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 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 29, 18 1:29 PM
This forum has been a wonderful place to visit, it has brought the world together in peace. We have had lots of good times also our tragedies and supported one another through thick and thin, one big family that includes the mods.

I will still revisit and read what information that is available as there is still lots to learn, also the stories which I have enjoyed immensely.

I will miss you All
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 28, 18 1:53 PM
This is possibly the last update, if you have any changes please PM me.

Welcome to - Luisada, Aurora378 with your first million a BIG Congrats.

To napoeon - 25 mill, wineoclock - 7 mill, 1Lars1 - 4 mill, peachme - 4 mill, 12earth45 - 4 mill, mamarose - 2 mill

And I finally made 11 mill

Congratulations ALL

I have not joined any of the new forums as I'm very busy. So I would like to Wish You All the very best. I am continuing with the game when time allows.
Will miss you all
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 24, 18 8:47 AM
Update time and would like to do 1 more before end of forum. THIS LIST is not being transferred to a new site, I'm sorry to say. So you all will go back to getting lost in the shuffle so to speak, till you reach AG's 5 mill mark.

The LIST will still be readable on this site, can be found in Social Threads ( How many millionaires ) page 35

Welcome to our new members - danijelica, WendyDevon RX, ibdapita with your first million. Starblazes - 2 mill

Previous members increases - Shorts123 - 11 mill, shakspr2012 - 10 mill, luckypool - 9 mill, Bemused - 5 mill, MaryCricket - 4 mill, jaximoto - 4 mill, Shooter9325 - 3 mill, MCDeeDee - 3 mill, Katjay46 - 2 mill


Happy times around the Castle

 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 18, 18 10:48 AM
Well due to the up coming end to the forum I thought it best to update the list, so our members are recognized for your achievements.

Welcome new members - genacav2, nana5252, criccieth10, chilipep with your first Million.

dfhdkfi - 34 mill, Annelligram - 17 mill, prazlovejoy - 11 mill, Debchet - 10 mill, Gr3asyHalfing - 5 mill, PreGab12 - 5 mill, mdpetdoc - 5 mill, Bemused - 5 mill, WeeSam - 4 mill, Hufflepuff - 2 mill, PetraN54 - 2 mill

This is AMAZING Congrats to one and all.

Please let me know if there are further updates, so I can enter them before the end of the forum.
Hopefully this post will be transferred to the new forum of choose.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 24, 18 4:17 PM

 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 23, 18 8:50 PM
Mine done as well
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 23, 18 7:53 PM
You might need inventory from Room 1 but don't forget Room 2 give you 250 coins for each HOS. once you have worked your way through.

So it is advisable to do a switch over and get best of both worlds
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 22, 18 12:22 PM
Update time before Spring Event, a little challenging as I hop between this post & Annelliegrams to get them all, hope I haven't missed anyone.

New members a Big Congrats - 1457051 with first mill and Hilltop83 - 2 mill

WOW to our previous members - mdpetdoc - 4 mill, playingthegame - 10 mill, dfkdkfl_1960 - 32 mill, mountain71 - 11 mill, Annelliegram - 16 mill, Rahia - 9mill, bella_01 - 7 mill

WTG All a BIG Congrats.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 8, 18 10:35 AM
Well I finally have time to post my update and had to wait for the dust to settle so to speak to find my post lol.

Welcome aboard our New members - chruke and debot12345 with your first mill, a Big Congrats.

Also to - wineoclock 6 mill, GulfCoastGuppy 5 mill, Creature_55 6 mill, WeeSam 3 mill, dised 2mill, DoubleMSMom 7mill

Congratulations to ALL

Looking forward to the Spring event when I'm sure there will be more millionaires

Happy Gaming
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 20, 18 12:22 PM
Welcome to our new millionaires to the club

Lubes47 with 3mill, charlieisr, gamelover, playmegal, crownofthornes all with your first mill.

And dfkdkfl_1960 with a whooping 31 mill

WTG all, a BIG Congratulations.

Original list is on page 4, new list on page 35

Happy Gaming All
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 1, 18 11:35 AM
Congrats HennyMarie, I have updated you on millionaires list WTG
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 29, 18 3:50 PM
Well in just 1 week we added more new millionaires, Congrats to all

Welcome - rbsworld, Ellensparky, Darlene1225 with your first Million, shooter9325 - 2 mill and Creature 55 - 5 mill

MaryCricket went to 3 mill and Minoosis to 3 mill also there other games, Muskwa & Wapoosis both with 1 mill.


Happy Gaming
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 22, 18 9:04 AM
Well after a joyous and rewarding CS time to update and oh my how well everyone has done WTG

We welcome new members Sharp_Eyes with 2 mill, AnnaDowns with Cattiepuss & Murtle both reaching 1 mill, Luckypool 9 mill, JO17 with 2 mill, Allie_1234, Mufflepuff, retired 94 with there first mill

Big increases for previous members
Bemused 3 mill, Dingamen 7 mill, E162 6 mill, Rahia 9 mill, Prazlovejoy 9 mill, Bella_01 7 mill, Greyfox 3 mill, Annelliegram 15 mill, DoubleMsMom 6 mill, mepetdoc 3 mill, Desertdruid 3 mill, Debchet 8 mill,

Prazlovejoy making 1 mill in 3 weeks unbelievable WTG

Annelliegram - OPEN the Door I'm coming in with 10,005,478 whew! arms need a rest now

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 16, 18 2:01 PM
dkgordon - I'm finding the same thing, I only get 2 a day, even though I fill the sacks everyday. thinking that might make a difference, but No I think very few players are gifting anymore
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 11, 18 1:32 PM
Update following end of CC

Welcome to the club - vernonia25 and varetta123 with your first Mill. Grimwald joins us with 2 mill and Lagerick 3 mill

WTG congratulations

AuntieRoo now 6 mill, Annelliegram 14 mill expect to hear more from you soon

dfkdkfl_1960 now with a Wooping 30 mill WOW

Congrats to you ALL

I will post again after WE as I'm sure there will be more joining us

New Updated list is on page 35 of this post
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 1, 18 8:28 AM
Congratulations Kayjay, you are added to the list ' How Many Millionaires"

Nice way to start the new Year WTG
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 31, 17 4:22 PM
Time for last update of the year

E162 correction done to 5 mill, WeeSam 2 mill, welcome to the club PetraN54 nice Christmas present.

WTG all congratulations

Now napoeon 20 mill OH MY WoW!! I did say you were coming up fast, I didn't think that fast.

Well congratulations to all members a great year.

Happy New Year to everyone
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 21, 17 8:43 PM
Just to let you know this posting is now in Helpful Links under Social page so it will easier to find.

Congratulations E162 4mill and Prazlovejoy 8mill WTG

TiramaSue - it has always been players choose whether they wanted to post there accomplishments or not. We would love you to join us but again the choose is yours. Congraulations on remaining with the MC game for as long as you have.

Merry Christmas All
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 20, 17 8:28 PM
Just to let you know I have messaged a mod to see if it can go in the Helpful Links, under the Social Section, haven't heard anything back yet. If I do will let you know.

It would definitely make the post easier to find, so everyone who wants to can join

 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 16, 17 1:52 PM
Bemused123 just to let you know you have been updated in How Many Millionaires post.
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