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 posted in Charlaine Harris: Dying for Daylight on Nov 18, 11 2:29 PM
Yep, count me in for the support of part II.
I really want to see if Dalia gets to shop in daylight!
 posted in Drawn™: Trail of Shadows Collector's Edition on Oct 20, 11 4:26 PM
I can't seem to find the screensaver that the BF gamepage promises - have anyone found it?
One of the reason I buy CEs is to enjoy the screensavers....


"The Collector’s Edition includes:

Bonus gameplay
Stunning screensavers
Incredible artwork"
The demo that I downloaded did not have an SG or extra play or anything that could identify it as a CE!
And I am pretty sure the ordinary edition is not out yet.
Is this really a CE? No Extras, no SG... really?

I cannot believe that things have gotten so bad for BigFish, that they will try to sell us yet another game that clearly has many problems...I just don't know what to say anymore.
Yep. SG page 11/50, Game crashes!
What's the use of buying the CE when the SG chrashes the game?
Second CE game this week for me (Grimm tales: the Bride...)that does not work!
I am not happy right now!
 posted in Grim Tales: The Bride Collector's Edition on Aug 6, 11 12:35 PM
And same problem for me...HMFM!
 posted in TV Manager 2 on Jan 14, 11 6:35 AM
'File access denied' ...No gameplay for Marissa...
Yep, soundcard problem here, too. It seems the game cannot detect my soundcard.

Love it( so far)! Bought after 10 min. demo-play.

Anyway, talking about price: $17.49 incl. tax. Not really $13.99, is it?

So glad because this game has a gamma regulator, makes all the dark corners visible.

Happy Gaming to y'all.
 posted in Bloodline of the Fallen: Anna's Sacrifice on Nov 1, 10 7:16 AM
'Reflexive' games. AHA,yes, they gave us Big Kahuna Reef 1 and 2 + B.K. words. Fun games in my opinion.

Hmm, the graphics in BotF: A.S. are not so good - which makes some objects a bit hard to find... I just use a hint, big deal! Yep, Casual Gamer, that's me!

I like it so far; not too easy, puzzles are unusual, the story- well, not so original, but bearable. The music I always turn down to a confortable level anyway, so - the sounds, well, turn them down as well, all the pinging and honking noises of other games have driven me crazy too many times.
Maybe I will buy this game after finishing the last fifteen min. of the demo -

Update may follow...
 posted in Sinister City on Oct 19, 10 6:06 AM
*Uh, Nina, our love was not made for this kind of trouble!*

I usually like the vampiregames, and I really do want to like this game, but ...

I have played the first and second scene( have gotten the guy back to the normal plane, so to say) with no technical flaws appearent.

But I guess my eyes are getting weaker, because I have had to use a lot of hints already. Those mirrorshards - Thank Godness, there is no penalty for clicking around - a lot!

The music is indifferent - to me, anyway. Turned it way down after 2 min.

The tone of the game is -supposedly- funny. I don't know about that; humour is such an individual thing.

The running back and forth, well, most games I play have that 'feature', so- no biggie.
I am, however, no so sure that this game is a buy for me. Ambivalent is the word.

Maybe I should just finish the demo...
 posted in Fishdom: Seasons Under the Sea on Oct 7, 10 8:19 AM
I love the Fishdom games,especially because of the lovely fish,of the 'build an aquarium' element and the screensavers, and I never have had any techical problems with them, and there are hours and hours (days, weeks...) of gameplay, so guess what? I have to have this one as well
 posted in Vampire Brides: Love Over Death on Oct 6, 10 12:10 PM
Wow, the funniest tread I have read all week!
Thanks, fishies!

Uh, yes: feathers, I hate feathers in HOGS, they blend in too well.
And spiders, yak!

Oh,dear, I just noticed; I'm a seahorse now
 posted in Time Mysteries: Inheritance on Oct 4, 10 6:07 AM
Very relaxing (casual mode) game! Nice, mostly clear graphics, okay storyline, and period music, different challenges(although not very challenging), in all;a nice game!
A probable buy for me and of 10 fishies for not getting on my nerves.
 posted in Incredible Adventures of my Mom on Oct 4, 10 5:13 AM
wow, rarely been so bored by a HOG. fuzzy pictures, annoying music,find 15(?) picture,keys, had to exit after five min.
 posted in Paradise Beach 2: Around the World on Sep 28, 10 7:48 AM
Have played through all levels without problems and are now in sandbox, BUT around 10 min. into first sandbox the game crashed - twice. I am REALLY annoyed.
The funny thing is that the game had saved itself just before it closed down on its own... any guesses, anyone?
 posted in Whisper of a Rose on Sep 15, 10 8:46 AM
joyzebra wrote: I couldn't make it thru the demo. I wouldn't take this game for free. Bad graphics, bad music, technology so old I tossed all those games out years ago.

You're so right!
 posted in Vampire Brides: Love Over Death on Sep 14, 10 7:15 AM
Hmm- despite of the rather lukewarm reception of this game by other fishies, I wanted to try it.
But, alas, I come to the first scene, and can't go anywhere or click on anything.

There is a instruction in the middle of the screen which tells me to click on highlighted areas; that's not working. And I can't seem to get rid of the little instructionscreen either.

Too bad!
 posted in Drawn: Dark Flight ® Collector's Edition on Aug 31, 10 8:07 AM
Hi y'all.

The demo game just crashed my pc twice;
I mean: the computer rebooted itself when the game had loaded up to around 80%. Twice. Windows informed me that there had been a serious fault.

The funny thing is that the first time I tried to play it it worked fine. I then wanted some info from the forum/walk through(which does not exist yet) and exited around 7 minutes into the demo game. And now this spontaneous rebooting- veeeeery strange!

I have, of cause, deleted the game now and will wait for an update/regular edition.
 posted in Nightfall Mysteries: Asylum Conspiracy on Aug 2, 10 3:24 PM
Love this game, even with the creepy spiders! A few scenes made me jump, but - who cares? I was very entertained!
So out of five from me!
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