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 posted in Secret City: London Calling Collector's Edition on Apr 29, 18 9:44 AM
dramajunkie wrote:"So long and thanks for all the fish."

One more reason it was so much fun coming here.......D. Adams is alive and well and we will miss him and YOU DJ.
 posted in Secret City: London Calling Collector's Edition on Apr 28, 18 7:13 AM
It is very sad that the owners of Big Fish can't (won't) keep up the forums when so many other good game sites do/can. (?)
I have met some wonderful, crazy, fun, weird people here and it will be very strange for there to be NO forum in any form.
This is a bad economic decision by BFG and they may regret it. Logic says if a game site is offering games, reviews and discussions of those games are essential to the success of said games. Sure we can "trial" a game, but that often doesn't give us enough information to make a decision to purchase.

So long to all you fishies and wish you well. Maybe will see you somewhere else.
 posted in Mahjong Magic Islands on Apr 25, 18 5:52 AM
pennmom36 wrote:
tejasgal wrote:The review on the game page talks about the timer. Is there an untimed option?

Sorry to say, but this is a quest driven type mahjong where you must meet level goals to acquire potions, amulets etc, to progress. The third star is earned for removing all tiles, you have to make a specific number of matches within a specified amount of time to earn the other 2 stars. However, I was able to earn all 3 stars every time with not much effort, so it does seem to give you enough time, but this is not a relaxing Mahjong game, you'll need to have a "need for speed"

Hope that helps answer your question, it's a shame we're being flushed down the BF toilet and won't have the resources available to ask our fellow fishies questions, could be a deal-breaker when considering making game purchases for a lot of us

Yes, going to be difficult and a deal breaker.
 posted in Mahjong Magic Islands on Apr 24, 18 6:07 AM
The review on the game page talks about the timer. Is there an untimed option?
Sunnyglow's review says 3 chapters plus bonus but 4 Hours [u]of main game, gameplay. That should be taken into consideration more than number of chapters.
 posted in Quadrium on Apr 20, 18 11:07 AM
Somewhat on the fence about this game. It is very similar to ClearIt. Just has a few different things.
You shoot the marbles from the side to clear the board just like ClearIt but when you do it clears several at a time or a pattern rather than just one for one.

There is a greater variety of power ups to use but no scoring that I could see.

Maybe with a coupon or one of the super sales.
Give it a try.
 posted in Modern Tales: Age of Invention Collector's Edition on Apr 18, 18 7:00 AM
And to clarify: What the mod is suggesting is that reviews can still be done as the "star reviews" we see now on the game page?
 posted in Modern Tales: Age of Invention Collector's Edition on Apr 18, 18 6:59 AM
Miss Abby,
I would suggest doing a copy/paste to a file on your computer to keep those pm's you want. It suspect they may not all show up after the shut down.

Sincerely, Tejas
 posted in Modern Tales: Age of Invention Collector's Edition on Apr 18, 18 6:53 AM
BFG was just sold for $900 MILLION so it can not be an economic problem to have a forum. It is vanity and avarice that is the problem.
They don't want to support a forum because it costs money.
BUT, all other game sites I see have a forum and most of them have an active community forum. So, BFG's claims of it not working right or not "sustainable" are excuses.
I'm not sure if even every member (and others) came in and signed this request would make any difference since it didn't when they shut down the community forum.
But, that said; I would very much like to see an new and improved and expanded forum with game discussions and a community area like most other games sites have.
The only thing that will make a difference to BFG owners is $$$$$.
If they can't see the need for a forum, we can always go somewhere else. Many of the games we are seeing now are available on other sites and many are there way in advance of when they show up here.
 posted in Moonsouls: Echoes of the Past Collector's Edition on Mar 29, 18 8:40 AM
pennmom36 wrote:I really like this game because I'm tired of "ye olden days" type games, after all, it's 2018! It's very similar to Beyond, so I'm wondering why they chose to make this a new series when it could have easily worked as a Beyond game?

The only complaint I have is with the graphics. When I envision a sci-fi futuristic scenario, I also envision beautiful, vivid colors, not drab hues of tan and gold, with very little detail. To me, it says the graphics department got lazy.

I love the fact that you can click on the Spiral Collectible Icon, to see all the collectible spirals and morphs you have found so far, and it tells you the location as well, so I know exactly where I missed one. They aren't hard to find, but sometimes you just forget to look.

This is definitely a approved game

Wow! Thanks for that bit of info. Has that always been the case?
 posted in Brain Puzzle on Mar 9, 18 8:07 AM
I love puzzles and thought this might be a fun game but unfortunately, for me, it is not.
It's timed!! and no option. The second puzzle is a difficult maze puzzle and you get 2 minutes to solve or it's a bust and you have to play again.
No way to enter a profile so kind of a one off I guess.

Not my idea of fun. How can I improve my brain when it's all about fast reflexes NOT thoughtful strategy.

Not for me, but try it if you like that kind of challenge.
Happy Gaming!
 posted in Haunted Hotel: Lost Dreams Collector's Edition on Mar 9, 18 7:49 AM
"What type of fiction is it called when you have to open drawers and cupboards by running around collecting strangely shaped nonsensical objects to fit into strangely shaped matching indentations? "

It's a type of fiction called a Hidden Object/Adventure Game.
 posted in Haunted Hotel: Lost Dreams Collector's Edition on Mar 8, 18 4:56 PM
I have to agree with Ms Freddie and Miss Abby; I had stopped reading those star reviews because they were so confusing. There would be four stars but they hated the game and wouldn't recommend it.
And, the other way--Go on and on about what a great game it is but many here in the forum didn't like it.

So, for me-- Much better info right here with my fellow fishes.
Having the same problem, but I did log out and then come back in next day. Still can't pick up amulet!
Any advice???? Anyone???
 posted in Donna Brave: And the Deathly Tree on Feb 28, 18 7:26 AM
Well said, Siladan.
 posted in Cursed House 5 on Feb 22, 18 2:45 PM
I had to retry this level many times. You have to use the lightening on the green crystal all the way on right side first.
Then switch and use lightening to get to the items between the gold blocks from far left to right. If you have a blank in between some gold block, you will need to start the level over.
 posted in Cursed House 5 on Feb 22, 18 8:02 AM
FRHgames wrote:No, there are no spiders. They're only in CursedHouse1.

AND 4.
 posted in Cursed House 5 on Feb 21, 18 11:36 AM
Question Please:
Are those pesky spider things in this one? The ones that climb up the column and make it where you have to go real fast to get rid of them or that take over the level and you have to start over.
Really dislike those things and won't play the Cursed House games that have them.
When a new game comes out, the description SAYS Hidden Object, Puzzle, Adventure game. So, why don't you just skip it if you dislike puzzles so much?

As others have said; this type of game is what sells. And, I, for one, really like the way games are structured now.
 posted in PuppetShow: The Curse of Ophelia Collector's Edition on Feb 4, 18 7:29 AM
I'm so glad to see others that have noticed this and like you, wonder how they manage to do that if they are Not BFG employees.
I also wondered why they are so often very positive reviews when many here in the forum disagree?
I also wonder why they give a game 3 or 4 stars, pan the game, and say Yes! they recommend the game?
Like all of you, I would really like to see this answered since I have decided to ignore those reviewers and come here to see what "real" fishies have to say.

And, with that, I will say-Thanks to all those that write honest, thought through reviews. They do help.
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