair.

Challenge is well and good, but sometimes you just want to do something for the fun of it, and I had fun playing the demo! Will definitely replay around Halloween!

As always, try if for yourself and see if the game is compatible with your OS, and has what you expect from a game!

Happy Gaming,

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You are most welcome, nypitterpat.

 posted in The Andersen Accounts: Chapter One Collector's Edition on Apr 7, 18 11:22 AM
Hello, nypitterpat, just click on the ? in the menu on the lower right side of the screen for the SG.

Happy Gaming,
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Hello, cookie1949, not a stupid question at all. I had to look for it myself!

On the top, left side of the inventory bar, above the word Menu there is a box with a ? in it beside a box that says Task. Click on the ? and it will bring up the guide.

Hope this helps.

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I am enjoying this little game as well, biomix !

If you have not already demo-ed The Chronicles of Noah's Ark, I suggest you give it a try! You might enjoy it as well!

Happy Gaming,
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Hello cocky2,you are awarded each ring for successfully performing (through playing the cards) the task/quest that is given to you by the various characters you meet.

Evidently the rings are not given in a particular order as I am on level 40 and just got the second ring in the line, after already getting 1, 3, and 4.

Hope this helps.

Happy Gaming,
Hello, coleen007, welcome to the bfg Game Fourms.

I am sorry, however, from the research I have done online, and from a consumer reporting site, you cannot add new programming to a Telikin.

I did see that it comes with some games already installed and looks like those maybe all you will be able to play.

I did see that they say they have really good Customer Support, and perhaps you could get more information from them.

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skpjazz wrote:There are so many games out there that lack the "specialness" of Jewel Match games. Because of that, it doesn't matter to me if there are similarities to their other games. When it comes to solitaire in general, each game you play or replay is different than the one before (at least to me). I love the added feature of creating a castle, house, or garden-type scene, especially when they are as well thought-out and beautiful as the ones the Suricate Software team put together. L'Amour holds true to the Love/Valentine theme in all aspects. To me the game takes you to a different place (or world) with the inspiring mood of the music and wonderful visuals.

Yes, this is a game. Even though I would prefer a different type bonus game (other than Mahjong), I am quite happy with everything else this beautiful game has to offer.

Well said!! I couldn't agree more! I have all their games, and have yet to be disappointed by them.

Happy Gaming,
My Game App closed when I opened the game, however, the game did load, and I played for about 40 minutes.

Later, when I clicked on "play now" to resume playing the demo , I got the dreaded blue screen of death for the first time since I ran W98 many years ago!

Fortunately, when Windows reopened my PC was ok!

I deleted the game immediately, and have not looked back!

Game not worth the trouble IMO.


eta: Running W7 64 bit OS

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Swimming upstream with Old_Man_River, I enjoyed the style of this game.
Nice HOG with no pretenses! I admit I did get a laugh out of "Pontoon Labs"!

I had no problem using a PCC to get the game, and look forward to finishing it!

As always, try it for yourself and see if it is compatible with your OS and what you like in a game.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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