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 posted in Virtual City on Dec 28, 09 2:30 PM
Thank you Boozy..."cover me..I'm going in".....and cutting down trees to build MORE theaters...

I think they should make it at least possible get close to expert...60 minutes so far is crazy!
 posted in Virtual City on Dec 28, 09 1:08 PM
That's the AFTERMATH level I can't beat (after 60 minutes), read what I posted yesterday....

Is there a way to export my recycled garbage? I don't see any little road signs.

I have 3 theaters....all kind of buses and dumpsters...etc...

I have played that level for 60 minutes...still at will not allow you to destroy houses to build larger ones...I'm at 600 population...

I have to say this game is a loser as a result of this level...

 posted in Virtual City on Dec 28, 09 6:57 AM I'm at 10 buses, 6 dumpsters, 600 population, 1 theater and 60 MINUTES of playing on the same level.

I have a plaza too....

2700 income instead of 5,000....TIME TO UNINSTALL THE GAME
 posted in Virtual City on Dec 27, 09 6:49 PM
I have played for 45 mins (21 is expert) and upgraded with my busses going to it.
4 recycle plants with 4 dumpsters dealing with each region.

A plaza to make them happy

400 ppl...

I don't get it...and I'm still at 1700 dollars.

I think it's a glitch or something...

at 21 minutes...I was only able to upgrade my buses and dumpsters once....800, 2400 and 3200 ..HOLY was taking forever to get those amounts....

 posted in Virtual City on Dec 27, 09 2:32 PM
Arrggh this level has me ready to uninstall the game ..!lol

I can't seem to get pass 1000 income..never mind 5,000

I have 2 recycle plants (north and south)..

4 buses going into each region....

and with the monies..I'm slowly restoring each house...I tried a region at a in each region ...

update:...I've restarted about 15 times....and it doesn't matter if you build bus stops or recycling plants first...I've tried ignoring a region until I build something up....I'm missing something....I KNOW someone has beaten this level in expert!!!

Does anyone have any helpful hints?
 posted in Virtual City on Dec 27, 09 7:54 AM
Ok..I'm getting sick of my OWN posts...hehe

Found the usual, I'm searching frantically and didn't hover long enough to see that I needed a BUS from the city to the city sign in the lower half....that solved the problem...

 posted in Virtual City on Dec 27, 09 7:00 AM
I found the "little" road sign on the bottom right ...but you're right, it only gives 4 recycled units....

Anyone know where to get more?
 posted in Virtual City on Dec 27, 09 6:32 AM
I found that there's a glitch for the thread...the arrows on the city sign go in the wrong direction.

Get a bus to go the bus stop and then click on the sign...then get a truck from the sign to the clothing factory...that works....

But I'm having the same problem with the recycling centre...can't build it..I've checked under each heading on the bottom....I need recycling for my plastics factory.

Anyone find it? My game is in pause mode LOL....

 posted in Virtual City on Dec 26, 09 5:36 PM
Never mind..I got it but it wasn't

I had to hire 5 trucks (fully upgraded) to have enough cash....built the roads for the dumpster to get to the trash....and upgraded the little houses like mad!!!

Then quickly built the theatre and stadium...then a plaza to keep the happiness going....

I was clicking like mad!!!

OH and BTW..of course the first thing you do is build a hospital...( I like that you don't have to build a road to it...just plop it down!

Ok..enough ranting..
 posted in Virtual City on Dec 26, 09 4:38 PM
Me again...I thought the first levels were supposed to be easy..LOL.

I can't get my city to 300 fast enough....I tried just working on one section and building up the large houses....nope.

I tried building up ALL the regions...nope.

I started by sending 2 fully upgraded trucks for pies...and then the theatre, hired buses to bring in the masses......and so on...I can't make enough money to upgrade fast enough..

Any hints out there?
 posted in Virtual City on Dec 26, 09 11:22 AM
Yes there's a recycling center.. ....under Misc....
 posted in Virtual City on Dec 26, 09 10:09 AM
That one made me crazy....I immediately cleared a bunch of land and put a hospital and firehouse next to one another.

I put a trash collector in each of the 4 regions....1 dumpster for 2 regions, so you have at least 2 dumpsters working right away (upgrade them as quickly as possible)

I built a bus stop in the top right region (the only one without one) and got 2 buses going to the mall (upgrade quickly)

Then I concentrated on upgrading the medium houses (I didn't touch the little yellow ones) as fast as I could.

I had to redo that level quite a few times..but it finally fell in place...

Good luck!
 posted in Virtual City on Dec 26, 09 10:05 AM
claudiadg54 wrote:This is the level where you have to handle the sickness and the garbage. I built an hospital, and it dealt with the sick people, but with no recycling center to build I can't find a way to go on. I tried building trash collectors but it didn't help: advice, please!!! What am I missing?
 posted in Virtual City on Dec 26, 09 6:16 AM
Excellent...I was destroying the bakery prod plants right away (wasting money !)...

I finally did it!!!!!

Thanks so much!
 posted in Virtual City on Dec 25, 09 2:43 PM
Dave866 wrote:More games like this please. Fantastic game. I really enjoyed the Montana challenge to tear down the dairy and build your income up - warning - you have to think to solve it.

For those who prefer mindless distraction games - there are plenty of them.

Dave....I HAVE been thinking..LOL..but my brain isn't coming up with the answer to that do I get to 3,500 income...and omg...the happiness of 200..I can't seem to get that one!

Please help if you can!

 posted in Virtual City on Dec 25, 09 2:00 PM
Wow...this one has me stumped!

I'm trying to build up my population as fast as I can, building a recycling plant, bus stops and upgrading buses and dumpsters....but can't figure out how to get 3,500 income and 200 happiness

Can anyone help? I've restarted a dozen times...I'm sure I'm missing something so obvious...

Thanks in advance!
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