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very good story...the voices were a bit dramatic but, on the whole 9/10..
Thanx B.F. again.....sammi21
 posted in Mystery Trackers: Blackrow's Secret on Sep 26, 14 6:38 AM
Very good game...Puzzles a bit tricky but, that's probably ME..

I WILL be buying the extended version...great story...
 posted in PuppetShow: Lightning Strikes on Sep 24, 14 11:10 PM joy with the cupids...CANNOT get rid of them...Tried it all...
just one thing I can do....DELETE....sammi
 posted in Witch Hunters: Full Moon Ceremony on Sep 24, 14 10:24 PM
to fifiluna614... I totally agree with you...A good game and good value....Thnx B.F. sammi21
 posted in Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director on Sep 23, 14 8:44 AM
BUT far too short....
 posted in Ghosts of the Past: Bones of Meadows Town on Sep 19, 14 6:47 AM
very good game....No time to get bored ( going backwards and forwards to the same place)...
Good story...Interesting all round...BUT....strange ending...??
 posted in Dark Parables: Ballad of Rapunzel on Sep 17, 14 2:57 AM
Great game, great value...Thanx again B.F. sammi
 posted in Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Under the Crimson Moon on Aug 31, 14 1:27 AM
Me too...STUCK! HELP!
 posted in New York Mysteries: Secrets of the Mafia on Aug 31, 14 1:22 AM
Excellent! Great game, good storyline and great value....Thanx B.F.

Oh and by the way, there's no pleasing EVERYONE is there? sammi21
 posted in Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Under the Crimson Moon on Aug 25, 14 6:28 PM
Thank you severinetape!
 posted in Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Under the Crimson Moon on Aug 25, 14 2:11 AM
I'm still on the demo and I'm stuck! No one else seems to be stuck on this spot...HOW did i miss the code for the suitcase? help please SOMEONE or I wont buy it...sammi
 posted in Dead Reckoning: Silvermoon Isle on Aug 18, 14 9:52 AM
Good game, good value...Thanx B.F.......sammi21
 posted in Warlock: The Curse of the Shaman on Aug 11, 14 7:04 PM
Phew...So glad I didnt pay for THIS one....sammi
 posted in Chronicles of the Witches and Warlocks on Aug 7, 14 1:35 AM
Help! help!

I'm about a quarter of the game in and the hint button has stopped working (to take me where I should be! )..I've arrowed to everywhere I can but no luck..
Will have to put this game in moth balls till I get a solution....Good game too....Good story....sammi
 posted in Reflections of Life: Tree of Dreams on Jul 28, 14 11:12 PM
 posted in Reflections of Life: Tree of Dreams on Jul 28, 14 11:08 PM
same here...bit hard without a skip button....grrrrr
 posted in Dreampath: The Two Kingdoms on Jul 19, 14 12:30 AM
Good story....good value...Thanx B.F. sammi21
 posted in Haunted Hotel: Ancient Bane on Jul 17, 14 12:00 AM
No problems at all.....10/10 B.F.....sammi21
 posted in Haunted Manor: Painted Beauties on Jul 12, 14 3:50 AM
Just finished! Good story, great value! 10/10.....thanks again B.F. sammi21...
 posted in Lost Souls: Timeless Fables on Jun 30, 14 1:34 AM
Finished! great game....Good story...No glitches which is good....The 4 books were really interesting...Plenty of help if needed..

I thought that JACK THE RIPPER was quite shorter than the other 3 books, but a great game all the same and good value...

Thanx B.F. again....sammi21
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