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Linzpar wrote:I'm playing the collectors edition on ipad 2. I have rebooted this game twice,which means I've completely restarted it, twice. I still can't get the symbols in the fountain to log in my journal which means I can't open the hutch. What do I do? I'm thinking the money I spent on this was a waste because I'm officially stuck at this point. It doesn't matter where on the fountain I touch, it doesn't log in my journal. Please help!!

Hi Linzpar! You said you keep clicking on the fountain and you can't get the symbols, Have you poured the chlorine you collect from the boat near the swamp, after you played a hidden object game there to pour into the fountain? once you do this the symbols should go into your journal.
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When you enter the password in you have to press the return button on your own computer to receive the Fax from the machine.
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i'm afraid you can't go anywhere if you are playing the standard edition, you can only carry on if you are playing the collectors edition, your game has ended.
You probably will have got past this stage now, but if you are still having trouble putting the code in check that some of your letters could be numbers, for instance! a Capital Letter B could be number 8 or a Letter O could be a number 0 hope you understand this, also you need to press return on your own computer to get the Fax.
Flush 4 times Plunge 3 Flush 5.
You need to get the cage down from the manor balcony, you need a screwdriver and a jar of honey to throw at the bees, if you haven't already got these in your inventory, you need to play a hidden object game in the shed for the screwdriver and the honey is in a hidden object game in the tavern kitchen you also might need to talk to Charlotte first.
The screwdriver is in the shed. you will receive this after you have played a hidden object game in there.
Zoom into the map on the couch, place all the six map pieces onto the map, you should have some sticky tape in your inventory that you should have collected to stick the map together, just click the tape on the map and it will tape it for you.
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When you want to save the game, I think you press Esc or there is a save at the top press one of them to send you to main menu, then press save it will show you some blank boxes click in the box and it will show the time date and where you finished then go back to main menu to exit, when you play the game again press load it will show your game press the box to carry on.
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Have you played on the claw machine in the tavern to win the doll for Charlotte? you have to place the doll on Charlotte's shelf with the rest of her collection of dolls then talk to her, then go to the shed you have to play a hidden object game in the shed to receive the screwdriver to take down the cage at the manor, make sure you have a jar of honey in your inventory you need honey to distract the bees.
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LucyM63 wrote:I found the first gold coin, but I can't get to the 2nd in front of the Carriage house. The green light goes on on the metal detector, but when I try to use the shovel, I can't get it to work. Been trying everywhere, but it just won't dig anything up. Can't go any further. When I played this game last time I had Collector's edition and when it came to the last skull, I could not grab it either. I had to forfeit the game and it could not be fixed. So I started playing without the collector's edition, and here I am, please help.

When you use the metal detector and the green light shows, the shovel will automatically appear don't move the shovel just click straight away, it should start digging for the coin.
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You need a jar of Honey and a screwdriver in your inventory before you can get the cage down from the Manor Balcony to collect the Parrot, You have to play two Hidden Object games one in the Tavern Kitchen to collect the Honey and one in the shed to collect the Screwdriver, once you have these you have to throw the jar of honey at the stool on the balcony and then use your screwdriver on the cage, Then collect the Parrot.
Go to " Cannons in swamp" explanations compiled here at the 9th one down from the top of this Forum, you can follow what you need to do to unlock the cannons.
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The first medallion is in the hutch where you place the goblets in the secret passage, the second one is where the coffin is where you entered the dates, click on the wall to solve a puzzle first above the coffin.
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LucyM63 wrote:I've gathered the sponge, soap, brush, broom, bucket and mop, but can't find the last item and can't make out what it is or where to find it. I've scoweed the houe and grounds. Can someone help?

You are missing the hoover, you will have to open the closet door on the left hand side of the bottom of the stairs, you need a coat hanger to get the key from under the bottom of the door to open it, if you don't have the hanger in your inventory you need to play a hidden object game in the closet of the Master bedroom to receive this.
GamesterGrace wrote:This is a pretty old thread at this point, so probably no one will be that impacted by this. But I thought I'd mention that I have the standard edition of the game, but like some people here, when I restarted it put me onto the dock as if I was starting the bonus edition. Eventually found the ice pick and the can opener, but there's no way to get any closer to the pirate ships. So I'm outta luck, unless I want to shell out the money for the collector's edition.

Just thought I'd mention it in case anyone else is as confused as I was. Looks like it's just a glitch in the standard edition.

Yes GamesterGrace, It is a glitch in the game it is sad really when you have enjoyed playing the standard edition, and still think you can carry on playing, many other fishes have been upset over this happening never mind though it was a enjoyable game to play well I thought it was anyway.
I don't believe You are still looking for the gas can after all this time, contact customer support team by pressing the green envelope on the right hand side they will help you with the problem your having, it could be a glitch in your game hope you sort it out.
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buffbuff wrote:How do I unscrew the panel on the piano?

What am I supposed to do with the cannons?

If you have already received the screwdriver from the shed, you need to place the cursor on the screws not the tip of the screwdriver as you normally would do, the panel should open, and the cannons you need to find all the small map pieces there are 16 pieces to find but for opening them go to "cannons in swamp" explanations compiled here on the list for the walkthrough that should explain everything you need to know.
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The password can be confusing sometimes the letters could be mistaken for a number, for instance if you have Cyd8bo it could be CydB60 You have numbers and letters in your password, once they have been entered in correctly press the enter key on your own computer.
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MEnr56 wrote:
nabsuc wrote:you need the dates 1806 1808 1812 besides 1745.

I agree with the first 3 dates listed above but NOT the last date -- my paper in my journal as the person's birthdate as 1734 (AND IT WORKED) while the walkthrough has the guy's birthdate as 1749.

I've a feeling that it's best to follow whatever's in your journal as the birthdate appears to be a random date.


I know the first 3 dates are correct, but if you read the post again what balsceymax had put down it was a mistake with 1805 when it should have been 1808 the birth date could have been correct 1745 in balsceymax's journal that is the only date that can be different the other 3 stay the same.
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