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 posted in The Unseen Fears: Outlive Collector's Edition on Dec 31, 17 7:58 AM
I don't come to the 'Forums' section very often but, in my curiosity to see what people had/have to say about today's game release (only a few reviews on the game page), here I am. Not much to be said in the 'Forums' either, but I found this 'Posting' to be interesting because (upon entering into BFG's site) I, too, saw and thought, "Hmmm. . .pretty lame game sale."

As with many here on this site, I have been with BFG since they first debuted; yet, since the change in the site's ownership - coupled with the growth and eventual decline of once quality games by such reputable developers - I decided (a few months back) that 2017 is to be my last year with the site and have ended my membership, as BFG has (for me) run its course. But, I do hope the new(est) members continue to enjoy their gaming experience in the Pond.

I still plan to visit the site - from time to time - but only to check for any non-CE/SE (i.e., Stand Alone) HOG offerings by potential new indie developers, as they have demonstrated to be ideal "game-makers". To that end, take care All, and a very Happy New Year's to BFG members (old and new) and to the 'forever cool' BFG site monitors. Take care and. . .Happy Gaming!!!

 posted in Dark Dimensions: Vengeful Beauty Collector's Edition on May 14, 17 10:05 AM
Just out of curiosity, which of the Dark Dimensions games are/is the better one(s)?

 posted in Mystery Case Files: The Black Veil Collector's Edition on Mar 24, 17 7:49 AM
Hey fishy friends. Just wanted to say I found an interesting article, in Eipix's site, that they have written that pretty much explains why - to most of us - the games put out by designers seem to be what we call same-ol, same ol 'cookie-cutter' in fashion.

Go to: of HOPA game design bending the genres restrictions.

There site is VERY professionally done. Eipix - and other game developers - put soooo much work into these games but; unfortunately, due to the limitations in place (?based on the casual gaming platform?), it might help all of us to get a better understanding of why our games seem so run-of-the-mill.

They even talk on the stories and, after reading, I now understand why the storylines end up choppy/broken. Personally, it would seem that they could do something more about that.

Nonetheless, for all who see this 'Discussion', go into the above Eipix site's article and maybe it'll help give some insight to our questions/game grievances of 'why?'.

 posted in Hidden Expedition: Smithsonian™ Hope Diamond on Jan 22, 17 10:25 AM
Good grief. . .I, too, was looking for it but, NOTHING!!! My guess is either write (via email) and inquire about it, or purchase at another game site. Otherwise; I, too, am certainly curious as to why it was removed.
 posted in Sable Maze: Soul Catcher Collector's Edition on Jan 2, 16 2:02 PM
Yes, Sweatpea 25. . .it will. After you finish the 'bonus' game and the credits roll (which you can skip), the game goes back to the menu (play, exit, etc.); your original profile name will remain, and you can replay it from the beginning.

Have a happy 2, 3 or more times playing!!

 posted in Ashley Clark: The Secrets of the Ancient Temple on Oct 25, 15 11:03 AM
Is it me or does it seem that the game's beginning is out of order? It starts out with you (Ashley) in front of the Manager and the deceased guard. However, moving along, you eventually have to leave the zoo to go to your car to use your (mobile?) microscope. Then, upon re-entering the zoo, you come across another guard (Ben?) who says, "The manager can tell you more" (or some such statement) and proceeds to want to play cards???? Shouldn't this game have started out at the entrance to the zoo (where your car is), you enter and talk to Ben (sans the card playing at the moment) and THEN meet up with the manager?

I thought it might have been a programming glitch, so I restarted the game under a new profile, only to find it to begin in front of the manager again. Seems that the order of events got mixed up in the beginning of the game. JMO!!

