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 posted in Phantasmat on Sep 3, 11 1:36 PM
Ok, so I know this game came out a while ago, but I just had to write a little something about it... all right, maybe more than a little! I played the demos for both the CE and the SE when they first released, but didn't have the funds at the time to purchase and when my game club coupons were issued this month, this was one of the first games that came to mind to redeem one on. WOW. That's all I have to say. Just, WOW. I purchased this game around 6.45 pm and played it for nearly 12 hours straight - ok, maybe I took a little nappy in there somewhere, but it had me pretty much mesmerised.

The graphics are fantastic, and the voice acting is so, so good for this type of game. Usually I get a little annoyed with voice overs, but I really found myself looking forward to the next clues that would come from the characters. The story itself is the best part - I couldn't wait to find out what happened next. This was just an excellent and creative blend of story writing and game play. I wish more casual gaming came in this format.

I don't think I'm giving anything away at this point when I mention that the **** scenes give you the option of switching to a match 3 game if you can't find items. I find this a much more creative - if time-consuming - way of ticking items off the list than simply clicking the hint button. Codeminion just broke the bank when it came to brilliant and creative new ideas with this game!

The best part of it all was the ending. I won't say anything about it but that I was so pleasantly and happily surprised by what they did that I don't mind playing it all the way through again just to get to this part.

All this being said, since this was really a free game for me - a monthly coupon code, I just went and purchased the CE. I really think it will be worth it. Sometimes I think I have a little addiction to the adventure games here, and I've played quite a few of them, and I have to say that this is really one of the most awesome ones I've ever played. Really.
 posted in Coconut Queen on Aug 28, 11 1:10 PM
Not just yes, but HALLAKALAKA YES!
 posted in Awakening: The Goblin Kingdom Collector's Edition on Aug 25, 11 10:38 AM
I love this series, and was so excited to see a new installment up for grabs this morning!

I really like sparkly things, so I'm ever indebted to games like this for helping out with little sparkles here and there. If you don't like them, the game offers both a casual "experience" and an expert setting before you start.

This is a fun little story - the puzzles aren't too difficult, and it's a true continuation of the previous Awakening games, which is really nice. They've kept the same storyline and a lot of the same practical concepts, too. The mini-puzzles are, of course, different, but flow in the same vein as the previous games. There's just a really nice sense of continuity.

Can I just give the Pocket Dragon his own paragraph? Oh my word!! He PURRRS when you pick him up!! Sometimes I pick him up for no reason other than to hear him purr.

I haven't bought this game yet - still running the trial - but I know already that I will.
Thanks BFG!!
This game is absolutely fabulous. I've never reviewed a game before (and I've been playing long enough to have plenty of thoughts on plenty of different games!), and it's so fabulous that I'm going to go ahead and let everyone know what I think.

I love the Blue Tea games in general, but usually when I play them, I have this sense that they could really be longer - I just don't want the fun to end. This game kept me so busy that I was ready for breaks in my play time! The story is great - it's intriguing and kept me wondering how exactly the "mystery" had played out, even though I figured out certain aspects to the plot as I was playing. The graphics are stunning: beautiful and immersive. The music is great: sets a wonderful creepy tone without being invasive - during some games I have to turn the music down in options because it's so heavy-handed, but not with this one. There's one track that reminds me of part of the soundtrack for "The Ring." Super creepy! I liked the hidden object scenes, too. They're cleverly constructed, but not tricksy. Now I'm not all about the challenge, like I know some of you are, and I like to be able to pick my way through the **** games pretty easily. I don't like the ones that try to trick you by hiding objects behind other objects so that the barest corner sticks out and you have to recognise what it is. This game isn't like that. The objects are very cleverly hidden, so you really have to pay attention, but not impossible to find. The only thing I would caution you on (and I think someone else has said it here, too) is that sometimes the objects they tell you to find are one color, but in the actual scene, the lighting will slightly alter that color, so it may not be what you though it was (does that make sense?). Sometimes big objects are small in the scene and vice versa.

Over all, this is a great game. I look forward to everything that Blue Tea Games puts out.
DashGamesAddict wrote:Does Big Fish have a walkthrough for this game? I've found one on another site but its too confusing.

Hi there, DashGamesAddict! Not sure if you've gotten your answer to this question yet, but thought I'd pipe up just in case you're still looking for help. You shouldn't need the walkthrough for this particular version of this game because it's a Collector's Edition. The CE games come with a strategy guide built right into the game - that way you don't have to minimize out & back in while you read it online. In this game, you'll find the button for the guide on the lower right-hand side of the screen. It's in the top part of your inventory bar right next to the active zones magnifying glass. All you do is click on it and then jump right to whichever chapter you need help with.
 posted in A Gypsy's Tale: The Tower of Secrets on Aug 24, 11 12:52 PM
Oh! You guys are awesome! Thanks for posting this up - I would have been a sad little fishie without it!!!
 posted in Hobby Farm on Aug 18, 11 6:35 PM
Same problem here as the other OS X Lion folks.

Those of you having consistent problems with this game and looking for either specific answers or a refund/credit may want to contact BFG directly. I've been a member here since 2004, and they're always so generous and personal about either helping to fix problems, or issuing a credit if the problem can't be fixed.
Yep, me too. I'm trying to play the demo and I've downloaded, uninstalled, and reinstalled 3 or 4 times now, on different occasions - once right after it was released, a couple of times several days later, and just now. Won't load. The icon pops up in my dock and a new window opens like something exciting is going to happen, and then it just shuts down and my script error window comes up telling me that the app quit unexpectedly. I've cleared my cache, deleated my bfg preferences from the library (both the HD library and the user library), the whole 9 yards, and still nothin'! I really wish I could check this game out! The same thing happened when the new Dark Parables came out. Thankfully, that game was super awesome once the bugs were fixed. Please fix this one, too, so I can see if it's super awesome =)
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