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Pepper010 wrote:
heartless500 wrote:...The point that a lot of people are trying to make here is that the greater majority do not have high end machines, and are extremely disappointed that this game (which to me was a real let down after all the hype) is so far beyond the "norm" in respect to graphics & memory requirements - it really should have been announced well in advance that the requirements were going to be so high and so strict (i recall one person posting about a driver only being 3 weeks out of date???? really??)

So, no, it doesn't surprise me that so many are having problems because this game is so finicky about things it isn't even funny.

IMHO - this one is more of a failure than 13 skulls was.

Not-very-heartless, you're right on. The truth is that most people have minimal understanding of how their computer works. And why shouldn't they be that way? THAT IS THE GOAL OF COMPUTER MANUFACTURERS. They want to provide a product that people just sit down and use.

Also, most people don't update bits of hardware or a whole system very often. Especially not in this economy. So any maker putting out a game that demands the ultimate in hardware automatically removes a large part of the market from its market base.

I'm just not into blaming the customer for not meeting a company's requirements. I know that some might disagree, but to me it seems more practical, and customer-friendly, to aim at a larger market share of the "average" computer user. But I might be wrong; I often am.

I have a hot new computer, updated everything. Or so I thought. Turns out that the video driver had been updated within THE LAST THREE WEEKS and hence, the game wouldn't run right at first. Until I sleuthed down that THREE WEEK OLD change, the game was useless. Three-weeks-old driver updates is a bit sensitive, IMHO.

I knew there was somebody that had the 3 week old updates & couldnt get the game to work! thanks for backing that statement up, Pepper.

it is really beyond my comprehension that a developer would go so far beyond what their primary customer base is as to make something that is basically unplayable for most.

And I did have a few slow downs with the graphics here & there - mostly with the video scenes featuring Victor... (really need a "rollseyes" emoticon here!)
and this with a 2 month old HD graphics card with 512MB of dedicated memory!!
sinshack wrote:If I can do it, anybody can. When my older son came home from college for Thanksgiving, I had a whole list of stuff on my computer that needed "fixing," including making the darned thing find my printer - so I'm not exactly a computer expert. At one point, I got so frustrated trying to install the printer that I actually turned the monitor around so it was pointed at the printer, and said "There it is, TALK to it!!"

Of course, after I worked for days trying to get things to work, my son sat down and solved all my problems in less than 10 minutes.

[removed by moderator]

not everyone has a tech savvy son, or daughter, or anyone else for that matter, around to do this sort of thing for them - and I am willing to bet that the greater majority cannot afford to pay someone to do it either. I know I cant.

Also not to mention that many cannot afford to upgrade their video cards, which in some cases, would necessitate an entire system upgrade because the motherboard is too old to accept a newer video card - gee, seems to me I just went thru all of that myself only a couple of months ago . . .

The point that a lot of people are trying to make here is that the greater majority do not have high end machines, and are extremely disappointed that this game (which to me was a real let down after all the hype) is so far beyond the "norm" in respect to graphics & memory requirements - it really should have been announced well in advance that the requirements were going to be so high and so strict (i recall one person posting about a driver only being 3 weeks out of date???? really??)

So, no, it doesn't surprise me that so many are having problems because this game is so finicky about things it isn't even funny.

IMHO - this one is more of a failure than 13 skulls was.

 posted in Syberia on Nov 29, 11 5:02 AM
what a cool idea! I really enjoyed both of the Syberia games, and I am sure you and your friends will too.

Have lots of fun, and good luck!!
Jacoban55 wrote:Thanks, Mr._Russ...will do. But not a laptop, a desktop - Dell XP Home Edition. I checked, and whoo boy! do I need to update. I currently have the Radeon AMD X300 128MB Highsomethingorother and when I went to update it from the ATI site, I had to get the Catalyst Software Suite. However, it wasn't compatible with Windows...or didn't have the MS Windows Logo compatibility so I didn't download it. Don't wanna jack up my compy. So now I'm searching for something else...? Got a direction for me? Maybe? :o)

the ATI Catalyst Suite IS compatible with Windows XP - I have it on my XP machine (came with my fairly new graphics card) so you can download it without fear.