Happy gaming!!
 posted in Demon Hunter 2: A New Chapter on Aug 26, 15 6:33 PM
Hmmm, interesting!! I downloaded the demo yesterday evening, played a little over a half hour of it, then signed off. I just now (09:29 p.m., 08/26) brought up my game manager and the 'error access code' simply appeared/popped up out of nowhere. . .without my even clicking on the 'start' button for the game. Came into the forums to read the 'tech issues' and it seems most have gotten this error also (while others are locked out of a basement ), so I simply deleted it from my system (new Toshiba Satellite laptop w/Windows 10). Oh well. . .I guess I'll wait for a fixed/updated version, which I hope happens soon. The first game was very good and I certainly would like to play this continuing saga.
 posted in Dead Reckoning: The Crescent Case on Aug 21, 15 5:48 AM
. . .the BFG member that would ask the question 'CE' or 'SE' in the 'SE' release games' forums/discussions? The last several games that were 'SE' releases (don't quite remember which ones), I looked to see who had thoughts on which version, but I haven't been seeing this topic within the SE released forums!?!?
 posted in Dead Reckoning: The Crescent Case on Aug 21, 15 5:38 AM
I, like you Gamblebug, have noticed the slow [demo] download of a few games in the past week or so. I wasn't sure if it was due to all the [Windows] adjustments my computer was going through after installing '10', or if it was because there was heavy download traffic from BFG's servers (if either). I'm on a new Toshiba Satellite laptop (purchased July 4 weekend) and, of course, everything's updated/new. Otherwise, go figure!!!
 posted in Haunted Hotel: Phoenix Collector's Edition on Aug 20, 15 9:43 AM
I would have to say that, depending on where you live, it's based on the time zone that would determine if the 'game code' sale would still work. I live in the [U.S.] eastern time zone; whereas, Big Fish is on the West (three hours time difference). If the 'TGT' is released at 3:00 a.m. my time (which would be 12 midnight their time), I could see the code possibly still working. Otherwise, if it's after 3 a.m. (their time), the code would no longer work. I could be wrong, but that's my guess!!!
 posted in The Silent Age on Aug 18, 15 6:03 PM
. . .after downloading the demo, my anti-virus program (Webroot) kicked in with a warning of malware. I immediately deleted the game and did a scan on my 'puter.

When I saw the game (yesterday), I thought, "Oooh, something different!", and wanted to give it a try, buuuut. . . .(again, as stated above). Oh well, I'm glad [some] others got to enjoy it!
 posted in Beyond: Light Advent Collector's Edition on Jul 25, 15 2:47 PM
Rather interesting game; however, while playing the demo, unfortunately - while in the cave - after doing the mini-game(?) locating the unusual shapes which turned to blocks, the game simply froze up. Hmmm. . .I've never encountered any problems with Mad Head games in the past. Oh well!!

I'm using a recently purchased (two weeks ago) Toshiba Satellite C55-B 64-bit OS; Intel Celeron CPU w/2.16 GHz, 500 GB RAM
 posted in Haunted Legends: Stone Guest on Dec 14, 14 12:07 PM
Twinsoniclab. . .I really appreciate that you - or whomever else (when you're unable to do so) - put the 'CE or SE' subject in the forums when a CE game's SE is released. I don't know about others, but it's the absolute FIRST thing I go to upon the release of a CE game's SE release (such as this Haunted Legends). It's also what I go to, as a reference/suggestion point, for games released weeks back that I didn't purchase at the time, to determine if I should go with the CE or SE versions.

Just wanted to drop this little note to say 'thanks'!!

Have a good rest-of-weekend and happy gaming.

 posted in Dark Parables: The Little Mermaid and the Purple Tide on Dec 13, 14 8:47 AM
Hi Robsim!
This is a Blue Tea game! It says at the beginning of this SE game, that they are the main developer, and it is,as always wonderfully done. I love their games as well!
So happy that Blue Tea still loves us!

Happy Gaming!

Edit/update from my post: I downloaded this (SE) version of the game and apparently Blue Tea and Eipix have collaborated on the making/developing of this Dark Parable. The intro starts with Blue Tea, then proceeds with Eipix's lead in (as they do on their own games), followed by the 'Eipix presents. . . .'

