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 posted in Virtual City on Jan 17, 10 11:14 AM
I really liked this game! I got my money's worth and more. I like that there is no time limit to complete each level. I just reached the final level to watch the Space Shuttle take off!

I admit that I didn't get much bonus awards/points for completing it within allotted time, but I can now go back an try to achieve bonus awards for some of the levels. I did manage to get most of the objects like the Stadium, Theatre, etc...without getting the bonus rewards, which was good. I honestly found it relaxing trying to achieve the goals without worrying about bonus rewards. Even the Sandbox is fun, building up cities...

First time I've bought a flash game, but when I saw that it was like the Sims (which I never got as I thought my computers couldn't handle it- don't get high end gaming computers), I knew that I had to get it! Good choice, I will have to look at others. I want the Dire Grove one, but my processer is under 2 ghz...2 1/2 yr old computer.

Thanks Big Fish Games, for keeping me entertained!

 posted in Virtual City on Jan 10, 10 5:30 PM
Many thanks for the tips for this particular level. I retried it twice before checking forum out and the tips given, which helped me get through this harder level. I thought I might not make it, running out of resources, but I think it gives you a little leeway for error. ie 1 extra plastic, whew!

I haven't been really collecting rewards, but I love being able to finish it in 'my' time!
 posted in Virtual City on Dec 31, 09 7:03 PM
Thanks to the help above, I got through the Soledad level with no problems. Just had to be patient! I love this game! Getting my money's worth, for sure.

 posted in Virtual City on Dec 29, 09 4:37 PM
This is the first game I bought. I've always wanted to play the sims, but wasn't sure my computer could handle it. But I decided to try this game out and wow! It's addictive! I am someone in the 3rd level in California, where you have to repair damage and create transport lines.

It's definitely a challenge, but a fun way to waste time! Glad I bought it.

I like Sandbox too, as I can create a city any way I like... And practice creating industries..I find playing in there helps me with playing the game.

Thanks for such a good game, Big Fish Games. I look forward to buying more later, when I *eventually* finish this one!

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