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 posted in Modern Tales: Age of Invention Collector's Edition on Apr 19, 18 8:17 AM
Lambina wrote:
I feel the same as you about gaming on pc, a tablet does not have near the capabilities but pc gaming will not go the way of the dinosaur as the most hard core gamers use pc's, they play games that have a lot of complex keyboarding moves, the type of games that cost $50 to $100 that they play online, my husband custom built his pc just for gaming, he calls the games that I play "cheap". There is a whole other world out there with pc gamers, and still probably millions of us playing the casual BF games on pc.

I'm talking about casual gaming, like the games on offer here. I don't play multi player or online games, with PC's built specifically for that purpose. My PC is already outdated still running Win7; how long will Microsoft keep making new OS's for the casual home PC user? My guess would be.... not long.
 posted in Modern Tales: Age of Invention Collector's Edition on Apr 18, 18 1:55 AM
I've been a member here since 2007. I read the posts and sometimes write a review if the game deserves it. My daily ritual includes checking out the new game and reading any posts about it. What a bitter pill to swallow, losing the posts and missing out on some interesting discussions

The desktop PC is gradually going the way of the dinosaur. Tablets and smartphones are the offspring that have succeeded in outgrowing their parents. Why anyone would want to play games on either is beyond me, since neither has the capabilities that a desktop has. To that end my PC will remain the sole game playing device, whilst my tablet remains as a back-up (and occasional use for my elderly Dad!) and my mobile phone does what it was intended for; makes calls and sends texts. I don't have a laptop; 3 devices is enough for anyone.

Devs will eventually stop making games for PC's as they are becoming less popular. Those of us that use them will have less choice. Sites that solely depend on game sales will lose revenue from this source. Would we stay members if there are no new games for PC? No, of course not. So game sites will have to trim resources and I'm guessing the forums are one such resource. But what about technical issues? Will that remain or do we just contact CS? Not exactly an ideal solution since they can take days to respond and don't always have an answer.

Stop having so many sales; there's a way to save money. There are far too many of them in a week; it's not sustainable in today's market. Make the forums available to Game Club members only; for a start that may help to cut down the spam. Otherwise I suspect many will cancel their membership, resulting in even more loss of revenue for a company trying to save money. Hardly a wise decision
I'm usually the first to hit the 'buy' button with this series but I'm not sure about this episode. A very swift release from the previous game which came out in December; perhaps it's a bit too soon and personally I don't think it's a patch on no. 4.

The graphics as always are crisp and colourful but the colours are quite dull and make the game seem gloomy. The gameplay is the same as ever but with some new additions. Most notable of these is a dog; you can send him to chase off goblins and skeletons, which would be fun if he didn't bark constantly whilst attacking. After a few times, this gets really irritating.

You also come across a unicorn, which like the reindeer in 'Santa's Service' will charge at the workers until he's fed; after this, he too will see off the skeletons. He does this without prompting but the dog will sometimes need positioning for the best defence.

There just seems to be too much going on for the game to flow comfortably from one task to the next. It felt bitty and uncoordinated, trying to get food, gold, wood and manna whist sending either John or the dog to fight off far too many skeletons on some levels.

There are puzzle pieces to find and a built in SG amongst the extras but nothing much else to warrant twice the price. I will buy the game as I have all the others and this type of TM is becoming an endangered species. Whether or not i go for the CE depends on any sales coming up, otherwise I'll wait for the SE. It's a reasonable addition to the series but nowhere near as good as the previous game.

No technical issues with the 60 minute demo. Desktop running Win7 Prof.

ETA: There is an untimed mode for those (like me) that welcome one!
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abarrett wrote: I don't remember how much of the usual SE 60 minute demo time I had, but it was long enough to give me a good idea of the storyline.

It wasn't the usual SE demo time. I played 37 minutes and had 53 left when the demo ended. Perhaps this game was originally intended as a CE, as the demo was 90 mins.
 posted in Eventide 3: Legacy of Legends on Apr 9, 18 5:25 AM
Ridiculously short demo; 53 minutes left to play?? A 37 minute trial or demo or sample is not enough. And it locked up after the demo ended; not an encouraging sign.