I didn't think I was losing it. . .or losing it that badly (lol)!!
 posted in Dark Parables: The Little Mermaid and the Purple Tide on Dec 13, 14 8:34 AM
Oh wow. . .my error. Then, it was another game 'series' demo I played that I believed to be done by Blue Tea, but was made by another developer; as I specifically remember that when I clicked on the 'play' button, I was thinking (with a frown), "This is Blue Tea's game series. Why didn't they produce this one?!?".

Thanks, Sportpaz, for setting me straight on this (hmmm. . .now I want to know which game 'series' it was that wasn't done by the original developer???).
 posted in Dark Parables: The Little Mermaid and the Purple Tide on Dec 12, 14 6:07 PM
When I played the CE demo of this game, I saw where Eipix developed this Dark Parable. Eipix is my top fave for games and I loooove their intro/lead-ins after downloading their games - it's like the start of a gooood movie. They did just fine with this Dark Parable installment, but what happened to our Blue Tea buds? What. . .they don't like us 'no mo'???
 posted in Christmas Eve: Midnight's Call Collector's Edition on Dec 11, 14 10:47 AM
Well gee. . .what happened to the original style/story - and title(?) - for this game? I remember beta testing it last summer (2013) and thought it was going to be released sometime during that [past] holiday, but nuuupe. . .it never happened. I then figured it would be released this holiday - yep, here it is - only not the way I remember it. In the beta version, the game was bright and colorful (like that of our pachyderm friend's games) while this version is rather dreary in dark blue/violet tones (I don't get it!!) with little splashes of bright, cheery color. I played about 20 minutes of the 90-minute demo, but don't plan on finishing it. The setting is Christmas Eve; yet, the developers (for whatever reason) have decided to modify the story line to combine the original [beta] storyline with this add-on of "my sister's death via some creature from our childhood years" and, quite frankly, I don't exactly share in lack of holiday 'cheer' by schlogging through this game to learn how the two stories ultimately connect.

Otherwise, to those who have found this game to their liking, as with holiday "spirits" ( + = ), enjoy!!

 posted in Myths of Orion: Light from the North on Dec 5, 14 12:59 PM
Hi all. . .and Ivan of Cateia Games!! I downloaded the 60-minute demo and, unfortunately, the game intermittently 'freezes' in intervals of ~10-12 seconds apart each time. When moving the cursor over something, the game freezes; after unfreezing, if I'm able to move the cursor to click on something, it freezes again. When the first hidden object set/window appeared (next to Aunties wall at the gate), it froze each time I would click on an item in the list. This is the FIRST time I've ever had freezing 'issues' with a game (been with Big Fish for 8 years or so now). Otherwise, it looks to be a nice little soft-release 'gem'. Sure hope to be able to eventually buy/play.

Oh. . .and I have a Toshiba satellite pc using Windows 8.1 (ick) with Intel Core i5 processor (if that helps). Happy gaming all!!
Hmmm, well now. . .five years later and, upon looking in the original 'Dire Grove. . .' walk-through, I didn't know - or don't recall - there were morphing objects in the [original] game. Looks like I'll have to start again. Fortunately, I'm only in chapter 1 - exploring the Dire Grove B & B grounds. I definitely remember there weren't 'collectibles', but morphing objects?!? Hmmm. . .don't know how that got by me!!!
silverlady47 wrote:". . .The first Dire Grove has been my all time favourite BiGFish game.

I am 100% in agreement with you. And, although it's been five years since the original release, it's one that left a great impression on me to this day. In fact, when I saw early this morning that "Tomorrow's Game Today" was "MCF: Dire Grove. . .", I decided to download the original and am playing it again to re-familiarize myself with the story and characters in preparation for this new release. Wow. . .a "Happy Thanksgiving" present to us!!
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