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 posted in Haunted Manor: Lord of Mirrors Collector's Edition on Mar 25, 10 3:00 PM
I was impatient too - and bought the game. Its OK, nice graphics, interactive and I like finding objects in order to solve puzzles, unlock things etc. What is disappointing is that it is a series of rooms with the same play format, not a game with a story that you progress through. After a while I was racing through the rooms as I knew what to expect. And I was well over dusting mirrors!
Wish I had waited for $6.99 price!
 posted in Millennium Secrets: Emerald Curse on Mar 20, 10 5:14 AM
Does BF have the Annabel game? Can't seem to find it here.
 posted in Millennium Secrets: Emerald Curse on Mar 20, 10 4:38 AM
I think this is a great game, despite the graphics. Its intelligently thought out and throws up unexpected stuff - you do more than just opening drawers as you go on. I've gotten used to the way it looks and moves and I'm really getting into it. I'm playing on advanced and it's the right amount of challenge for me, not to frustrating when you get a bit stuck. Good mix of mini games that are relevant to the game. Great story line and a bit of humour too.
 posted in Millennium Secrets: Emerald Curse on Mar 20, 10 3:41 AM
It's not so bad and only in the first chapter. Not seen a cigg for a while now.
Really good game, just hard enough and good mix of mini games and exploring. Like the bit where she inches along the parapet out side the window in her heels. Go girl!
 posted in Millennium Secrets: Emerald Curse on Mar 20, 10 2:29 AM
I'm enjoying the game too, as previous poster said, it's like snooping. But whats with all the smoking - the special agents, the professor, the bad guy! And I'm a smoker.
 posted in Alice in Wonderland on Mar 19, 10 3:56 AM
There is every reason for this game to be good but some how it doesn't cut it. Its the kind of game I like, nice graphics, story line, mixture of hidden objects, puzzles and collecting things but it feels a bit clumsy somehow. Did the whole hour demo but don't feel I need to buy to carry on. Oh well, will wait to see what comes up tomorrow night.
 posted in Dark Parables: Curse of Briar Rose Collector's Edition on Mar 11, 10 3:42 AM
This is a fantastic game!! I'm loving it and had to buy collectors edition after waiting what felt like forever to get a good game.
I like the finding the pieces rather than working off a list - like Magic Encyclopedia which I also loved.
There is a fair amount of to-ing and fro-ing that some may not like but this game has an added 'inspect' feature that tells you where you need to go for another hidden object scene.
Am about half way and looking forward to getting back into it tomorrow!
 posted in Hidden Identity: Chicago Blackout on Mar 3, 10 1:19 AM
I must be getting too fussy Once I would have played the whole demo of a game like this - but now, nah, not worth my time. Would rather go and re-play one of the good ones!
 posted in Simplz Zoo on Mar 2, 10 12:30 AM
Was hoping for a good IHOG game tonight after yesterdays offering!
 posted in Apparitions: Kotsmine Hills on Mar 1, 10 1:03 AM
This one not doing it for me either. Junk pile messy scenes and even had one scene where they forgot to give me a list!!
Won't even bother with full demo sorry.
 posted in Pathfinders: Lost at Sea on Feb 26, 10 4:56 PM
To all those waking up to coffee or tea and a new game - feel for me! I live on the other side of the world and have to wait all day until 7 pm my time to check the new game out. Usually involves me booting off what ever offspring is on the PC and saying - I need to get on there NOW!
Me too, but since I'm having a current gripe about game length I will be interested to see how long it turns out to be! Going in for look now.
 posted in Escape from Lost Island on Feb 25, 10 12:46 AM
Am I having deja vu here?
 posted in Secret Mission: The Forgotten Island on Feb 24, 10 9:56 PM
All good points! And I am know I'm getting better at these games so faster. I try not to skip puzzles. I like the skips that take a while to charge.
Mushroom Age, Drawn, Vampire Saga, Sprill, the last Natalie brooks - all I can think of right now - seemed way longer.
I guess the answer is to check the posts and then decide, but I do think they should be a good length.
Half my problem is I'm an IHOG addict and can't help buying any decent ones!
 posted in Secret Mission: The Forgotten Island on Feb 24, 10 3:16 AM
This may have been discussed before but what should be the average game time length? We obviously all play at different rates and may skip story lines or whatever but I do feel some of the games are a bit on the short side. Especially if you play the demo, buy the game and find yourself done within the next hour. I just finished secret mission and loved it but was done in just over 2 hours.
Given that there is not a great deal of re-playability its seems like not much bang for my buck. What do others think??
Just realised put this in wrong forum...never mind!
 posted in Secret Mission: The Forgotten Island on Feb 24, 10 2:00 AM
I'm enjoying this game. Nice mix of puzzle and hog scenes while adventuring. Its not overly complicated and I like the recharging hint plus the possibility of finding crystals to build up hints. You have option of easy play or difficult and I'm flying through it on difficult. It seems to be a fairly short game which is a gripe. I bought it after 15 minutes of play and wish I'd played the demo through to see how much more play there was. But a nice game.
 posted in Empress of the Deep: The Darkest Secret on Feb 20, 10 3:17 AM
I'm enjoying the game but do agree about the graininess, junkpiles and over sized objects. Great story line and beautiful world to be in. A big but tho - one of the first posters said this was a long game, I'm on chapter 3, about 2/3's of the game through in just over an hour. I've skipped one puzzle and followed the story. So it doesn't appear to be that long.
 posted in Nightfall Mysteries: Curse of the Opera on Feb 14, 10 3:05 AM
Same problem for me. I have never had this problem and I can play all other new games so I doubt it's a graphic card issue. I uninstalled the game after losing 3 hours of playing and re installed it after I saw the post about the fixed up version. It saved my game the first time and I just now went on to play again and its gone!!!

 posted in Nightfall Mysteries: Curse of the Opera on Feb 6, 10 2:14 PM
Played nearly 3 hours of the game only to have it not save. Not happy!!
I was enjoying it too but don't think I will bother doing the whole lot again. Waste of my credit.
 posted in Nick Chase and the Deadly Diamond on Jan 29, 10 3:33 AM
I bought it and enjoyed it but it is not as good as the first one. The puzzles were easier and I thought the story line was bit weak and fragmented. It uses some of the same scenes and character as the first. It also seemed a lot shorter...or maybe I'm getting better at playing!
I do like finding objects in scenes to use and work out what to do so this is my kind of game. Pity it feels a bit like a rush job to get out a sequel.
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