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 posted in Akhra: The Treasures on Mar 4, 11 2:35 PM
I absolutely LOVED this game, congratulations and praise to the team responsible for Akhra!

I'm a great fan of Match 3 games, particularly Slide (Row) mode. And while I dislike Rotate mode, surprisingly I found myself looking forward to them in Akhra!

I thought the graphics were superb and the music, while repetitive, was more like a mantra than anything annoyingly monotonous. I was impressed that even at the red-icon levels the music was not stress-inducing (like SO many games seem to have these days). I play a game to relax, not to get hyper.

A nice-touch was to actually SEE a crystal WHILE it was regrowing.

My advice to others: If you're looking for a "simple" match 3 game, Akhra is not for you; if you're looking for a "richly complex" game, you will be delighted. It's not always easy, and sometimes you even say, "Whew!" when the level is over, but it's entertaining and fun and that's all I ask for in a game.

To Michael_Pukalo:

You seem to be open to constructive criticism, here are a few areas that would make the game even better for me (I've made it to Constructor skill, but haven't put together the last map yet):
1. Please include the ability to make matches WHILE the tiles are still falling.
2. When you reach the "no move" state and the board resets, whatever progress you've made on an individual bolt's "level" is reset too. (a 3x bolt you've turned into a 1x bolt will reset to its original 3x state) My philosophy is that games are supposed to be fun -- not heart-breaking or frustrating -- and I found this aspect QUITE frustrating. (Because of this "feature", my husband decided he won't be playing this game/these levels anymore.)
3. I keep expecting a group of 8 to have a higher score than 2 groups of 4.
4. Occasionally, the screen will "freeze" while tiles are falling -- this is peculiar to Akhra (other match 3 games that I play do not experience this)

Regarding the Red-icon bonus levels: I would leave them as timed -- even when playing in untimed mode (they're a REWARD after all!) -- but I'd add a bit more time to them, perhaps 25-33% OR increase the rate at which the bolts appear on the playing field.

Regarding the hints popping up: call it all a "tutorial" or a "tour" and make it optional.

I have a bit more to say, larger than what this post will allow apparently, so I will Private Message you. After reading all the other posts, it is indeed true isn't it: one man's trash is truly another man's treasure.
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