Just because something like a graphics update or control software doesnt have the windows logo, does not mean it isnt safe to use with windows - would be more concerned on whether or not it is compatible with your specific graphics card.

Govols2 - the SG is just above the diary - have you tried adjusting your screen resolution at all?? sounds like you may have it set a bit large for this game's liking??

Pepper - Glad to hear you were able to get things working - like i said, I know the graphics memory thing is Not the answer to all the problems people are having, but it could be for some.

and an educational note for those that dont know:
System memory - commonly referred to as RAM is NOT the same thing as dedicated graphics memory - they are two VERY different things.
So, just because you have 8Gb of RAM, does not mean you have enough graphics memory.
I am very sorry to see so many posts in this thread. . .

altho I am no "techie" by any means - I have to wonder if a lot of the grainy/slow/jerky graphics issues arent related to a graphics card not having enough "onboard" dedicated memory??

sure, you may have more than enough system memory, but dedicated graphics memory is different. it is integrated into the graphics card and is JUST for graphics processing - nothing else.

Sad to say it, but an awful lot of "new" machines still only have 64MB of dedicated graphics memory (we have a "new" Toshiba laptop like this) and that just is not going to be enough to run a lot of the game offerings these days. (most are going to recommend at least 128Mb minimum)

I just recently did a big hardware upgrade to my pc and made darn sure my new graphics card (ATI Radeon HD 5670) had GOBS of dedicated graphics memory - 512MB - which is more than enough to run most casual games, and should continue to be enough for a long time to come.

I still run Windows XP Pro, SP3, with DX 9.0c, and this particular game runs flawlessly for me - i attribute that to having the high dedicated memory for the graphics. (by the way - this card only cost me $72 - it is not the fastest, most recent offering out there - those can run into the hundreds of dollars - but it is plenty for my purposes)

I am not implying that this is the issue for everyone that is experiencing problems, just offering my point of view and a possible explanation...
I sincerely hope that the problems being experienced get sorted out for everyone!

ps: anyone that would like more info on where to get a newer card - send me a pm!
shadowfax44 wrote:
Happy Gaming!

Gee... don't I wish. My PC is big, fast, quad core, nearly new with a fast graphics card with tons of it's own RAM and the stupid game still won't run. It's not my system... it's the game.

Sorry to hear you are having problems with the game - just curious, shadow, what version of windows are you running???

I still have XP, w/SP3 & DX 9.0c - game runs flawlessly for me - have seen quite a few posting about having problems with various games that run Win 7 - especially the 64 bit version? not sure how that works, but definitely makes me NOT want to upgrade anytime soon. . .

I have to agree as well - too many go rushing thru the demos and dont take time to truely appreciate what they are looking at.

So sorry you arent getting to try this one out just yet, kul - I did get to play the demo of this one to make sure everything was compatible - i did recently do a few upgrades to my 9 yr old pc (homebuilt) and that is the only reason i think it ran so flawlessly for me - and am currently in the process of downloading the full version (it's taking too long, taking too long!!! ROFL)
by a few upgrades, i mean new motherboard, processor, memory and graphics card!
the old set up was having a lot of problems with the newer games - not BFG's fault, or any of the developers, just my system being too old & too slow to handle what was being put out, so I took the necessary steps to correct the problem.

Have been sitting on 2 game club credits just waiting for this one game to appear! and so far, I am not disappointed - GEORGEOUS graphics!!

x2kul - hope you have a great holiday, safe journey home, and hope that when you do get to download, it runs well for you!!

Just finished playing the demo - took me about 45 minutes for that - to be sure it would work on my pc cause of others having graphic/freezing issues. I have been sitting on 2 game club credits just for this game!

