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 posted in The Happy Hereafter on May 12, 17 1:43 AM
Hi, got it. I had to take the wood to create planks.

The graphic is very confusing. It looks like gold and logs are needed (on the left) but there are are also 2 graphics on the right - a level 2 house and planks. This is not a real obvious display. but got it now.
 posted in The Happy Hereafter on May 12, 17 1:34 AM
I have the quest to update the house to level 2.

If I click the house it does nothing.

If I click the build icon button on the bottom it shows the house screen. There are 3 house pictures, 2 displayed and the third with a chain. It says something like 50 gold and 10 wood. I have these but the upgrade button at the bottom is not enabled.

I am wondering if I do not have the right kind of wood?

Any help would be appreciated. I am stuck here. Thanks.
 posted in The Island: Castaway on Dec 30, 10 3:59 AM
One of the stones was in a cave, I think t was the one with a skeleton. One was in the cave where UGO stands guard and you lure him away with yellow smoke. And one you get from the trader,

If you can't find John he is probably in the cave with the skeleton.

Potions work with boars as well as snakes.

Did you see the sailor guy's hand sticking out from the rubble where he falls in the hole? Good riddance!

 posted in Life Quest ™ on Dec 25, 10 3:50 AM
I just finished playing for the 1st time and here are a vouple of things I learned (caution: may be right or wrong_/

1. You don't have to finish the round right away. I kept playing to advance myself for the future but crossed the finish line when my rival got close.

2. I got in the habit of goung home at a certain time of day to eat and drink before sleeping. I would sleep a little early to get the bonus. The sun crossing the sky helps you tell time as well as the time bar.

3. When you are dating there is some family icon over on the lower right (near the stats icon) that wiill let you do dating things. I couldn't figure this out at first.

4. Advanced dj is a job. This took me awhile too.

5. Taking gym classes helps one of your stats increase (forget what that's called)).

6. I liked doing movie reviews and made good money until iy ran out. Works out well if you also work there.

I'd like to try again now that I know a little better. Hope people will add any good tips or strategies here.

 posted in Plants vs. Zombies on Dec 24, 10 4:35 AM
I just finished survival night (hard). That was pretty intense, an sload of gargantors. I was using the exploding black mushroom (which didn;t have as much effect as I hoped), cherry bombs and the freeze mushroom. I kept tossing the magnet out too which helped against the wave of ladder guys and football guys and jack in the boxes,

I wish hypno-shroom would work on gargantors. I'd like to see 2 of them duel.

 posted in Plants vs. Zombies on Dec 24, 10 2:01 AM
I am wondering if anyone has much use for these? I tried them once and their range was so limited I never used them again? Just wondering if someone has a good use for them. Thanks.
 posted in Westward II: Heroes of the Frontier on Dec 22, 10 9:49 PM
That worked. I hadn't realized you could walk down from the 3rd island and wade in the water. There is that one chest and another on an island to the north and gold to mine under the water. This just gives gold and wood. I had already gotten gold from a trading post, selling wood.
 posted in Plants vs. Zombies on Dec 10, 10 10:39 PM
I keep playing level 4-10 when I feel like it. I don't really need money anymore as my tree is up to 1000. But I usually get a new plant about 70% of the time.
 posted in Plants vs. Zombies on Dec 4, 10 11:45 AM
I was just playing I Zombie, Endless. This screen had all sunflowers and scaredy shrooms and plenty of money. I just sent all miners over and cleaned up with the little guys. Not a challenge but fun for a change The one I hate are the impossible hard ones where they start you out with 50 suns. I wish every screen was at least possible even if it were a challenge.

I am wondering what is the record for this?.. I have only completed 4 levels.
 posted in Plants vs. Zombies on Nov 26, 10 10:13 PM
I hate the ladder guys even worse than the bobsleds.

 posted in Plants vs. Zombies on Nov 26, 10 4:40 PM
I have been playing level 4-10 (the one with the yeti). I go past the yeti until it's almost done and then restart the level just before it finishes. I've gotten plants 3 out of 4 times at that spot. I just played and got the 4th plant and 2 chocolates. Seems to be a good spot to get plants.
 posted in Be a King 2 on Nov 26, 10 4:33 PM
Iplayed another level that had the trading post. That generates a lot of income
 posted in Westward II: Heroes of the Frontier on Nov 25, 10 7:10 PM
I managed to get across (it took 4 bridges). But I am wondering how to get to the chest on the South bank of the river. You can't walk down to it. And I tried to build a bridge from island #3. Anyone know? Thanks.
 posted in Caribbean Hideaway on Nov 24, 10 11:46 AM
I'm really stumped on this one. I've come close t clearing the tiles but that's it. I had couple of questions;

What is it that recharges the hourglass? I always thought it was just some period of time.

I guess you can make matches while the board is still collapsing? i've developed a rhythm which I think is slowing me down. I guess you can place the next tile as soon as you've placed the last? Maybe this will help a bit.

I hate even thinking of the spotlights but the game is addictive

 posted in Be a King 2 on Nov 24, 10 2:25 AM
I was going to aask what makes and loses income. So barracks and lumber mill use up income. And houses generate income (I haven't gotten to trading houses yet), Do farms also generate income?

Also, I seem to have one hero nd I don;t know where he comes from. How do I get him to fight things? So far I have only done a couple of quests.

 posted in Caribbean Hideaway on Nov 24, 10 1:37 AM
I finished level 90 tonight in just a few tries. I thought it was not as hard as a couple previous to that and especially level 70. Maybe I just got lucky. Now I am stuck on 91. I did have my son work as a spotter on a couple of levels and let me know as soon as the extra capabilies were ready. That may provide just enough time savings to get through.

 posted in Westward II: Heroes of the Frontier on Nov 20, 10 2:30 AM
I just finished that one. I did as the previous post said and it didn't really end. So I walked around and found an encampment of 4 guys and killed them all. Then it ended and took me back to the main game.
 posted in Westward II: Heroes of the Frontier on Nov 20, 10 2:27 AM
How many bridges do you have to build to get across.I built 3 and ran out of gold. Maybe Im not building at the right place??? Thanks.
 posted in Plants vs. Zombies on Oct 30, 10 12:56 PM
I've gotten 2 so far but they were the same plant (that tngleweed plant). This seems to be the hardest. I don't have any advice except I've heard you should keep playing the swimming pool screens. Good luck.
 posted in Plants vs. Zombies on Oct 25, 10 2:40 PM
I liked a game called "Monster Madness".

On each screen there is a winding road leading to a village wih some villagers in it. Different monsters appear and head towards the village. Some are walking, flying, faster, tougher, etc. If they eat all the villaqgers you lose

But you have different towers with different characteristics that you can build and place around the screen. You also have some magic (?) that you collect and can use. I term it magic but it's things like increased firepower, increased speed of your builders, mass damage to monsters, etc.

There's also some hidden attributes you can use. i.e. on one screen there's a statue you can click on. He will come to life and walk down the road and fight monsters until he's dead.

That's the only similar game I can think of. Wish we had PVZ II
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