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Has anyone determined the significance of the "37" found near the malfunctioning displays in the museum? It seems unlikely they'd put that there if it wasn't a clue to something. A lot of work went into rendering that scene. I doubt they put it there for the heck of it.
englishtee wrote:Hi,

I am at the near end of the game, I think. I have 5 caves, and still have several things in my inventory. Not sure what to do. Can anybody please help.


You'll need something from Alison's suitcase to help you solve the 5 riddles.
I had a similar thing happen with one of the videotapes. I think I ended up having to get out of the game and go back in. When I got back in, the tape had returned to my inventory. Might have had to reboot my computer. Hope that helps.
Mr_Russ wrote:> It's a little disappointing that they weren't used like the other items and subsequently removed from inventory.

That wouldn't work. You'd need multiple pairs as you go up that path more than once.

Agatha Christie: Murder on the Orient Express handles snowshoes slightly differently. Being in third person, you use the snowshoes on you. That wouldn't work either for DG, being 1st person.

One solution would have been to eliminate the need for them entirely, so there wouldn't be so many people saying, "hey, why do I still have snowshoes?" This confusion was created by making them necessary, then making them function differently than every other inventory item. They could have left them out without affecting the game whatsoever. Not that It's hugely important - just saying.
I suppose these "loose ends" could all be things that were part of the game's original development that ultimately were cut from the final game due to budgetary constraints or other reasons. I'm sure we've all found things in games that clearly appeared to point to what turned out to be unexplorable areas.

With regard to revealing clues to games past and future, certainly the initials on the tree is a reference to Ravenhearst and the sketch in the barrel depicts areas explored in RTR, though it appears to be in relation to a future game. The repeated references to ashes and the smoldering pile next to the bridge may be significant or may just be overkill clueing that we needed ashes in the game. The similarity of locations between DG and RTR may suggest the Ravenhearst estate links to the Dire Grove property in some way. Maybe they abut, intersect or cross each other. Maybe not. This may be all there is, so, yes, not particularly satisfying, though the info on the lighthouse sketch should be sufficient to whet the appetites of all us MCF die hards.
I'm thinking (hoping) that we will pursue Victor back to 1895 and at some point end up on the ship. Do we know when it "wrecked"?

Back in DG, though, the snowshoes, the frozen statue, and especially the "37" and goat/wolf display thing always bugged me. Seemed like something more should happen there. I'll play with that theory next time through. It would be great if Picman could confirm if there were more Easter Eggs not covered by the achievements and Felix levels.
Just finished for the second time, completing all achievements. I then read the walkthrough trying to figure out what the snowshoes were for. It's a little disappointing that they weren't used like the other items and subsequently removed from inventory.

I really enjoyed the game, but I'm in the camp with those who say it wasn't challenging enough and therefore too short. I think 10+ hours is more satisfying. I understand that HOG fans might not be interested in the adventure gameplay of RTR and DG, but perhaps future MCF releases could offer different difficulty levels? I realize that means a lot more work, but it would appease everyone I think.

I don't get all the griping over the price. People who wanted to pay $6.99 could have waited a few weeks, especially since they largely seem underwhelmed by the extras. I would have liked maybe a few more bonus levels, but overall I'm very pleased with the product and may well have paid more than $20.

While I managed to avoid using the strategy guide, I was bothered by it. I think I would have preferred it not be included. A full walkthrough robs the game and the forums of all those hair-pulling "how do I" conversations.

Love the tease and look forward to the next installment.
Haven't finished yet, but really enjoying it thus far. Only one minor glitch (one of the videos wouldn't play - guess I'll see it the second time around). I agree that the mini-puzzles so far haven't been near as challenging as RTR, which I suppose appeases the HOG fans, but is a little disappointing.

Now, if the children will fall asleep early, I can dive back in!
Only one minor snafu so far - When I opened the crime computer and dragged one of the video cassettes up from inventory, it wouldn't play and now shows a blurred image of the cassette in my inventory, but I cannot view whatever was on that cassette. Most of the videos I've found so far haven't had anything vital in them that I can tell, so I'm hoping the same is true of that one.

Loving the game otherwise.
Can anyone from BFG confirm what time the game will be available on the 25th? I'm okay with midnight.

Just checked out the new official screenshots.

The "Change is Good" one of the car interior... the instructions read, "Locate all 50 mysterious morphing objects." FIFTY?!?!?

The sign in the screenshot with the statue reads, "Ye Ole Mill Grocery."

Eight days is the new eternity.
We could be playing this by next week?? Oooooo... I like what little birdies have to say!
We're all in that boat! I think we're all just kicking over the same stones and scrutinizing them until picman throws us another scrap.

It may still be Iron, just can't make it out. Age/Era - doesn't make much difference unless there are eras that weren't ages. In context, it's likely a minor detail.
Some notes on the clipping -

It looks more like "Era" than "Age." Are we sure it says "Iron"?

"The (xxx) ruins were found..." appears to be
"The (xxx) (xxx) found..."
The singular tense "has" used later in the sentence suggests a single item.

"...has been put on display..."

"...during the Fall festival..." I think "festival" is actually "harvest."

All I know for certain is that my eyes hurt!
It looks like "Watson" to me, which, if correct, is a fictitious river. However, Watson Road lies near Pleasure Beach park and they have a River Cruise. Very hard to read, obviously.
Is it possible the early 1900s Russian circus performers/English nobility connection is jesters?? Could it be that simple?
Oh, and is it possible the "Shady Grove" thing in the video IS the gate?
I do wonder if the "connection" is nothing major, but maybe simply a term common to both.
I apologize if this has already been covered, but I didn't see where anyone had solved picman's gaelic clue:


I've managed to interpret some of it and it doesn't appear to contain any information that isn't already known at this point.

ceithrar = four persons
mac/mic = son of
leinn = possess
coile = grove
iarraidh = searching
ceithre = four

Not sure about 'olls,' but it is close to 'olc,' which means 'evil.'

Also, on a separate subject, anyone who's played "Shivers 2" will recall that a rock band came to town and disappeared, but left clues in several music videos found throughout the game.

Hurry up, December!
Maybe my eyes are going from all of this staring, but it looks like the top stone of "stonehenge" has something written on it. Zooming in just pixelates it. Anyone have a large screen and a magnifying glass?

Also, based on the banshee discussion, I have to wonder if it actually IS winter or if the banshee activity has made it so cold as to appear wintery.
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