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 posted in Haunted Legends: The Black Hawk on Apr 12, 17 8:25 AM
Trying to complete the cannon HOS. Collected everything required except for one item which doesn't seem to want to go anywhere. When I hit "hint" it tells me to exit the HOS but when I hit "hint" again, it tells me to return to the HOS. Not able to use any of my inventory items in this HOS either like you can in some games.

Not sure if this is a tech glitch or am I just missing something...can't seem to progress any further until I finish whatever it is I'm suppose to do. I've found two chair legs and an assortment of wood. Any suggestions?

So far, I'm loving this game although it has been a bit of a challenge in some areas and I would like to complete it.
 posted in Claws & Feathers 2 on Aug 22, 16 4:22 PM
Tried and tried and tried...can't find the key to this level. Wow, this is a tough match 3. Is there a secret? I've tried everything strategy I can think of.
 posted in Edge of Reality: Ring of Destiny on Jun 14, 16 9:55 AM
Maybe I'm missing something but in the Tropical Island level 3-8 not enough quarry stones are in the beginning inventory to get beyond the "dry space/swamp" to get any further on the level as quarry stones are required. I search everywhere in the area before this and cannot find any quarry stones to add to the 1 provided to acquire the 2 required to move on. Glitch or am I just really missing something. Tried removing all the trees to see if anything is hidden behind them and nothing there. Doesn't seem to be anything other inquiries here and the "blog forum" is useless.
 posted in Imperial Island 3 on Feb 19, 16 9:41 AM
Using Windows 7 Pro and the game worked perfectly until level 63 when the game didn't appear, but the map background were still there...level 64 was only a black screen with the "menu" and "play" tabs at the top and the "timed" box at the bottom. Also had the inventory scores did appear at the top. Tried exiting and re-entering, re-booting my computer...nothing worked. Very frustrating. Loved the game. I guess its good I only used a credit on it. Sounds like I'm not alone with game trouble.
 posted in Antique Shop: Lost Gems Egypt on Jan 21, 16 3:13 PM
Apparently level 4 has even more glitches. On this level all my tools which I have active are all active. No longer gives you the option to chose which tools you want to use. Not bad I guess, but now it stopped on about the 4th game board in that level and won't let me go any further and when I exit and return, the 4th level isn't available anymore, not even showing with a lock on it and I am put back to the last game board on level 3. Wow, didn't anyone play this game through before putting out there for purchase?

I'm using windows 7 professional and have never had issues with BF games before (due to my operating system anyway).
 posted in Antique Shop: Lost Gems Egypt on Jan 21, 16 9:27 AM
I did per instructions and charged back all my tools and purchased back all BUT the frenzy tool and when it came up for purchase again, I did not purchase it and the game did not get compromised. However, I did notice after the frenzy tool came up for purchase that even though I did not purchase it, the red screening/netting did appear on my game board but it was there BEHIND my other tools but did not effect them or block them.

When I exited the game and returned, the game was still OK and as before. Bottom line DO NOT PURCHASE THE FRENZY TOOL!
 posted in Phantasmat: Behind the Mask on Jan 18, 16 5:52 PM
I found this game really entertaining, challenging and morbid as heck. The HOS were varied, some easy, some took a bit of time. Puzzles were half and half...easy and difficult mostly due to limited instructions.

Graphics, animations, voice overs and music were very good and appropriate for the gameplay. Gameplay wasn't as smooth as I would have liked, but the map helped most the time with the transporter hint used as needed.

Like I mentioned earlier, this was quite the morbid one. Sort of lost track of the story as far as keeping the many and varied characters straight and trying to figure out what the family history was here.

I have most of the Phantasmat series and enjoy them. Might have to play this one over to get the history clear. Very long game and ends completely so you don't feel you missed anything by not buying the CE. I give a 4 out of 5, mostly because I felt the game was a bit choppy to play.
 posted in Phantasmat: The Dread of Oakville on Dec 31, 15 4:39 AM
Wow, I certainly enjoyed this game...played it right through without stopping. Fantastic visuals and animations. Voice overs were very good except for that hysterical Josie...she drove me nuts.

HOS were fun, interactive and varied. Puzzles/mini games were OK...I'm not a puzzle lover so I played some and skipped some. Game allowed you to customize your gameplay so I set both the hint and skip to recharge quickly...that helped with skipping the puzzles I chose not to play.

Transporter map was great, took you were you needed to go. Rarely had to use the hint to move around. Gameplay was smooth and interesting. I really loved every minute of this game. Only con was with all the characters, it was a bit confusing sorting them all out as was the ending. Did the town and its people ever come back? A long game for a SE with a good story and great gameplay which gives you your money's worth. A definite 5 out of 5 and highly recommended!
 posted in Off the Record: The Final Interview on Dec 30, 15 4:56 PM
Visuals were great, story a bit lacking since there were so many people involved in the scam which caused confusion for me. In the end, I was only clear about "Sarah", not sure who the other guy was or what his role in the scam was. Just getting old I guess.

