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 posted in Epic Adventures: La Jangada on Feb 6, 10 5:44 PM
Firstly I am English and I do not know anyone that would pronounce it a "Scepter" with the emphasis on the "C", well unless you were not very good at English.

For me the graphics were very grainy and this made the objects much harder to find, secondly how much talking can one person do!

I like a game where you get to actually play the game, if I wanted a story I would download a book, or read one.

Not one for me, the grainy screen, the annoying talking, the irritating clicking and the most ridiculous tiny objects that even an eagle would not be able to see. I have excellent vision the optician has told me so and even I had problems.

This is what makes a forum work though, some like it and some do not, just the nature of game playing.

 posted in Epic Adventures: La Jangada on Feb 6, 10 5:33 PM
I had the same thing but I just turned the in game sound effects off, it did get very irritating after a while though.

 posted in 1 Penguin 100 Cases on Feb 6, 10 4:20 PM
Can not get the trial to work.

I have tried uninstalling it then downloading it again, but still nothing.

When I click play it makes a loud ping/thud noise then it goes back to the Game Manager and that is that.

Anyone else having this problem??

 posted in Paradise Quest on Feb 4, 10 6:15 PM
I think that this game definitely makes up for all of the really rubbish match-3's we have had to endure.

Good to see some more followers.

Keep on rocking this game people.

 posted in Sarah Maribu and the Lost World on Feb 4, 10 6:10 PM
Not just me then.

Thing is though now the whole computer is running slow. I am trying to uninstall the trail but it is taking forever and the computer is dragging a lot.

Going to do a scan to try and speed it up but concerning the game I give up on it.

I have no patience, i can not be sat there waiting ten minutes for a drum to bang out a sequence.

Oh well, onward and upward.

 posted in Evoly on Feb 3, 10 8:49 PM
Far too simple for me.

The problem for me with this game is that I could play something very similar and far better for free online.

Not worth the price at all.

I only played the demo almost to the finish because I was bored.

If there was more of a purpose to the game then I think others would buy it, but this one is one where you are left to your own devices with no real "goal" to achieve.

 posted in Paradise Quest on Feb 1, 10 10:10 PM
I can not stop thinking about this game.

Glad to see that there are others in this society.

Puzzle, maybe one of the tortoises will set up a clinic for us and Meisie who needs bed when you have a new island to play with.

Hurry up money fairy, I want to play this game!!

What element of the game is peoples favourite...I know so hard to choose.

 posted in Lost Secrets: Ancient Mysteries on Feb 1, 10 5:54 AM
I have tried to play this game several times but each time it completely crashes my computer.

A black screen comes up, then a static cursor, then it completely crashes the computer, it shuts itself down then restarts.

I tried downloading it again, but the same thing happened again. No other problems like this have happened for a long time, I know everything is up to date, so it is a mystery.

Just was wondering if anyone else had this issue going on?!

 posted in Paradise Quest on Jan 31, 10 8:54 PM
I love this game, I really did not want it to stop.

When the money fairy visits I will be getting this one for sure.

All of the different elements in this game mean you always have something to do, if you need a break from match three then go take some photos...great.

Anyone else want to join me in my appreciation society?!

 posted in The Clumsys 2: Butterfly Effect on Jan 31, 10 7:10 PM
I am glad that it was not just me having this issue then.

Personally I was planning on buying the game but there is no point if I have to keep going to the task manager just to get the next level loaded, what a long winded way of going about things.

What I did get to play was really enjoyable, I thought it was a really engaging experience and much better then the first one.

The technical problems really let it all down though.

 posted in Nick Chase and the Deadly Diamond on Jan 30, 10 9:00 PM
A very nice game with a great comic style throughout.

Something a bit different and definitely one to download.

Of course there are some tricky areas but then there are simple areas too, so all in all a balanced piece of work.

 posted in The Clumsys on Jan 30, 10 7:51 PM
I really like this game.