A mass of pink/blue/purple graphics and magical creatures with silly voices pretty much describes the game. The cursor doesn't change over tasks, so you have no idea if there's something to do in any particular scene but there are plenty of huge question marks to tell you there's nothing to do

I don't recall the first 2 Eventide games but if they were as bland as this one it's not surprising I don't remember them. And yet again the main character and her brother have accents that are out of place in the surroundings. I do wish developers would take into account that the majority of the inhabitants of our planet don't speak with an American accent

I have a PCC to use but I'll save it for something better than this game.

Technical issue at the end of the demo; had to 'ctrl-alt-del' to get out of it. Desktop running Win7 Prof.
When many games were being released in 16:9 resolution, ERS continued to stick with 4:3 res. That meant with a widescreen monitor every game had black bars down the sides. I think it took them over a year to finally programme their games to suit widescreen monitors. In the meantime, I was constantly told it was my PC that was at fault, not the game but I knew it wasn't.

Turned out ERS knew about the issue. They knew the programming needed changing. Their answer was that so many games were made in advance, the releases were up to a year behind. Give them time; eventually they'll get round to updating their programming
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I gave up with this game after yet another round of 'this item can't be used here'. A bonsai needs a couple of branches trimming. I have a knife and a pair of nippers. I can't use either item here. I'm sorry but in what universe would neither of these implements be suitable for this task?? Utterly ridiculous.

As for the rest of the game, Alice's voice is annoying and she's really not dressed for her surroundings. Thank goodness for a child (who's language skills are clearly years ahead of her actual age) and her granny. You have to find the key to the cottage in a pond, yet when you get inside the child is already there. How did she get in and why didn't she open the door for you? Was Granny locked inside the cottage? Never mind, at least Alice can get some more suitable attire.

Every door/box/cabinet is locked. Everything you come across has a part missing. One wonders how the inhabitants manage to get through their daily lives when everything is falling apart and the parts to fix them are in locked receptacles.

The sheer inanity of the myriad tasks just became an utter bore. Lots of collectibles and more puzzles than HOS can't make up for the snooze-fest of the gameplay. Sorry but this one's a no buy for me, probably not even as an SE.

No technical issues in the 58 mins I played. Desktop running Win7 Prof.
 posted in Moonsouls: Echoes of the Past Collector's Edition on Mar 29, 18 7:26 AM
I'm impressed! Mad Head have come up with a very good game; let's just hope it doesn't go downhill after the demo, as is often the case!

I love the graphics; bright and clear and colours exactly what I would expect. Why would they be any different in the future to how they are now? The sky will be the same blue, grass will be the same green etc. etc. I couldn't see how they were confusing (discombobulated).

Great storyline too; spaceship crash lands amongst people who don't understand the technology but have the ability to learn and use it. Very 'Star Trek'! The hero (Harold) seems wise and kind, so presumably that's why he was chosen to receive 'the bracelet'. I won't say any more so as not to spoil it for others.

Mad Head still refuse to let go of those swirls they persist in using as collectibles but have at least added morphs in both the general game play and the HOS. They can be a bit tricky to see but the SG shows where they are; there's also an indicator at the bottom left of the screen which shows if you still have something to find.

I found the puzzles really interesting and fun to work out; the one where you have to recreate the shapes is not as straightforward as it seems! The HOS aren't difficult but I do think MH should offer an alternative. Plain object searches are a bit boring. There were more puzzles than HOS but not excessively so. And no helper, which was a bonus!

Lots of modes of play to choose from; 'custom' is the last option. Extras include replay of HOS, achievements and not much else; disappointingly you can't replay the puzzles. I think there were 5 or 6 chapters but not too sure about that!

It held my interest from start to finish and the demo, which lasted 69 minutes, ended too soon which is always a good sign! It's a buy for me

No technical issues with anything! Desktop running Win7 Prof 64-bit.

Ah bliss My favourite developer has finally taken back the reins of Dark Parables, presumably before Eipix allowed it to descend into the inevitable mediocrity of their other endless series. What a relief!

I bought the game without even trying the demo, as I always do when the sole remaining 'all FROG' developer releases a new Dark Parable. I wish there were more devs willing to go out on a limb and produce something different from the standard HOPA. Whilst the graphics do seem a touch grainy here and there, for the most part they were clear and colourful. As ever, the 'cursed objects' appear throughout the game but the SG shows their location if you can't find them. You also collect Parable notes, which turn into stories about characters from the DP series.

