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Good Morning Fishes and Welcome baaack picman! I love your annual foray into the depths of The Pond for the "Official Spec Thread", the first of which I remember quite well -

Also, your annual release of so many red herrings into the Pond tends to intrigue the carnivorous fish and keep them well fed for a large portion of the year.

The careful wording of your posts will keep many dissecting your witty turn of a phrase - why stop any time soon - please - carry on!

And, for the record, after having been subjected to that singular coffee bastion of the PNW, I don't mind it, but prefer it's competition: Caribou -

I've definitely picked the wrong time of year for a major move so I'll b catching up as I can. There are so many clever fish here - new and well seasoned alike! I feel the same buzz of antici......pation and excitement as usually hits with the first post of the season for the new MCF. In my packing, I have kept my MCF Master Detective Badge readily accessible for use when I find the time and definitely ready for the release.

I am certain picman, that you and your cast of characters have worked on the speculation clues carefully to keep everyone here guessing right up until midnight Seattle time on tgt release day, though the release of the name of the game is, I am sure, deliberate and calculated as well...

Welcome home again picman!
Perhaps it's a simpler explanation for the extra " &" in the announcement:

And You Will Love Me

As for me, since went to the trouble of taking out an announcement in a real paper, I sent the article to my email so I can keep it with my other pictures.
Rainbow722 wrote:On the Rose Ravenhearst page on FB her birthday is listed as February 13, 1913.

Picman explained that to us a few years ago - FB wouldn't let him choose a year pre 1900 - so he made one up
Here is a copy of a long ago post by Cherb - with some content from me - still brings a smile to my face after all this time -

This one is an oldie but a goodie - and I still find myself singing it every November -

cherbtoo wrote:To all members of the MCF Detective Agency, especially those who were unable to be with us this weekend, please note that one of our Members has composed an Anthem for us all to sing.

With author Incrediblyviolet's permission I have moved it to a separate page to make it easier to find so that we can all sing in unison.

The Anthem is sung to the tune of 'Christmas Don't Be Late' and is as follows:

Picman, Picman time is here
Time to play and time to cheer
We've been good - but we can't last
Hurry Picman, Hurry Fast

Want the game that has us all
Begging you for clues this Fall
We can hardly stand the wait
Please Picman don't be late.

All together now let's sing.
Back in the day, you'll notice the year - I compiled a list of Emma's diary notes and posted them in the spec thread then - this should clear some mystery as to those still confused by what she noted in 1895:

by incrediblyviolet on Oct 12, 08 5:22 PM
For those keeping track and going back thru Ravenhearst

Emma refused the proposal 3/18 he came back 4/5 w/ roses, news of land purchase & bldg permit

5/14 the carpenter - Frank fell and died
5/16 was the funeral

5/23 Emma rec'd the letter from her mother about her father's illness

For some reason she felt compelled 5/24 to tell Charles she needed to go home for awile and Charles goes off into 'almost a tirade' and says he named his new home in her honor - she viewed it as flattery to get her to return

Sometime in the next week she becomes quite ill - she says it's stress - but the diary entry of 6/1 doesn't tell us what she's been doing to get ready to leave......

6/2 vertigo is mentioned as well as missing the ship home and is when Charles offers and takes her to his newly completed home for her recuperation (why wasn't she in the seaport town? She packed on the 24th.....hmmm)

In 2 weeks - by the 6/15 entry - she is having blackouts and the local physician is unable to diagnose her malady

A week later she discovers the dark magic books in the library and notices that Charles leaves for extended periods of time - is not until 7/14 that we are introduced to Rose Somerset

8/2 - is when Rose finds the wedding dress that Emma was wearing in her paralyzed nightmare....


When did he start the poisoning? Before the house was built? How? Emma doesn't mention spending lots of time with him after refusing his proposal in March. She doesn't fall ill for another 2 months after that.

Are we going back to find even more diary pages? This all happened in a relatively short time and what does 'Queenie" the Queen of England have to do with all of this?

More things to make my head swim.....


Four in 3 - March
Two in 1 - January
Eight in 12 - December
Three in 1 - January
Four in 4 - April
Three in 11 - November
Six in 2 - February
Five in 4 - April


One thing I'd like to point out - Did you notice the same months are used to spell out Carnival? The "n' could have come from June and the "L" could have been July, but January and April are reused.