What I like is that it is very different to anything else I have played, and to think the only reason I downloaded the trial was because the second one is now out and I wanted to see what the first one was like.

The different styles of level keep you on your toes and stop you becoming complacent about finding things. Your brain has to stay switched on at all times, where as other hidden object games can sometimes be played on auto-pilot.

Would be one I would consider for purchasing, although reading in the forum that the objects are always the same could be off putting but I guess I have plenty of other games to keep me company until this one gets to be played again.

I have a wish list of games so I will have to see what I eventually go for, but this is in the top five for sure.

 posted in The Clumsys on Jan 30, 10 7:42 PM
It can take some practice but it is quite specific about where you put them.

Are you following the hint on the right-hand side of the screen (the picture in black and white) to put them back in the right place??

Hopefully this helps if not I would suggest getting hold of someone with some more experience.

Good luck.

 posted in Fiona Finch and the Finest Flowers on Jan 29, 10 6:37 PM
I am torn with this game.

On the one hand I really love this game, it is the sort of thing I would go for, but as there is a lot to do my poor wrist can not manage it.

I think that I will have to give it a miss just because I can not cope with the pain.

All in all though a great game, I like the baking element and the cross-breeding element too, adds something a little different.

Only thing I would grumble about is sometimes things get a little overwhelming, you are torn in three different directions.

Nice game though and definitely keeps you on your toes.

 posted in The Sultan's Labyrinth: A Royal Sacrifice on Jan 29, 10 3:39 PM
This game is just too easy and too short for me to bother buying.

I got to the tenth chapter in the hour and that was including some technical problems to start off with, thus resulting in me having to window the game rather then play full screen.

The puzzles were far too easy and the pieces tended to stand out on the screen.

My mind was practically playing on autopilot.

Nice idea but I think it should of been worked on a little more before been released to us, the most critical gamers in the land.

Shame, this was one of the ones I had hopes for.

 posted in Alice's Tea Cup Madness on Jan 29, 10 1:00 PM
This game is really enjoyable, sometimes these games can get very hectic and my wrist and head get a little scrambled, but not with this one.

It took some time to get used to the drag feature, but when I did I really liked it, makes things a little easier on the wrist.

The bouncer was pretty useless to me in the levels I did but I could see him been useful later on in the game.

Nice game, I also liked the idea if the game, Alice running a tea-shop...Great!

One I would recommend even if you just play the trial.

 posted in Million Dollar Quest on Jan 26, 10 8:48 PM
I really like game, not too hard but not too simple, just right.

The long loading at the beginning got a bit tiresome, but once the game started it was very enjoyable.

I have never seen this style of hidden object before, but I liked it, beats the list as that can get a little tiresome.

Good game but as I got quite far in the demo I do not know if I would buy it.

Also what was with the really bad Chinese accent.

 posted in Million Dollar Quest on Jan 26, 10 8:42 PM
I think that because the style of retrieving objects is different in this game it takes a while to get the hang of it.

To iron the shirt, put it on the ironing board then click the iron and it will do it automatically for you, then click the shirt again.

I hope that helped.

 posted in BurgerTime Deluxe on Jan 26, 10 7:21 PM
Was an alright game but not one for me.

However did any one else have a problem with the hidden object mini-game??

I think the mouse option is good too, although can be very tricky.

Personally I did not finish the trial because it is not a game I would get a lot of enjoyment from, just stress and cramp in my fingers, but I think others who like this style of game would really like it.

 posted in Rasputin's Curse on Jan 26, 10 6:55 PM
I was looking forward to playing this game but was disappointed.

How many loading screens does one game need??

I too had the black screen thing, something that has never happened before, if this got sorted then I might try it again, but I am glad to see I am not the only one.

Of course I could try downloading it again but it takes so long and slows everything down on the computer, so it is best to just put it in the junk pile.

Maybe an option to turn off the custom cursor too, as sometimes it is easier to have your own, especially if games are running a little slow.

A real shame that this one did not work out.

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