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 posted in Great Adventures: Lost in Mountains on Jan 2, 10 1:14 PM
I really liked playing this game, but I didn't know if I wanted to buy it or not. I don't know to witch chapter I came in the trial, but reading the reviews here about only the hotel and short gameplay, I'm afraid that if I buy the game I will be finished in half an hour, and that's not what I think worth my money.

So good game, but too short for me.
 posted in Virtual City on Dec 27, 09 5:22 AM
I had to do this level a few times before I managed to use all the goods the way I needed them. It's tricky, but it's possible
 posted in Virtual City on Dec 27, 09 5:17 AM
I've done all the challenges and sandboxes and still loving the game.

There's only one problem, in the last sandbox, New York, one of the bridges can't be connected to a road. So there's too little play space. I've tried to start up a new game in sandbox, but the same problem is coming up. Anyone know how to solve that?

Beside that, I really love this game. I don't think the tutorial is bad, you just have to figure some things out on your own. That's what makes the game interesting. Once you've figured it out, the gameplay is very easy and nice.

Hint: In some levels you're garage has limited space, even though you've upgraded 3 stars. So in those levels you'll have to figure out a way to complete the goals with less trucks. It can be done, I've solved all the levels.
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