Also, I do believe Dire Grove was in the Blackpool area and the bobble head on the dash was a souvenir from the MF Case.

I thought MF was in the States. Possibly Ohio?

Emma was from Iowa, but as to "eh" being part of the dialect - not really - you'll find it more in northern Minnesota and Wisconsin (which both border Iowa to the north for you non US fishes) closer to the Canadian border areas. Some people who have moved there from Canada might carry their dialect, but it is not usual for Iowa in my experience there.

Just tossing my latest nickel into the bubbling kettle (or is it a cauldron?)
Well, when I rearranged that series of letters ("so much to consider, eh
very neat")

I came up with:

Cove's machine restored youth -

Maybe? (Some license using the comma as an apostrophe instead...)
Sheesh! I leave for a little Rocky Horror Picture Show and the thread starts!

Ok - I only mssed out on the first clue............


 posted in Mystery Agency: A Vampire's Kiss on Feb 23, 11 1:39 AM

I thought honestly, how bad could it be? But when the first sentence of a character makes me feel like I was missing something already, that should have been the clue to leave the game right there, but NO! I gave it a real demo.

First scene to find objects - what was that? Seriously, who would put that mish-mash of objects on a bench in the first place? And the point? Who knows, but I'll give it one good point - there was a crowbar! Congratulations, you have one of the essentials!

Then, the dialog between the characters was stilted, broken at best and difficult to follow to maintain any interest in a possible story line. And, before we could even start to care about either character, one is accosted and disappears.

Bring on the bad caricature of John Malkovich. If he ever saw that, he'd have a fit - I know I would - and to name the poor man Rupert? I am sooooooo sorry - Every bit of dialog from Rupert was delivered in my head as a bad impersonation of John Malkovich.

The character named Aiden, the possible bad guy, also seemed like a caricature of the Twilight hero and again I was hearing poor Robert Pattinson's voice when Aiden was speaking - please, we need a little more originality there-

Then to have the alleged bad guy call out in a bad imitation of dialog from A Streetcar Named Desire, substitute the name Sarah for the Tennessee Williams star. I almost deleted then, but I thought it might get better - oh was I wrong!

I don't mind mini-games - I look forward to them - but I would like reasonably clear instructions. And yes, like a previous reviewer, I don't like Spot the Difference scenes - and when they came back to back - I exited and deleted and will not be downloading it again ever.

So sorry this wasn't what it could have been - there is potential, it just wasn't anywhere noticeable in this game.

Just MY opinion
The download begins....

Just popping in to let you all know, that although I didn't participate much in the discussion as I've been really busy and distracted - I have read every post.

Welcome new fishies and long time lurkers - you never know what you'll find here - but there's always something interesting!

Bring on the game!
Picman's earp would be his son Wyatt - (who also has no children ) - who also as a child would logically have more bones than picman would -

that part i'm certain is right -

now I need to catch up on the rest....
 posted in Life Quest ™ on Apr 30, 10 1:43 PM
Found an error message in day 116 and the game crashes.

I will be contacting tech support next.

Would like to finish the last three levels -
 posted in Life Quest ™ on Apr 30, 10 1:40 PM
I loved this game as a beta test and have played through the game enough that I have just 3 rivals left.

Yes - this game is interesting in that your happiness and stamina can be increased as you go to college, go to the gym, the movies, and date.

You also meet challenges to move to a better apartment and eventually, your own home.

And well worth my game credit
All I can say is - I know what I'll be doing at the hospital with mom in a few hours!

All downloaded and ready to play - but a nap first!

See you!
Congrats on your invite seashell -

Look at all I missed while playing in the game community - all so I can be a unicorn in Riddle....

an early present? Don't eat that bird for Thanksgiving picman!

meanwhile - sign me up!
someone...good grief!

picman - you are dangling the bait again!

 posted in Hidden Expedition ® - Devil's Triangle on Oct 23, 09 12:51 AM
Download complete - now sleep and a great new game when I wake!
 posted in Hidden Expedition ® - Devil's Triangle on Oct 23, 09 12:12 AM
I too am not bothering to demo - Buy now and download!

 posted in Hidden in Time: Mirror Mirror on Apr 18, 09 12:05 AM
Yes it is -

And Poodle - i'm holding the paper for your review to be included...
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