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 posted in Deadtime Stories on Dec 13, 11 7:11 AM
It doesn't really help me to find the paint brush when all you show are replies from others as well as myself. I would like to be able to finish this game, but it seems as though, without an answer to where the paint brush is, I will have to scrap the game.
 posted in Deadtime Stories on Dec 13, 11 7:05 AM
I cannot find the paint brush and I went backwards to see if I had missed it. I still can't find it.
 posted in The Otherside: Realm of Eons on Dec 29, 09 10:33 AM
Big Fish, this is my first game and I have gone through to the hieroglyphs twice and can only come up with eight of the nine. I understand that they should show up with the lightning, but nothing happens. If you want to continue getting money for your games, you need to fix them. either show the nineth one with lightening or something or fix the hints button.
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