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 posted in Syberia - Part 1 on Feb 28, 12 2:20 AM
i just used the link provided by MsFreddie at 2am PST and it took me to the original Syberia download page where i purchased the entire game for 1 game credit...and then i promptly purchased Syberia 2 with a punchcard credit

for me, at least, they are both available...i got both for (in essence) $6.99

i DO think it is wrong to offer just PART of the game for $6.99 (or its equivalent in other currency) and offer the WHOLE game for the same price...i think that is taking advantage of those that do not realize one can buy it, here and elsewhere, in its entirety for a lesser amount

i have been considering giving up my membership recently, because i guess i am just a bit burned out on IHOGs and the like, and plan to spend all my gaming time playing Guilld Wars 2 as soon as it releases...7 years of play for approximately $70.00? why spend $7 dollars a month, when one can have that kind of enjoyment for about $10/year???


i hope the management takes note of what consumers feel is very poor business practices

thank you to all the fishies for a great forum over the years, i did not post much but i read the forums every day

p.s. i have not been overly pleased with the strictness of the game forums of late, either...seems a bit heavy-handed, in my opinion, but i suppose that is just me
 posted in The Secret Order: New Horizon on Dec 17, 11 7:15 AM are most welcome....=)
 posted in The Secret Order: New Horizon on Dec 17, 11 1:40 AM

you will need to lower your resolution to allow the entire picture to fit your screen...i have never had to change my resolution on a game before, but i did this time, as the cursor would not go far enough is an easy thing to do, though, merely right-click on the desktop and choose whatever your operating system/graphics card option for appearance/screen size is...i lowered it from 1280x800 (my native) to 1024x768 and then i could see everything...i believe i had black bars, then, i cant really remember, and they do not bother me, at all, as i prefer aspect correction to widescreen..once finished with the demo/game, just put the resolution back the same way...hope this helps you...=)
 posted in Shattered Minds: Masquerade Collector's Edition on Nov 27, 11 3:59 AM
oh! i am so sorry...the installed game size is listed in system requirements found below game images for every game...that is where one can find how much the game will actually take once downloaded and installed...hope this helps =)
 posted in Shattered Minds: Masquerade Collector's Edition on Nov 27, 11 1:58 AM
and yet, if one looks, the installed program is, i would not worry about the size of the file that transports the entire game...just a thought...=)
 posted in Cardboard Castle on Nov 24, 11 3:09 AM
i have to disagree..i have played this game for 35 minutes and find it quite is true the tutorial and first level are deceptively easy, but once past that, the game becomes quite an exercise in brainpower...i would recommend those interested give it a longer chance than just a few my opinion, this is not a game just for children...i had to resort to a walkthrough (which wasnt much help, really), and i consider myself reasonably intelligent

again, do give this more than just a passing glance, i think you will be surprised, and for puzzle-lovers, quite pleased

= )
yes, dobbie, and i am not happy to have to install DirectX 9.0c when i already have DirectX 11 installed on my, far, i have not intstalled the game because i do not want to revert to a previous version of DirectX, and i am waiting to see what other fishies have to say....much as i would love to demo this, and use my credits, most likely, to buy this game
 posted in Odysseus: Long Way Home on Oct 17, 11 4:01 AM
i do not have any questions, i have played a bit of the demo, i like it so far...i just wanted to say thank you for being here, it is always nice when the devs show up, it shows you have an interest in what your consumers think about your work, and a willingness to interact and, again, thank you for your participation and for the lovely game...=)
i do not have any problem downloading the games...large or small files...i have cable, i do not know if that makes any difference...i am sorry to hear so many have trouble with their download took about 3 or 4 minutes to download and install...i am not sure why others have such problems...

it looks like a great game, i enjoyed the previous offering in this series

 posted in Grim Facade: Mystery of Venice on Jul 22, 11 1:27 AM
downloaded in about 4 or 5 problems here...sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulties
 posted in Lara Gates: The Lost Talisman on Jul 16, 11 12:21 AM
 posted in Foreign Dreams on Jul 8, 11 5:56 AM
after a bit of research, it seems GFI did the Diamon Jones games...i liked those games...i found this game quite fun...i liked it...perhaps, a bit on the easy side, to be sure, but still the end of the demo time, i was on dream 4...if there are only 5 dreams, it would seem it is, sadly, too short...