I have Windows XP, SP3, DX 9.0c - widescreen monitor set at 1440x900 native resolution - game ran flawlessly for me and filled out my screen beautifully!! no issues with things being hidden (too big) or black bars. Needless to say, the full version is downloading now - and holy cow is it BIG! 1.2 Gig!! (could be a while before I can continue playing! ) demo (400+ MB ) took roughly 30 minutes to download for me on a rural wireless connection

Not really sure if I like the morphing object scenes as much as the standard h.o.s. as they are sometimes difficult to spot - I think if this is going to be the future of H.O. games then a mix of the two would be better - but this is just IMHO...
Hoenstly, I liked the morphing objects better when they were just here & there throughout the game, never knowing when or where you might encounter one...

Other than the morphing thing, i am thrilled with the graphics and the acting/voiceovers - so far everything has been amazingly detailed. The rain effects are PERFECT! water dripping off of things, ivy leaves moving when raindrops hit them - so very detailed.

And I have to admit that the bats flying out of the well, made me jump just a little! LOL

 posted in The Keepers: Lost Progeny Collector's Edition on Nov 16, 11 8:47 AM
ok, so I missed this one yesterday (had an early eye doc appointment, then school)
so I tried to download this morning...

after several hours, the game had restarted it's download about 4 times!!!! never getting beyond 40%.

as in it would download to about 40%, then stop, then start completely over - and it did this several times. I finally gave up on it.

Have no idea why - I have never had a problem like this downloading a game before?

running Windows XP Pro, SP 3 on a reasonably high speed connection - normal game downloads, for me, run about 15 minutes (file size of 500-750MB ) large file games might take as much as 30 minutes...

just a quick note to others - when you post a problem, PLEASE, post your version of Windows as well - it DOES matter, and it can often help the techs figure out a given problem. Thank you.
 posted in Haunted Halls: Fears from Childhood on Nov 11, 11 7:56 AM
Hi Valdy

thanks for the info on this one - downloading the demo now to make sure it will run well, then will more than likely buy.
 posted in Haunted Halls: Fears from Childhood on Nov 11, 11 7:53 AM
hi Limey - from reading reviews in the CE forum I beleive there are 7 chapters and average game length was around 5 to 6 hours - something like that.

ERS games usually are a good length, so this one will more than likely be a buy for me (downloading demo now to make sure it works ok first)

Happy Gaming.
 posted in Hallowed Legends: Templar Collector's Edition on Nov 10, 11 9:17 AM
while I thouroughly enjoyed playing the demo (was disappointed when it ended) and would really like to purchase this game - I wont be.

Why? because I cant buy it without the system trying to use my 2 game club credits that I am saving for the new MCF game later this month. Since this is a CE, I cant use coupon codes like I can (and have done) with an SE

Wise up BFG - give us the option to use game credits or not use them when buying a game!!! ANY game!

ok, rant over...

I would say that I am an average player - most games I can get thru without using a walkthru or SG, but then there are some that I do need one to get past a hard spot.
Since this demo is for the first chapter and may not last a full hour (depending on your skill) i finished it with 17 mins remaining in the hour...not fast, but not slow either.

Graphics in this game are beautiful!! very nicely done! not too dark at all.
Game did run in widescreen for me right from the start (XP, SP3, native res 1440x900) not sure why it doesnt for others, but i will not blame it on someone's computer...honestly, i am amazed when i see a square monitor still being used!

I tend to turn the volume down when playing - I dont like things to be loud, and I did adjust the volume sliders in this one too - but the music was ok, voice-overs are well done and dont drag on.

Cut scenes are very nicely done - not too dragged out.

H.O. scenes were clear enough, and things were cleverly hidden - not easy, but not too terribly difficult either.

