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 posted in Nevertales: Creator's Spark Collector's Edition on Mar 16, 18 7:47 AM
Thank you for the update!
 posted in Nevertales: Creator's Spark Collector's Edition on Mar 10, 18 1:41 PM
There is nothing wrong with my system. The game is broken. Messing with video cards etc will not help with poor coding. The game needs a patch.

bfgBeruna wrote:Hello Martrae,

I'm really sorry to hear that the paper used to mark the code for the spark generator disappeared. Let's see what we can do to fix this.

First, check to see whether the computer's video card driver is up to date. This driver directs how a computer's graphics display, and installing a newer version can fix a number of issues. After that, run the game in Administrator Mode, too. This will give the game more permissions. The help articles below will walk you through these processes.

<a href="">Game Crashing, Freezing, or Blank Screen</a>
<a href="">Run Game as Administrator</a>

If these steps don't work, please email our <a href="">Technical Support Team</a> for further assistance.

Thanks for your patience. Don't hesitate to PM me or another moderator if questions arise in the future. We're always here to help.

 posted in Nevertales: Creator's Spark Collector's Edition on Mar 10, 18 8:35 AM
The paper you mark the code for the Spark Generator disappeared after marking the first code item. Cannot complete game without it.
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Dire Grove™ on Sep 26, 16 11:26 AM
I, also, have been replaying the MCF on Win 10. Ravenhearst and Madame Fate had no issues. Return to Ravenhearst would not go full screen without changing resolution - the reason given was that it was too old, but it's newer than Ravenhearst and Madame Fate.

Now Dire Grove won't open. Again the reason given is it's too old. Sorry, if older MCF games play just fine this excuse doesn't hold water.

Looking at the posts BFG has known this was an issue for a year now and there still is no fix. That's ridiculous.
 posted in League of Light: Silent Mountain Collector's Edition on Sep 24, 15 3:43 PM
Bought and downloaded the game today. Play Russian Roulette with whether it would activate or not (5 tries and it finally did ) but now it won't open. My screen flashes and then the Game Manager thanks me for playing.

I've tried all the troubleshooting steps and nothing works. Despite the promises I don't think BFG are very Win 10 compatible.
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