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 posted in Pirate Poppers on Nov 18, 09 4:51 PM
Finally got thru the craziness of level 47, wait till ya see 52...i go back and forth to Acade mode to get my speed and quick eye back up, it seems to help...
 posted in Pirate Poppers on Nov 14, 09 1:29 PM
zorro2a wrote:Does anyone know how to get past Level 34, l`m not the only one who has spent days trying to get past it, l went on the internet and there are 100's of folk with the same problem, it has spoilt this game, can anyone help???

Good advice, the dbl barrels are the toughest and hit from behind to slow it up
Hate to tell ya, but you will get through it and then you get Level 43, 45 and 47"""" which is where I'm stuck.....realllllly stuck
 posted in Pirate Poppers on Nov 14, 09 1:19 PM
Ok, I'll bite, how the heck do you even have the slightest chance of getting through this mess.....I've tried just about everything me thinks!! ???? Anybody out there got any ideas or good tips??
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