Custom option let you set the skip and hint to refresh quickly which was a plus since I found the mini games/puzzles a bit tedious and confusing. Not much of a puzzle player anyway. It was also annoying when you skipped a game you had to sit and watch it "solve" itself. Voice overs drove me craaaaaaaaazy! HOS were good and I found the transporter hint got me to where I wanted to go much faster than dealing with the map.

Can't say this game was a real "grabber"...stopped and started several times but finally finished it. Great animations and sounds. I give it a 3+ out of 5, mostly because it just wasn't that intriguing and those voice overs drove me nuts!
 posted in Christmas Wonderland 6 on Dec 18, 15 5:24 PM
divaprods wrote:I found the rest of the game and enjoyed playing it, but, I fail to see what buddahs have to do with Christmas. Devs, please leave them out, I found them offensive and intruding on this wonderful holiday scene.

How odd, what could be offensive about a Buddha?
 posted in Christmas Wonderland 6 on Dec 18, 15 5:22 PM
Good grief...I thought my eyes were going to drop out! Small items hidden among a not very clear and cluttered scenes. Glad I used a credit and didn't pay for this one. Not only were the scene not very sharp, but they were so brightly colored it made it even worse. Music seemed to loop around and all that twinkling was very distracting.

I really didn't enjoy this one, but made it through to the end; good thing it wasn't a very long game. I could see the "short attention span" kids of today walking away from this very quickly.

I give this a 2 out of 5. Gads!
I've played all the Dalimar/Ravenhearst series and enjoyed all but that awful "Escape" (which I never finished). I found this one to be enjoyable but recommend you wait for the SE as the bonus game is only a story that explains what happened before the MD gets out of the asylum and to the village...not important and not needed.

Excellent transporter map, color, animations and voice-overs as with all the others and closes off the Dalimar/Ravenhearst saga well. My only complaint I guess, is the original story seemed to have gotten weirder and wierder as the series continued to the point of ridiculous, however, I still enjoyed it. No doubt I am now going to have to go back and play Madame Fate, Dire Grove and all the other Ravenhearst series games to put all of this together. Glad I bought them from the get-go.

I still don't play those awful multi-action puzzles...just not me, but the others were fun and HOS were fun too. I do wish I had not paid full price for this CE (something I never do), but I enjoyed "Key" so much I wanted to see how it would end. "sigh". I give this one a 4- out of 5, but wait for the SE.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Key to Ravenhearst on Dec 14, 15 1:02 PM
Review for the SE: The very first game I played from Big Fish was the original Ravenhurst. Even as old school as it is, it was an amazing least for the beginner I was at the time. I found this game to be even more amazing and so typical of the Ravenhurst series.

Complex games, interactive and interesting HOS, storyline and gameplay that are exciting, addictive and interesting. A definite 5 star game with amazing animations, color and voice-overs. Excellent transporter map and the option to customize your gameplay which allows you to reduce both the skip and hint refresh to 10 seconds.

I skipped a lot of the mini games because I'm not much of a puzzle player and wanted to get on with the story, but these would be a definite plus for those puzzle players who love them..some are a great challenge. Ends with a teaser for yet another sequel. Highly recommend this game as I do the entire series.
 posted in Christmas Stories: Puss in Boots Collector's Edition on Dec 13, 15 7:33 AM
Hmmmm, just haven't been able to equal the first Christmas Story (the Nutcracker). This actually appeared a bit short for a CE. Haven't played the bonus game yet as I'm a bit on a "sugar overload". Nice game and cute, but got a little slow and boring. I was glad when the end came.

Excellent animations, and color. Storyline was "cute" as were the characters. I felt the game didn't run very smoothly. Used the hint a lot to move around because the transporter map was fairly confusing and useless. The hint was a transporter hint so it was the best way to move about. All the dialog drove me crazy and I did skip a lot of it. Voice-overs were OK as was the music.

HOS were sort of interactive and easy. Some of the puzzles were easy, others tedious. I used the Custom gameplay mode to set the hint and skip to refresh quickly. Can't say the game was a real gripper and very glad I got it on sale.

Maybe I missed it, but was there something I was suppose to do with the puzzle pieces I collected? Morphing objects were really dumb..not into that stuff. Not sure what the things that kept popping up in the upper left were all about. If I were you, I'd wait for the SE.

I give this one about a 3- out of 5. Maybe the bonus game will be better, but I doubt it.

UPDATE: Played the bonus game....cute, I actually enjoyed it more than the main game. Lots of fun.
 posted in Lost Lands: The Golden Curse on Dec 8, 15 10:40 AM
Review of the SE: Well, I bought this with a credit without playing the demo because of all the 5 star ratings and reviews. Can't say I agree with them now. I am finding the game a bit on the slow side. Transporter map is located in a difficult spot and you have to keep clicking on it to open. Waaaaay to much dialog and cut scenes and it really gets annoying, tired of picking up journal sheets, stopped reading them as they were lengthy and appeared to be unnecessary.

