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 posted in Design This Home on Apr 26, 14 9:41 PM
@girlgotgame: The living room is in the center of the house and doesn't have an outside wall. The only rooms that do are the master bathroom, sunroom, and kitchen. I haven't built the kitchen yet, so maybe it'll come up then.

@wilds: Did you fill it completely, as in not an inch of space between the furniture? Did you leave space between the furniture and wall? Did you completely block the doorways? Which house, which room, and which kind of furniture did you use? I've built one of each kind of house, now, so I'll be able to refer to it.

Both of us have had weird things happen with the residents. One of mine walked under a bookcase, through the outside wall, across the lawn, and off the computer screen. Basically, he ran away from home.

He came back next time I booted the game up, though. At least the woman in the Room of 128 Coffee Tables hasn't ever come back.
 posted in Design This Home on Apr 26, 14 9:33 PM
Does your daughter just want to decorate a particular house, or play the whole game herself? The only way I can think of for her to do that is if she had her own Big Fish Games account so she can start her own game from scratch. This is something you should ask customer service about, though.
 posted in Design This Home on Apr 26, 14 9:30 PM
A "vanity" is a dresser that has a mirror. It's the kind you sit in front of and put on makeup, do your hair, etc.
 posted in Design This Home on Apr 26, 14 12:00 AM
The game is free, but at some point you might be tempted to buy gold coins. I did, but not more than a game credit's worth.

My best suggestion is make sure you clear your cookies and cache, make sure this site is whitelisted, run a security scan (just to eliminate any doubts), reboot, and if the problem is still there, contact Big Fish customer service. They usually reply quickly, and are very patient with solving problems.
 posted in Design This Home on Apr 25, 14 11:55 PM
If you want to get rid of those annoying babies, try filling the baby's room and the bathroom completely with furniture (but make sure you block the doors first so nobody can get in or out). I only tried this with a living room, but it worked to get rid of the adult in the house. She's gone and never came back. The room needs to have zero open floor space, though.

It'll cost money and a couple of days' worth of collecting on it, but it's so peaceful without that constant pointless wandering around the house.
 posted in Design This Home on Apr 25, 14 11:48 PM
I'm working on the dining room and bathroom, and no adults have popped up to replace the one that got killed by the Room of the 128 Coffee Tables. The kid is still wandering around her bedroom, bereft of adult supervision, food, the bathroom, and everything else. Oh, and I just leveled up to 54.

I wonder when the game will tell me to build a door. Right now the only way into that house is through a window. Oh, and the 2-star decor for the dining room? That room connects with the kitchen I haven't built yet, so I put a couple of dart boards on the wall... so any hypothetical residents can tell the cook what they think of the meals they never eat.

(yeah, I'm in a weird mood tonight )
 posted in Design This Home on Apr 22, 14 8:54 PM
You can use pretty much any item except flooring, rugs, and stuff that goes on the walls. First, make sure you block the doorways so nobody can get in or out. Then you can use whatever furniture fits and you can afford. Keep in mind that those 128 coffee tables cost me $128,000! However, the tradeoff is that they only take 30 seconds each to be delivered.

I've now built the 2nd bathroom, and a baby did NOT show up! The adult never came back, and the kid is still all alone in her bedroom, with no other people in the house.

One interesting thing about this house... I still haven't been told to build a door!
 posted in Design This Home on Apr 17, 14 7:52 PM
Well, my villa is the last home I'm adding anything to - still rooms to build. As mentioned, I got rid of the adult by cramming 128 coffee tables into the room she was in. Now I've got a kid pacing around the kid's bedroom. I haven't decided whether to let her stay or cram her room full of stuff yet. She seems like a nice little kid, so maybe I'll let her live.

I built the sunroom at the same time as the kid's bedroom, but no adult popped up.

Sorry, haven't figured out screenshots yet, and the game won't let me take any pictures.
 posted in Design This Home on Apr 11, 14 3:02 PM
YAY! I got rid of my resident! It only took putting 128 coffee tables in the living room - there's not one scrap of floor space left! And when I rebooted the game, she didn't show up in another room.

 posted in Design This Home on Apr 10, 14 5:18 PM
Yes, I did see your screenshot - sorry for not replying to that email!