SPOILER: second puzzle with poly-sided cube (Highlight to see)

for anyone interested, the second puzzle, the one with the letters on the poly-sided cube, so to speak, one merely rotates the cube to bring the color that matched the script needing to be deciphered to the forefront...

i would have, perhaps, used a coupon on this game, i seems too short
 posted in The Fall Trilogy Chapter 3: Revelation on Jun 24, 11 3:31 AM
i have part one of this series, i thought it was great...i did not buy part 2, i could not even remember it, downloaded the trial again, and played it...i did remember it, was just ok; i can see why i did not purchase it...i played about 55 minutes of part 3's demo...i liked it well enough...but, then i went and checked the walkthrough, and according to the walkthrough, i had finished about 2/3rds or more of the game...i did not skip the watch puzzle..or any other, i would have to say this seems like a game that will be finished in an hour and a half...or at most, two hours...just a head's up for those that prefer to only purchase games of a longer length

i hope this post is ok...i am rather reluctant to post anymore, as the forums for the daily games seem...uninviting now with all the new rules
 posted in Dark Dimensions: City of Fog on Jun 18, 11 2:14 AM
i am just downloading now, but it does say just a sample version, and not an hour of gameplay...perhaps that is the reason for the early cut-off?
 posted in Vampire Mansion: A Linda Hyde Mystery on Jun 5, 11 12:39 AM
i would have to agree...i lasted 10 minutes, and bailed

i, personally, do not care for this type of graphics, but i could overlook that if the game play was decent...i am afraid in this game it is not, it is clunky and not intuitive, in the least...the characters are not engaging, and what little story i stayed around for was not that interesting, at least, not so far...the UI is cumbersome and takes up too much room....there is no choice of tutorial, but ..perhaps...that is a good thing, as one might not be able to figure out what to do without it....

the one puzzle i played was frustrating, and not because of difficulty, but because things did not 'place' where one would think they should have...

i just found it boring and less-than-engaging

the music was 'ok', i guess

the game says it will only save at predetermined places...i, probably, will not even bother going back to check

i am sure some will find it tolerable, if not satisfying

if this is a new developer, i wish them much luck next time

i did manage to complete the camera 'mini-game' i said, they do 'snap' into place, just not where one might think they would....

also, i found that right-click rotated the pieces, and left-click dropped them

as for scrolling in a scene, if one holds down the mouse button and scrolls (the arrows are useless, as far as i could tell), the screen will scroll

sorry for the edit, just addressing some previous comments...with my take on the issues at hand

=) hope this helps
 posted in Voodoo Whisperer: Curse of a Legend on Jun 3, 11 12:46 AM
thank you, goofyduck...and thank you for the years of great reviews

in fact, thank all of you that do such a great job of reviewing the games..not only are the reviews informative, but entertaining, as well
 posted in Voodoo Whisperer: Curse of a Legend on Jun 3, 11 12:42 AM
oh...silly me!
 posted in Voodoo Whisperer: Curse of a Legend on Jun 3, 11 12:33 AM
in response to the lovely post by peglegann:

i did receive the 'early' credit...but, as i purchased two SEs and two CEs last month, i expect to receive 2 more special promotional credits...if i am not mistaken, which happens

thank you kindly for the welcome, and the advice

 posted in Voodoo Whisperer: Curse of a Legend on Jun 3, 11 12:25 AM
greetings, shadowfax....i usually do not post much, mostly a reader of the forums...but, i thought i would say hello

if i remember correctly, this is an SE of a game formerly released, and i believe i found it engaging at the time...i look forward to trying it out, again...perhaps, it will be a game i use one of the special May promotion credits on, should they arrive anytime in the near future

well, that is about it...i hope everyone has a pleasant time, and thank you for reading
i personally like the SG, it gives you hints one at a time as you click on the subject matter, each one more detailed and informative...finally showing the solution at last click...i wish more SGs were set up that way

lol...but that is merely my in a sea of others

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