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 posted in Vampire Legends: The Count of New Orleans on May 8, 16 11:26 PM
I have painted the symbols on Germains tomb but don't know what to do from here. The hint button keeps taking me to the photo of the Carter's house but ??????
 posted in Shiver: Vanishing Hitchhiker Collector's Edition on Mar 5, 16 7:00 PM
Hi guys, I am replaying this game after several years and have come across a glitch - I think-

I have filled the fuel can from the barrel, placed the belt on the generator and removed the gas cap from the generator but when I try to fill the fuel tank up nothing happens. Not even getting the turning gear symbol on the tank inlet.

 posted in Beyond the Unknown: A Matter of Time on Aug 9, 14 10:36 PM
The HOG where the two angels are..... you can't pick up the plate to complete this HOG. Tried it on two different installs but no go. This is a glitch
 posted in Maestro: Music from the Void Collector's Edition on Jan 31, 13 8:47 PM
I was really disappointed in this one. Compared to the earlier Maestro games this one was ridiculously easy. Not worth the cost of a collector's edition.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Aug 17, 12 8:12 PM
In Windows Vista, saved games are here:
C:\Users\(Your Name)\AppData\Roaming
 posted in Film Fatale: Lights, Camera, Madness! on Feb 24, 12 4:21 PM
OK, I give up! Where is the white diamond needed to open Rita's dressing room?
 posted in Mystery Murders: Jack the Ripper on Sep 11, 11 9:08 PM
bfgArnoStyx wrote:Hey ozgenie,

Is it asking for a Security Key? If so, you can get this resolved by getting in touch with <a href="">Tech Support</a>. In the meantime, you can find more information about this in this help article:

<a href="">Security Key Error </a>

doylebaby, I've seen other players mention the disappearing inventory. If you could please write in to <a href="">Tech Support</a> with a <a href="">screenshot</a> of the inventory and a <a href="">Dr. Felix report</a>, it would help our team collect more information about this issue.

Thank you!


Well, it's been a week and no response from Tech Support
 posted in Mystery Murders: Jack the Ripper on Sep 7, 11 9:15 PM
Purchased this game, it works fine on the desktop (XP Home) but when I install on the laptop (Vista) it insists I need a key and i don't know where to get it!
 posted in Mystery Murders: Jack the Ripper on Sep 6, 11 5:24 PM
Hi all, I think I have a gremlin. I have found the coin and purchased the train ticket but when I approach the conductor I still have my coin but no ticket!! The ticket is now closed so I can't purchase again. HELP
 posted in Mysteries of Magic Island on Oct 21, 10 7:24 PM
Lamp problem here too. Combine this with the recent game where I had no cursor and it makes me wonder why I spend the $$$$$$?
 posted in Time Mysteries: Inheritance on Oct 2, 10 11:14 PM
Missing the cursor here too. Is it because I'm running Vista?
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