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 posted in Sunken Secrets on Aug 11, 17 3:56 PM
Don't forget it takes 3 hours to get 3 bricks of Balsalt
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Aug 10, 17 2:30 PM
Got the update, started the new clearing and build and checked the windows etc on the palace. They don't say coming anymore but don't do anything yet. So I checked the bottom left corner for us to buy machines, plants etc and the coming soon two machines at the bottom of the list are GONE! Bummer! . . . And just what does that foretell?
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Jun 23, 17 2:38 PM
Don't worry about buying a lot once in awhile, sometimes a market has EVERYTHING I've searching for, of course some only have 6 ~ 8 or less baskets and I DO TRY not to buy more than half at most of the smaller markets,3~6 but once in awhile I've searched my favs, followers and helped at least once and not found what I need. I have 3 raiders that hit me up and clean me out. If you look at the names they are the only ones and on several instances 1 in particular has bought every single basket. I understand that I'm selling etc but GEEEEEEEESSSS why even play if your going to play this way. OK I've vented twice now and will be good and leave it for awhile.
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Jun 22, 17 3:39 PM
I agree all, this is so frustrating. I have a limit of 1000, which was full, and 3 people were raiding my market of 24 baskets at the same time. So to see where it would go or END I kept filling until they finally stopped and I had only 539 items in inventory. I don't think I even looked in the market until the next day. There is one who stops by and buys everything about every other day and I leave their name up and don't refill until the next day. I use to fill 2 or 3 times at least but not any more, unless I'm bored or they don't seem to be harvesting at the time.
 posted in Magic Cards Solitaire 2: The Fountain of Life on Jun 3, 17 5:28 PM
Hearts ~ See the value of a face down card

Clubs ~ Adds 2 cards to the storage stack

Spades ~ Reshuffles’ the stacking pile

Diamonds ~ Removes an uncovered card on the field
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Feb 2, 17 3:08 PM
You could go silly

 posted in Sunken Secrets on Dec 23, 16 4:02 PM
I am also having this problem but my game freezes. I've found that if I leave it for a few minutes and then Task Manager close problem my purchases etc have not been lost. Some have made purchases from my marketplace because I have seen their names but I still can't get to them. I also hate that the inventory starts at the beginning each time I fill a market basket where it didn't before, I hope they fix it soon.
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Jul 22, 16 9:22 PM
Yes, a very good play on words. I hope there are more, it adds to the game.
 posted in Fantasy Mosaics 16: Six colors in Wonderland on Jul 6, 16 1:13 PM
FM is my favorite of the nomograms and was just finishing my 5th round of all the games, wishing there was a new one ~ VIOLA! A New game and more colors.
I've played both casual and advanced.
 posted in Rainbow Mosaics: Treasure Trip on May 13, 16 1:49 PM
There is an option under options to change the tile styles. Check it out it may help.
 posted in Farmerama on Apr 27, 16 11:51 AM
Just started ~ LadyLavander ~ Thanks
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Sep 19, 15 10:22 PM
I too have been waiting for the "new" and have a load of silver etc. I have 4 manors and they are all at the end so I'm giving my daily freebies and premium gifting the starter manors on my friends list. I read on another thread that some of the other long time players were doing the same. I really enjoyed the game and encourage anyone thinking of starting the game to DO SO, it's FUN and you never know, I might invite you as a neighbor since most of the ones I have are also at the end. I try to find ones under 20 levels to give them a helping hand.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Jun 24, 15 8:09 AM
Yes! I DO mean to sound CRABBY PLEASE bring the Zodiac back.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Jun 19, 15 8:31 AM
Yes, I too hope they continue to sell them so everyone can get a set. Myself included. I would love to get the Dragon also.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Jun 19, 15 8:28 AM
Thanks, I've been waiting for a land sale, bought one with the last of my gold and hope they will put the silver price on sale so I can buy another.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Jun 17, 15 6:10 PM
I raise my glass in acknowledgement and second that motion. Any questions? . . . .
All in favor say YEA . . .
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Jun 15, 15 1:17 PM
 posted in Farm Up on Jun 4, 15 8:18 AM
It's like playing the roulette wheel, sometimes you get lucky and they will work other times, well . . .

Still play it but mumble a lot.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Jun 1, 15 8:09 AM
Wow, what an accomplishment!

I too had said no new manor but having the goals etc, it's still fun to play but 4 is my limit and will stop playing when it's done. I keep my fingers crossed for a new chapter but will not hold my breath.

Once again WOW!
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on May 10, 15 8:18 AM
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