HOS are shadow, interactive and tedious, puzzles can be simple to tedious. Animations, and color are very good..I'll give it a good one there. Storyline is confusing...not quite sure who this chick is and how she got to where she is. The little girl is annoying.

Really getting tired of jumping all over the place to get one inventory item and then jumping back and then jumping again. You get to a scene and everything you click on needs something that is not in your inventory so off you go again. Arrrrgh. I'm going to take a break from it for awhile. I give it only a 2+ out of 5. If its as long as some gamers have stated, I don't know if I'll make it to the end. Yawn.
 posted in Fear for Sale: City of the Past on Dec 1, 15 1:59 PM
I have several of the Fear for Sale games and have enjoyed them all and this is no exception. Color, animations, voice overs, storyline and gameplay were all very good. A fairly long game with the option to set your own pace which came in handy since most of the puzzles I found either very easy or too tedious to play, but I'm not a big puzzle player. Concludes nicely for a SE and doesn't leave you hanging.

HOS were interactive and had another option if you didn't want to play the HOS. The teleporter map was very good and needed as the game hopped around a lot. Despite my experience playing these games, I did find myself using the hint quite a bit which made it a bit of a challenge.

Gameplay was fluid, however it did seem like it lagged a bit if I got to clicking around too quickly, but that could just have been my mouse. I highly recommend for a somewhat challenging gameplay and give it a 5 out of 5.
 posted in European Mystery: Flowers of Death on Dec 1, 15 8:37 AM
I have the rest of this series and enjoy them as I did with this one. Color, animations, voice-overs, music were all well done as well as I enjoyed the storyline which was different.

HOS were interactive and the puzzles/mini games were OK for the most part. Some easy, some tedious and some didn't make sense. The Options mode let you adjust settings as you liked. I set the hint and skip timer as low as possible so I was able to skip the games I chose to and move on.

Transporter map was good, but although it did show where activity was needed, you had to make a guess if it was the next step. The hint was a transporter hint so this helped when the map was too confusing.

I found the game moved along smoothly and I had no tech problems. Not a difficult game and a good length but not real long. The only CON was the just ended, almost like the devs just got tired and said "the end"..maybe there was more to the CE. Anyway, I give it a 4 out of 5. Easy going game and enjoyable.
 posted in Save Halloween: City of Witches on Nov 25, 15 9:36 AM
What an enjoyable match 3 game. Halloween or not, it was a blast to play. Played both as timed and relaxed and found the game fun on both levels. Never could get all winged pumpkins but did manage to get all 3 stars on the timed level.

At first I couldn't figure out the scoring. If I beat the time for each level, I could not get 3 stars...sometimes only 1 and if I got 3 stars I could only beat the time for each level occasionally. Then "duh", I realized getting 3 stars was a whole different strategy so I settled on that since it was much easier than beating the level time. The level time and stars are on both relaxed and timed, its just you have to beat the timer on the timed level which isn't hard. Clear as mud huh? Oh well, I enjoyed the heck out of this game. 100 levels of really fun gameplay.

For those sensitive to "devil" issues, probably not a good game for you. Graphics, sound, color and animations were superb. Loved decorating the haunted house. All around a definite 5 out of 5 for me. Very be prepared.
 posted in The Trials of Olympus on Nov 12, 15 6:40 AM
What a fun match 3. Despite the fact it has all those annoying things in it that drive me nuts like dialog, the "oh wow" voice during the game levels, etc. but they were done so well they were actually a joy to listen to since the voice overs were a kick. Loved the story and actually sat through (and looked forward to) the cut scenes which I am notorious for skipping.

I want to say since there does seem to be some bad reviews that I had no tech problems with this game. Graphics were very clear and responded very quickly to my mouse clicks. I did have to turn on tutorial for a brief time to figure out how to get rid of the spiders (cute), etc., but other than that, the game is pretty self-explanatory.

Very beautiful graphics and color and great animations. Interesting tweaks to the match 3 levels also. The game is timed but the timer is generous and does not affect gameplay if you don't beat it as far as I could see since I never ran it totally all the way down. However, it will give you 1-3 stars depending upon how far it runs down. There is no need for a "relaxed" mode in this game.

This is a builder game so you do build a beautiful city. The only negative thing I can say about is it is a bit short, at least compared to something like the Jewel series that go on forever. The ending does indicate there is an Olympus II in the works so I will be waiting for it. Highly recommend for match 3 lovers.
 posted in Jewel Match: Twilight on Nov 7, 15 8:27 AM
I don't even demo Jewel Match games, I just buy them and have never been disappointed. These are great match 3 games and this one has to be one of the best. Totally enjoyed and was disappointed when it finally came to an end. A 5 out of 5 game and if you enjoy match 3 this is nothing but fun.

I played relaxed so I had no timer this time and it was still a lot of fun. Playing with the timer gives you a bit of a challenge as well as other perks. Can't say enough. Graphics, music, animations are a total joy. Love building the spooky scenes and the Halloween theme is terrific. No "jewels" in this game, just Halloween, but still an amazing match 3. Highly recommend.
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