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 posted in Fish Tycoon 2: Virtual Aquarium on Apr 6, 18 9:51 AM
If you click on the "?" it will tell you if a fish is sick. It will also tell you if a fish is pregnant. The "?" is a toggle switch that turns this feature on or off.
 posted in Fish Tycoon 2: Virtual Aquarium on Apr 6, 18 9:49 AM
littlelulu65 wrote:You have to pause your game in order to be able to press ESC to quit. Go into the settings menu and click on pause.

I have been able to hit ESC without the pause to exit. I am in Windowed mode.
 posted in Factory Katz: The Grand Banquet on Nov 24, 17 5:44 PM
exact wrote:use the bright star you have and put it on the star in the cave and it opens!!

I don't have the bright star. Where can I find it. I've checked the rooms on the map and still can't find it!
 posted in Picket Fences™ on Apr 20, 17 6:25 PM
I am sad too! Loved this game. Starts to run. Can hear the music. Then it won't run anymore. I wish they would make this for the Android.
 posted in Natural Threat 2 on Jul 29, 13 2:28 PM
Code on the torn money. Put it under the counterfeit detector. I can't remember where the counterfeit detector was though. I think it was up the ladder.)
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