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 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Apr 4, 16 2:12 PM
Help! Ive been playing for weeks,love it, but all of a sudden the gold shield to click on to fight the baddies to get coins and cards, all of a sudden when I click on it EVERY SINGLE TIME, THE GAME just shuts DOWN AND goes away... pls tell me how to fix without uninstalling and having to start ALL OVER AGAIN. Please? Thank you!!
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Mar 27, 16 2:37 PM
whitebutterfly54 wrote:Also, you need to click on his teeth. Took me a while to figure this out too.

i still have no idea where the wheel is??? i see no wheel?? does it look like a wheel?? whos teeth? im on like level 62, still have never seen a wheel? can you post a screen shot maybe?? i feel like complete moron... lol
when will the regular edition be available pls? i just re plaid the others and realized there was this new one but i cant afford the CE?
 posted in Chronicle Keepers: The Dreaming Garden on Jul 12, 14 5:33 PM
HELP!!! i am on the boat after getting the lamp, when i go thru the window and try to put the diving helmet on and dive .. it wont let me, the hint sends me back and forth out the window and right back in.. HELP!!!!!!!!!!
 posted in Who Am I on Jan 24, 14 2:56 PM
OMG i ! I am sofa KING pissed off!!! i was so excited to play this game,waited forever for a sequel! i finished in under 2.5 ours.. this sucks!!! what a crappy way to get a few bucks Bigfish!!!! jeez. i have over 400 games and none have made me this angry! im seriously rethinking my purchases here... wow.
 posted in The Far Kingdoms on Nov 27, 13 4:22 PM
HELP!!!!!!! i too am stuck where she is >" no walkthrough I am thoroughly lost.

I was fine until I put the guard to sleep and then hit hint because I wasn't sure where to go from there and all the hint will say is 'you will have to find the recipe'… I have already done the recipe the hint is talking about so there is a glitch somewhere and now I'm tearing my hair out " the wagon still needs tokens, BUT THERE ARENT ANY and i cant get anywhere!! wth am i supposed to do, and there isnt a walkthrough!!!!! any~fricken Where!!!!! oh please help!!
 posted in Hexus on May 22, 13 1:27 PM
i too cannot get past the 4 locked pearls, and cannot figure out how to finish this darn level!!!! i see NO answers anywhere in the forum!!!
 posted in The Perfect Tree on Dec 5, 12 7:37 AM
could someone please tell me if its possible to re do the tree?? i went to return a garland and re do in different color,and yes, it went away but i never got the money back or credit for the ones i returned.. wth kinda game is this? lol
it seems like once you decorate with something thats it, you can give it back but your money is gone... not fair as they are expensive to begin with...
 posted in The Perfect Tree on Dec 5, 12 7:32 AM
could someone please tell me if its possible to re do the tree?? i went to return a garland and re do in different color,and yes, it went away but i never got the money back or credit for the ones i returned.. wth kinda game is this? lol
 posted in The Perfect Tree on Dec 5, 12 7:30 AM
you have to click where you want the garland to start and then move a little in any direction and it brings it out like garland... you only get like a "foot" of garland at a time, it will give you a little red circle if youve gone too far, just go back a bit and the let go where you want it to hang..
 posted in The Scruffs: Return of the Duke on Feb 22, 12 5:17 PM
HELP!!! i had the polishing cloth, then poof, gone, i did things in a different order without the walkthrough, i went to look ta it and saw my order was different, but now i cant polish stinkin silver.. what do i do? please hurry as i wanna finish it, so frustrating!!??
will no one help me??? please??? i love this game!
 posted in Amerzone: Part 1 on Jan 21, 12 10:41 AM
minnietheminx wrote:I feel very angry that players are being ripped off by this game being released in installments - it's sheer greed. It was a full game when it was released & I'm disappointed that BF are going along with this arrangement!

I totally agree!
 posted in The Scruffs on Jan 4, 12 12:27 PM
how does one become a beta tester for bigfish?
 posted in Sacra Terra: Angelic Night on Sep 16, 11 7:54 PM
OMGoodness! i am soo frustrated, just finished Sacra terra... WTH was the point of collecting all the "beyond Objects"??? at the end, its just over, no mention of them or why the hell i was collecting them in the first place.... very frustrating!!! arrg!!
 posted in Mysteries of Magic Island on Oct 18, 10 12:25 PM
THIS IS BS, i too cannot light the lanterns.. ANY OF THEM,, you want me to start all over, are you crazy? im almost done.... i would like a refund....unless soemone knows how to just start this section over agai n?
 posted in Renovate & Relocate: Boston on Oct 15, 10 10:34 AM
jenius wrote:Although I am pretty easy to please, I was really disappointed with this. I had nearly completed the game (although I didn't know it) within the one hour free trial, and then finished the game within half an hour of purchasing it! This was an expensive game for the game play and should have gone directly to the $2.99 bin. There is not enough variety to keep playing it over and over and so I'm left feeling ripped off. I would not recommend anyone spend their money on this one.

I absolutely wholeheartedly agere with you!!!! of all the games ive played, and bought.... this one.... really, really really, bad.... wish i could get my money back with this "too easy for kindergarten kids" game...
 posted in Renovate & Relocate: Boston on Oct 15, 10 10:31 AM
I was incredibly disappointed, wayyy to short..... not enough choices.... did i miss something? seems strangely short...and why only 3 choices pissed i payed for this. but seriously, did i maybe miss something? lol hidden levels...kindergarten skill choice,,,, anything??? lol
 posted in Drawn: The Painted Tower ™ on Jan 9, 10 9:50 AM
ive played a lot of the hidden object games, which ones are the longest to play? some are way too fast and i want the ones that take a while like mushroom age, that was my fav. any others that take more than a couple hours?
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