Much has been made of the map, which doesn't transport; no DP game has ever had a map that does this. It simply shows where there is an 'objective', not necessarily something to do. Perhaps Blue Tea decided the player should be able to work out how to get there by themselves, without the use of a satnav And the magnifying glass cursor will only zoom into a scene if there's something to do or read there, otherwise it's just a cursor. And considering the main character is a detective, it's a nice detail.

As always, if you don't like fragmented object searches you won't like this game. Personally I love them; the only slight disappointment was the lack of the stunningly beautiful objects Blue Tea used to create. Think back to Cinderella's glass slipper in a previous DP game; it glistened with an ethereal beauty that was quite breathtaking but this is sadly missing in this games' objects. They are very pretty but not as they used to be. I hope Blue Tea will get eventually their sparkle back, as it's sorely missed.

I enjoyed the storyline; I've not heard of the Salt Princess before, although apparently the Kindom of Grak must be in the USA since all the characters have American accents There are more HOS than puzzles, as far as I can tell. In the extras section you can replay the puzzles but I can only see 9 available to play. There's not much else in the extras; the collections and Parable notes are really the only other things worth mentioning. The rest is just extraneous fluff.

An immediate, no hesitation buy for me. For as long as Blue Tea make these FROGS, I will continue to buy them

No technical issues with the full game. Desktop running Win7 Prof 64-bit.
There are morphing items (cursed objects) in this game. The original Dark Parables never had a map that transported; perhaps they thought the player might like to use their brain to work out how to get to a particular scene, instead of being led around through the entire game. They also never had a custom mode of play; there are still some standard HOPA's that don't offer this.

If you make the game so easy the cat could play it, what's the point?? I don't want a game where I don't even have to think about what to do next. I like a game that requires some thought, not one where I just allow the game to lead me around without having to think about where or what I need to go or do.

Judging by the state of this country and others, I prefer to stay away from 'modern standards'; they've dropped far too low. As for games, I only judge them against the specific developers previous releases and personally I'm delighted Blue Tea has taken this game back from Eipix; they probably saw how it was going the same way as all their others and rescued it from the inevitable mediocrity.
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janey1806 wrote:I completely agree with Aerosage about the reviews. Too many 5 star reviews and too many details given away. I dont bother reading the reviews on the main page any more.

Me neither. I don't mind some detail but there's way too much info given in some of the reviews, to the point it actually spoils the game. And my favourite review is the one that basically doesn't like the game much but recommends it at the end. How does that even make sense?

However I do like this game. Mad Head seem to have made an effort to produce something less cookie cutter than their recent games. They've even added another collectible to go with the boring swirls! And if there's lots of slider puzzles.... yippee! I love slider puzzles

ETA: Hopefully all the bickering has stopped and everyone is back to playing nicely again
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Valkara wrote:According to the Help article, one remedy for the trial period ending before getting to play the game is to restart the BFG app. But the trial period can't be extended, so how are we supposed to know if the game is actually going to work?

Try a clean re-install of the game once the app has been re-booted. Also you say in your other post that this game has 'serious issues'. I don't have any problems with it. Music turns off ok and I'm now on level 3 without any issues at all.

I use Win7 on a desktop.
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I've always been a fan of Mad Head games, although lately they seem to be veering down the path trodden by so many of their fellow developers; lets bring out tons of games and never mind the quality, grab the cash. However, this game is much better. I like the story and the characters so far seem mostly likeable; even the bossy sister becomes more pleasant as the demo wears on.

The Mayan theme is one that draws me in (as does anything Egyptian), so i was bound to like the scenery; it's quite beautifully done, with lush colours and attention to detail. The voices were, as usual, mostly American but can be excused for what seems like a modern day adventure. Others will outline the plot, so I won't; suffice to say there are good and bad characters but not one of them wore a hood or had red glowing eyes! I didn't come across anything remotely demonic which will be a relief to many.