The black coffee tables take 30 seconds for delivery. By the time the first one arrives, I've had time to order about 14 of them. I want to get the living room completely saturated with them, and then see what the resident does. I've got enough money now to build another room (already got the bathroom and a bedroom). I was thinking of doing the guest bedroom next.

BTW, even though it looks weird, the color scheme is rather nice. I use all red walls, brown wool carpeting, and either black or white furniture. There are lots of plants around as well.

I'm up to level 52 or 53 (don't recall which) and have 82 coins (haven't spent them unless I need a 3-star painting).
 posted in Design This Home on Apr 10, 14 12:10 AM

I added another 15 coffee tables and a 2-star chair. Before I build another room, I'll gradually move the chairs and stuff out of the way before filling the room completely with black coffee tables.

I get what you mean with the Sims, a bit. I never really stuck with those very long, but I did enjoy doing weird stuff like having the bathroom out on the front lawn and putting in all kinds of bizarre windows everywhere.
 posted in Design This Home on Apr 9, 14 11:28 AM
Valkara wrote:I'm currently filling one of my living rooms with those little black coffee tables. I want to see how many it takes before the resident has to step in place because she's trapped.

I'm currently up to 61 coffee tables in the living room (yes, really!) and the space is hardly half-full. Consider that it's also got 3 couches, a dressing table, a fireplace, TV, lamp, and bookcase in there. At least now I've got somewhere to put all the 2-star decor crap (lots of plants... for which I get bonus $ when they need watering and the tables need dusting).

I wonder what would happen to the woman aimlessly wandering around if I filled the room completely with coffee tables and flowers?
 posted in Design This Home on Apr 8, 14 10:58 AM
I'm currently filling one of my living rooms with those little black coffee tables. I want to see how many it takes before the resident has to step in place because she's trapped.
 posted in Design This Home on Apr 7, 14 10:03 AM
girlgotgame wrote:Valkara, are your guys still doing that? I wish mine would--and not come back.
Technically, since the Cheerfully Undead Bobbleheads don't sleep, eat, sit, or use toileting facilities, they really don't need much of anything. Just room to wander.

It might be fun to take the "open plan" house, and use bookcases to create a giant maze, and just send them wandering through narrow alleyways.

No one says you HAVE to play the game as it is written.

No, he only did it once. It was traumatic for me, though, since he came back the next time I booted up the game. I'd thought he was so disgusted at having to be in that house, he just decided to leave.

I love your maze idea! Maybe I'll rearrange the furniture in my open plan house and see what happens. (once you get all the houses, the next one costs $16 million to build - definitely overpriced!)
 posted in Design This Home on Apr 6, 14 6:09 PM
I tried that with the Bathroom Baby. It just kept popping up in other rooms, randomly, every time I opened the game. I don't think there is a way to herd them all into the same room and keep them there.

My villa couple is still apart, though, one per room. They can't get out, and it's been very nice not having to trip over them. The kids' rooms are the last to be built - I didn't get a Bathroom Baby, at least not yet.
 posted in Design This Home on Apr 6, 14 1:02 AM
One of my guys just walked through the wall, across the lawn, and off the screen. With super powers like that, who needs doors?
 posted in Design This Home on Apr 5, 14 6:28 PM
In my most recent two houses (I've got one of each kind), I've been trying to keep the residents confined as much as possible. I'm tired of seeing them wander aimlessly through the house, not even bothering to make sure the kids get fed.

Since there are always more people than bedrooms for them, I'm setting up a dormitory in the master bedroom. Of course that means some won't be able to get there (as I'm deliberately placing furniture in front of the doorways), but since nobody ever sleeps, it's not a big deal.
 posted in Design This Home on Apr 2, 14 3:44 PM
Did you have the right number of "stars"? For example, if you were told to upgrade to "2-stars or higher", did you make sure to put in either a 2 or 3-star wallpaper?

Which house are you doing? There was one of them where I had to take down the paintings on the walls and any furniture against one particular wall, because they kept disappearing.
 posted in Design This Home on Mar 17, 14 10:55 AM
Yep. Unfortunately, he came back the next time I opened that house.
 posted in Design This Home on Mar 15, 14 7:48 PM
I tried that. The guy just walked under the furniture (a large bookcase), across the room, through the wall, across the lawn, and off the screen.
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