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 posted in Epistory: Typing Chronicles on Oct 6, 16 2:38 AM
I am a little stuck in creation city as I cannot use the lift (elevator). Can anyone help?
 posted in Gardens Inc. 4: Blooming Stars on Mar 3, 16 9:43 AM
It says there is a chest hidden somewhere in the level. I have looked and clicked everywhere and still can't find me. It is stopping me getting the special level.

Also the pattern of flowers I can't work out either. Help!
 posted in Gardens Inc. 4: Blooming Stars on Mar 3, 16 9:41 AM
on the land you need one of each variety of flowers. In the water they need to be the same variety of flowers.
 posted in The Inner World on Aug 25, 15 7:36 AM
open up the door and then look at the drawings. You need to note which scene number you need for each element of the stage. Go to the stage book and look at what that particular element is doing on the scene number:
eg scenery has 6 so go to page 6 and you will see that you need a sun on the back.

Once you know which element you need go to control panel and select the correct picture for each element.

You will hear a clunk.

Return to the stage and change the thumbs up to a thumbs down and the trap door opens
 posted in The Inner World on Aug 25, 15 7:10 AM
Go and get a flyer from the Conroy head by the wind fountain. Use the leaflet with the old fish that the pigeon was eating. You will be able to pick up the fish. Now use the fish on the chair and then take the loose thread off of the monk. I hope this helps
 posted in Youda Sushi Chef 2 on Jun 2, 14 10:27 AM
pick a dish and make it 5 times. Make sure it is one that nobody or the last person on the right hand side wants
 posted in The Wall: Medieval Heroes on May 14, 14 8:08 AM
Have played this and can do fairly well on most levels I have tried so far (3 star). I am finding that I am constantly running out of food to replenish soldiers, etc, when I have 2000+ gold.

Can anyone give any tips how I could boost the amount of food or any tips as to use what food I have more economically?
 posted in Hidden Express on Apr 15, 14 6:58 AM
Downloaded it fine, but came to play it and only get a screen that says Flash player required and that I need an up to date version. However have Windows 8 with this built in and up-to-date as the flash player website says. So how am going to play this game?
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Nov 11, 13 10:15 PM
My game suddenly zoomed in on the island so everything is now huge. I didn't press the zoom button. I have uninstalled and installed again and the view is still the same. Any more zooming in and I won't be able to see much more than half a monster
 posted in Tiny Token Empires on Apr 9, 13 1:18 AM
There is a side misson of building 3 ships - How do you do it as I have finished the mission without building a ship only just having the original ship. Confused
 posted in Royal Defense on Feb 24, 13 7:45 AM
Thanks for this - it worked. Been driving me nuts
 posted in Royal Defense on Feb 22, 13 12:09 PM
Struggling to get 3 stars on snowfall mountain level 4. Help!
 posted in Royal Defense on Feb 22, 13 11:58 AM
There is a youtube clip that shows how to do it with no upgrades at all!

Anyhow here it is in a nutshell It is all about artillery towers:

Wave 1
let the time run down on the count (by this time the mines should give you some money) When the shaman has got to the first corner pause it.
Sell the mines that are on the righthand side of crossroad, the first in the circular bit, in the middle of where the 2 roads meet and on top of the castle.
Replace the ones on the ground with artillery towers and put a castle on top of the castle (upgrade if you have enough money!) Now sit back and see what happens.

Wave 2
when wave one finishes pause game and get bonus for starting wave 2 early. Now sell all the mines that border the second road and replace them with artillery towers. Upgrade if you have enough money (I worked from start of road to end of road) (upgrade cannon too if you haven't done this already)

Wave 3
Sell all the mines and replace with artillery towers - don't need to upgrade any

Wave 4
Upgrade all towers

You should now have 3 gold stars
 posted in Great Little War Game on Jul 27, 12 6:53 AM

I am struggling with taking the base - I have surrounded it with troops and tried to attack it - nothing. I have tried with engineers but they are just killed - Help!
 posted in The Island: Castaway 2 on Dec 15, 11 1:35 AM
Where are these? The clue is to the East of somebody's hut - but I have been east of all the huts - even ventured into the Marsh with the crocodiles - but can't find it. Help!!!
 posted in Cardboard Castle on Nov 24, 11 3:18 AM
The game is OK and does get you thinking after the first 2 levels, as you have to do things in the correct order. Thought it was quite cute.

I probably wouldn't buy it as I got to level 8 in the trial period and there are only 15 levels apparently, so not really worth a game credit.
 posted in LandGrabbers on Jun 11, 11 12:23 AM
Can I have some strategies to get a star on these levels - I breezed through all the levels first time around and got stars on all the levels however I have played the first set of levels again and I am really struggling to get close to the star times.
 posted in Tower Builder on Mar 18, 11 10:25 AM
This has happened to me to - not good
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Feb 28, 11 7:50 AM
To get the buildernot to run away you have to put the time warp on your builder before you put them on the challenge. I found that the little person ran off but because I hadn't started challenge I was then able to find them and put them on the challenge.

Hope this helps
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Feb 23, 11 10:52 AM
This has nothing to do with a handmade nails - It is about beating the masked master builder at a challenge in the bottom left courner - near mausilium.

Spoiler - Highlight to read

To do this challenge you need the speed up time which you need to use on a builder then place this builder on the challenge. You need to beat the heathen at the challenge to win
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