As usual, Mad Head employ their lazy excuse for collectibles; time to get rid of that obvious symbol and think of something more original. And they are the only developer that still uses a 'x' when you wrongly click on something

If you're looking for a lot of HOS, you won't find them in this game. It is very puzzle-heavy; in the demo there were perhaps 3 hidden object searches and 3 times as many puzzles. One of them I didn't understand but otherwise most were pretty simple. The game has 5 modes of play inc. custom, the map transports and shows tasks. There are only 4 chapters but I was still in the first chapter when the game resumed after the demo. Extras include the bonus chapter, achievements, replay of HOS and something called an 'Ultimate Puzzle', which is accessed after you complete the main game.

The only downside for me was the extremely annoying 'tool bag', located in the left corner of the screen. An archaeologist confronted with sand on an artifact would know they need a soft brush but do Mad Head allow the player to choose their own tools? Of course not, because we're all too stupid to realise that a glyph might need a translation manual. So when we come across something that requires a tool, the tool bag jumps up and down like a kangaroo stung by a wasp A ridiculous distraction and an insult to players who are perfectly capable of working out what tool is required, thank you.

I look forward to finding out how... ..well I won't spoil the cliff-hanger! No tech issues in the demo, which lasted 61 minutes.
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Worked for me too, at 12.35 UK time
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I have a question; shouldn't the title just be 'Donna Brave and the Deathly Tree'?

The use of the colon [ : ] is incorrect; there should be nothing before the word 'and' (not even the comma, which has become so prevalent lately).

Mad Head put the colon in the previous DB game too. I wonder what it's meant to convey.
I lasted all of 10 minutes before deleting this game. The fidgeting dog, the fidgeting hint person, the American accents again in a game clearly not set in the USA, a heroine named Princess who wasn't royal but presumably her parents thought calling her that was a good idea and a so-called puzzle that the fidgeting dog could have solved; take your pick from this list of reasons why I didn't play any longer.

Pretty graphics and more than one collectible were the only things in the plus column. Not even the SE could tempt me to buy this game.

No tech issues with the d/l or any slowness in the game. Desktop running Win7 Prof.
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I tried really hard to like this game. Graphics were lovely and colourful, story was quite I can't think of anything else I liked. If you're expecting lots of HOS then this game may disappoint; I only came across one in the time I played (which wasn't long). More puzzles, most of which seemed to centre on the Grimoire. Not surprising given the title of the game but there were too many of this type; not much variety would be a fair description. There were some collectibles; roses, I think but they were quite well disguised.

However what I couldn't get past was the accents. This game is presumably set some time in the past, yet the main character has what sounds like a modern American accent and the boy sounds like an adult trying to sound like a child. The more the main character spoke, the more out of place her accent sounded.

I do wish developers would make these games sound like they look and give the characters more appropriate accents. The USA is just one small part of the universe and not all players come from there. Please stop making these games to appeal to one demographic and give the rest of the world a hearing.

Not a buy for me, even as an SE.

ETA: No technical issues with either the download or the demo but I only played 25 minutes of it. Desktop running Win7 Prof 64-bit.
Speaking for myself, the more puzzles the better! Nothing more dull than one hidden object search after another. And if a jigsaw doesn't have a 'skip' option, it can't be that hard (unless it's 1000 pieces, which seems unlikely). I love the harder puzzles, which usually have a skip option anyway.

Surely the whole point of a puzzle is to challenge the player and make the game more entertaining. If you just want to search for hidden objects, there are plenty of those around; the Clutter series for example. For me those type of games are on a par with most Match-3 games; repetitive and a bit boring.

Give me a HOPA any day; basic HOS have become yesterdays news. Just my opinion of course; we aren't all the same and have different tastes in games
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I lasted as far as 'I'm off my nuts with all this'....whatever was next I didn't notice as I was crying with laughter

Sorry but the grammar is atrocious, the spelling needs work and the game seems about 10 years old. 'These ants look dangerous' was another fall about laughing moment; were the ants carrying machine guns?? As Loki says in 'Avengers Assemble' "an ant has no quarrel with a boot", so no need to look any further than your foot to get rid of those 'dangerous' ants!

Really tried to like this game but it needs a lot of work before it's suitable for today's gaming market.
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cathybobcat wrote:What kind of a joke is this? This should have been saved for April 1.

What kind of a review is this?
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