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 posted in Masquerade Mysteries: The Case of the Copycat Curator on Apr 24, 10 3:49 PM
I am on Chapter 7 and can't figure out which location to go to to find the mask When I click on hint at Lab, Security, Janitor's Closet, Alley, the hint says at all of them go to another location. Help!!!!
 posted in Doors of the Mind: Inner Mysteries on Apr 3, 10 11:23 AM
What time is the right time to set the clock. I got the key and the hands but cant seem to get the right time.
 posted in Can You See What I See? on Nov 15, 09 9:52 AM
I can not see that dad gum fence. Can anyone tell me where it is?
 posted in Can You See What I See? on Nov 12, 09 6:12 PM
Hellllllllp!!! I can not figure the answer to the question Survives to this day, helps the dinosaur to get his prey?
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