The puzzles i encountered in the demo were not too terribly difficult - altho that ring puzzle in the attic did give me a fit - kept forgetting that certain rings move other rings, and which ones! (wasnt quite awake yet! LOL)

like i said, i would like to buy this one, but not going to use my 2 game credits on it.
If i had the option of paying cash, it would already be purchased. (and I dont buy too many CE's)
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have you solved the ring puzzle?? just asking.

the "picture" in the attic is a ring puzzle must be solved (turn the rings to complete a picture), the center then opens up, THEN the iron amulet can be placed.
ok - re the button - i really do believe that it is just the lighting on that button - and the darker area in the center really is the holes & thread that hold the button on.
If you really look carefully at the way the buttons lay, that pareticular one is at a different angle than the rest, so the light would hit it differently, thus giving the illusion that it might have something written on it when it really doesnt.

Pepper - been a while since i played 13 skulls, too (and dont really care to replay that one), but yeah, i do think the little girl's name was Abigail - however, it is possible that she was named after her ancestor, and is not "the" Abigail?
I really don know for sure tho.
Hi Everyone! Wow, this thread has really gone wild in the last couple of days! Trying to keep up, but with school and other things going on, it is hard!!

Gonna just throw something out for speculation here in regards to both the "mother/child" thing and the "you are the key" thing

has anyone even considered that the MD is a descendant of the "infamous" Dalimar family????? and that is where we will be headed in the next installment? Digging into the MD's family history??

Just a thought, and probably not a great one at that...

Happy Detecting All!!!

edit for spelling
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reeney132 - you have to click in just the right spot to get it to open - took me a couple of minutes as well. get the beam of light on the portion of the plant that opens, then click - if it still doesnt work, try moving slightly to the right until it does.

just finished the demo of this one, and I probably will buy (with a coupon code) but I have just one small gripe

Profile names: WHY on earth are they limiting the number of characters to 8 or less??????????? 15 to 20 characters would be more appropriate!

I kind of expect it with an older game, but this isnt old at all, yet I cant enter my full preferred profile name!! (which is Heartless - 9 characters...)

Stop Limiting the profile name characters to such a small number!!
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Sweetpeches wrote:This is all fine and good, but why should I go through all this trouble because of one game? I've been getting these games for a long time and never encountered anything like this before. This one installation caused me to not be able to play ANY game. Once I did the sysyem restore, everything is back to normal..even had to re-download a game I previously had as a trial and purchased. Still, eveything works fine. Funny how so many people had this very same problem with this game.

"why" is because it is YOUR responsibility to keep YOUR computer up to date with the latest drivers and OS updates.
Dont blame any game company for whatever it is that keeps you from keeping your system updated. It is in your best interest to do so regularly.

or - go ahead, blame the game, the game distributor, the game developer, or whomever you wish to blame, dont update your system, and end up with a nasty virus/hacking script from visiting some innocuous looking website that is infected because they dont keep thier stuff updated either - all because you left yourself vulnerable by not doing updates regularly. Yeah, sounds like a plan to me...

have a wonderful day.
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i would also give it around 6 - 6.5 hours overall ... played some last night, some this morning in casual mode.
I consider myself an average player - not super fast, but not real slow either.
the bonus content was very well done and well worth getting the CE - I really enjoyed it and i dont buy a whole lot of CE's.
 posted in Snark Busters: All Revved up on May 7, 11 6:50 AM
i have been waiting for this one!! and very glad to see all the positive reviews.

Loved the first one, just too funny, and a great change of pace from all the dark, spooky games.

I am downloading to my desktop now to see if it will run on this old machine - if not, it goes on the laptop - regardless, it will be a buy for me!!

Raska wrote:This is a very nice game for kids...I'm sure they will love it

arent we all just kids at heart??? I know I am!
 posted in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland on May 3, 11 7:27 AM
if this game was made by a decent developer, say ERS or even BFG, I would be more than happy to help Alice, but since this is another "offering" by HdO - sorry, Alice can stay stuck in Wonderland...
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