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 posted in Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story Collector's Edition on Feb 11, 11 10:04 PM
Good game, even for the light of heart. Good sound, graphics and story. Just finished the one hour trial and I was sad when I it ended.
 posted in Jack of All Tribes on Feb 11, 11 9:58 PM
This is a fun game. Lots to do and the characters are really cute. Play style is similar to My Kingdom for The Princess. I really enjoy this play style. This is one is going on my list to buy when I can afford to.
 posted in Behind the Reflection on Feb 7, 11 2:26 AM
Nice game. moderately challenging. But I never got frustrated with it like some. I enjoy this type of play style, find the items in the circle. was dissapointed when hour ended.
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess II on Feb 6, 11 2:10 PM
i am not a fan of Time Management games. I absolutley adore this game series. I get so confused with the typical TM games. This is fantastic. I love the music choice and the graphics are incredible. I have noticed other compnies have come out with similar games, but they miss the mark by so much. I am very dissapointed this series of games was not in the list of awards - these are soo diserving that who would ignore this series of games baffles me. Keep up the great work to the makers and developers of the game and game play style. Oh, one more item, I love the little characters and they are now interactive with the game, great idea!
 posted in The Mystery of the Dragon Prince on Dec 19, 10 10:06 PM
Hi, i am stuck at the very beginnning. Can not find those hedge clippers. Please help. If this is an example of how hard it is to find things, I will be back for more help, and read others struggles and look for anwers already givien.
 posted in Dr. Lynch: Grave Secrets on Jul 8, 10 11:16 PM
in scence where you look for items on the billboard, well the area i will call a park, the last item i have to find is a green chili pepper. it must be in one of the trees or bushes. i have clicked and clicked, cannot find it. any help, please?
 posted in The Magicians Handbook: Cursed Valley on Jun 30, 10 10:42 PM
second chapter, can't find the last snake. its location looks like a cave with treasures in it. i can't go any further. no more hints availble. ty.
 posted in Dream Sleuth on Feb 15, 10 10:26 AM
Chapter 15. Placing the code key on the disc books. The books in the walk through are
Arsnic and old lace
bringing up baby
the camera man
city lights
duck soup
then the code key
last nook - trouble in paradise.

answer - the sting

I do not have the same bks and can not line up the code key where all slots have letters lined up in slots. help.
 posted in Lost City of Z: Special Edition on Dec 21, 09 1:34 PM
stustuart wrote:The mouse curser shows wild patterns that remain on the screen as I pick up the flashlight. Also part of the screen is not dark in a diagonal band left to right/bottom in a tile pattern. Any suggestions?

At first I didnt have this same probelm. Just that it would not let me pick up the last two keys. I exited completely out of the game and now I have the same problem. I hope people at NG are reading these forums on their games to see where the issues are so they can redistribute a debugged version and allow all of us who have been hving problems redownload their game. NG games give historical factual information in their games and since I am a history buff (my major in college) I really enjoy their games and the graphics is typically the best around.
 posted in Lost City of Z: Special Edition on Dec 21, 09 1:26 PM
terpie wrote:I also believe that this game has tooooo many kinks in it. I also noticed there is no walkthrough. Again, where do you cut the vines???????

Click on the area before you try to cut the vines. Whala! There is the letter Z.
 posted in Riddle of the Sphinx on Dec 4, 09 4:42 PM
It requests you install quick time from Apple's site and after over 10 minutes of finding a link to install it for windows the graphics are grainy and poor quality. After turning off all sound there are still no written words (deaf) I think the people who created this game should have done a much better job. Even the hidden object games for children are much better done than this game. I do however see there are many who have somehow fiquired this game out so more power to you.
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