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 posted in Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 5 on Nov 19, 16 11:01 AM
Windows 10

Game will not play. Flickers black, and then I get nothing but a long horizontal band across my screen.
Same here. There is no cocoa tree. I've tried this one a million times. If anyone can help, please!
 posted in Demigods on Mar 28, 14 8:51 AM
Why don't you have a forum where we can direct general questions to Big Fish Games? All you have are specific games forums so I am posting this here.

I wish that you would find a way to include the name of the game company or maker into a search engine.

When I play a really fantastic game, I want to know who made it so I can go look at all their others, like Demigods.

Just a suggestion. You'd get a lot more business from me, that's for sure!

Thank you,

A long time user of this site
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition on Nov 30, 12 9:34 AM
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 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition on Nov 21, 12 8:00 AM
lackoo wrote:I know this post will be deleted by the moderators but i have to say :

I could only play 8 minutes on the hardest setting then uninstalled the demo .

I was expecting a BFG quality game and all i received an ERS one . ( ERS = mediocre in my dictionary )

A mute detective when the game features live actors ?

No real extras for the CE .

I don't recommend this game .

I don't see why. You're not saying anything that lots of other people haven't said.
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition on Nov 21, 12 4:57 AM
I hope the MCF team is reading this thread.
This is an awful, tedious, boring, repetitve, ugly game with no story.
Clearly, whoever developed the first MCF games up to EFR is no longer in charge.

EVERYTHING that made thr MCF games compelling is gone:

-absorbing, unique, challenging puzzles full of wit and intelligence you can play over and over
-gorgeous, full, realized graphics (that "schoolhouse?" Anyone could have drawn that)
-rich, heavy, saturated screens with plenty to look at and do
-an actual mystery for the case detective to solve
-a full, lavish CE with achievements
-an entertaining diary you actually want to read
-top notch prodouction value (those floating photographs????)

Aside from the brand name attached to it, this series is toast!

After the last year, I was still willing to give this team the benefit of the doubt. But after this, I have to say The emporer has no clothes!!
Yes it is--much shorter. Especially when you;ve played it a few times, don't look at the videos, and pretty much know what you're doing. It has a MUCH lower replay value.
Yes. I swear when you are doing the MO scenes the whisper sounds exactly like it's saying "A**hole". Don't want to get in trouble here but you know what I mean. I don't think they did it on purpose but listen for it the next time you play. Cracks me up.
Just to finish my review. I agree with what someone said about the puzzles not being laid out or connected in a logical manner. That is what was missing for me. In all the other MCF games, the puzzles are much more integrated into a story and you pretty much know why you are moving from one place to another, one puzzle to another. This one didn't have that, either within each setting or between the three doors.
Aapparently Charles has just trapped you in these places to "show you" where and how he grew up. But that is not a story. It's just an excuse and a lazy one at that.
I realize last year a lot of people were annoyed that 13 Skulls seemed to be all story, no puzzles. This one is now all puzzles, no story! Not to be super critical--you can't please everyone! But I think this one is very dangerously veering into regular old bad HOG game that you never want to play again.
I actually thought it was going to be centered on the "Blackpool Residents Missing." That to me would have been fun. And different--it is very repetitive having it be only the same four women AGAIN. I loved the idea of the newscaster and the outside world wondering what's going on in this place, But, that (AGAIN) was just a lazy excuse to lure you into the game.
I will check out next year's MCF game, but this one has rreally turned me off.
I am a huuuge MCF fan. I've now played this three times through. Which has led me to the conclusion that this is the worst of all of them. I have absolutely no desire to ever play this again. I might, if I'm bored, but this is the very first MCF game that in my mind has lost its edge and made it just one more run of the mill HOGs out there.

It pains me to say it. I'm not trying to be mean or supercritical. I can go with the flow and do things differently. I had no problem with 13th Skull and I've enjoyed playing it many many times. This one just is not working for me.

Love the puzzles, love the Morphing Object scenes (although, it would be a lot better if the objects that morphed changed each time!).

I realize for me that the problem is there is no story. There is nothing really propelling you forward from scene to scene. The story is: ghosts popping up to warn you away; and Charles popping up to taunt you. That's it. You are basically stuck in a rut wandering around with no rhyme or reason.

Thank you so much. I will try!
Yes--you get the "overide" button. That is basically all I have. the button brings up some video screens and there are the three rooms with the women around me but i am totally stumped from here. Trust me I would use the SG but there' s no more pages left. How do I get out??? I feel so dumb!
ok I am really embarassed to ask this but I just have to. I am at the end, in the big old house, and basically stuck there. The SG ends. Basically there is an empty chamber waiting for me. Is this it? What am I missing? Please help
I wasn't going to post a review but I have to jump in here. I love the Morphing Object scenes! Too bad so many don't. i have no problem with them at all, in fact my only critcism so far is that there aren't more of them! With all the puzzles, and it seems like there are a TON of them this year, the morphing scenes are really needed to incrrease the replay value imo. Once you've solved a puzzle,,,,but the scenes are so much fun. Love it! Love the whole thing! Thank you for a grrrrrreat game.
I think the little teeny tiny scraps of pictures they are releasing to us are just silly. I love MCF as much as the next person, but not enough to scrutinize little teeny tiny pictures like they are the Holy Grail. The clues are great, but the pics make me feel like they are treating us like Pavlov's dog.
When they actually come together and show something important or worthwhile, I'll be the first one to eat my words.
hrslvr_paints wrote:I'm really worried that it's not coming next week like we're all assuming. I just feel like in the past we've had a clue about the release date a lot sooner than we're getting this time. (Meaning no clue.)

I'm looking forward to this game but I'm trying to temper my excitement simply because we still lack basic information.

I thought it was a given the new game always comes out on Thanksgiving. I haven't been on the forums before. As far as I remember the last three definately did. What about before that? Don't tell me I have to start worrying now!
tunaontoast wrote:It's torture waiting for the MCF site to be updated with EFR

I totally agree tunsontoast but here's a thought: the game is only a week away. 8 days. That's nothing. It has come a lot faster than I would have thought.
Thank you so much gamelvr. This compilation is GREAT.

I really am a MCF fanatic even though I rarely post on the forums. I have the high scores in RTR and DG. I think. I'm not sure how that works but that's what I see when I click on it. That's just what a nut I am. When I'm bored I'll play them again. I am soooooooo exited for this new one. Dire Grove is my favorite so far.
THank you solice that really does help. I apologize for being crabby.

And to gamlvr for compiling the list. THANKS
THank you very much saskitil. That is very very helpful.

I am sorry to sound harsh, but I do feel it might be better if there were a separate thread with only the clues posted, or if people could maybe PM each other.

Thank you!
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