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I finished playing this game. It did take me roughly 12 hours with several breaks in between. (No laundry got done and dinner barely got cooked.)

I will say that this is definitely a love it or hate it game like 13th Skull was. (Personally I think that this redeems MCF in my eyes after 13th Skull)

The graphics are masterfully done and loved how many were kept the same. It never feels right when scenes are different from the previous games.

I didn't mind the Morphing Objects. They took the same amount of time for me as any Hidden Object scene. I understand the complaints, but have learned after playing many HOGs that you need to do something different to capture an audience. Change can be good at times otherwise you stagnate and get left behind.

I did take a few breaks when my eyes became strained to keep the headaches away, and also stopped playing several times during Act 2 since my 4 year old was around. I think the game was creepy at times and somethings were definitely not appropriate for children. The atmosphere of the game is what helped attribute to the creepy feel of the game. (Sacra Terra is a very creepy atmosphere that Act 2 of EFR takes a page from.)

I will say I was more disappointed in the ending. It wasn't as lame as Dire Grove (and grateful the whole game wasn't as cheesy as 13th Skull.) It left still too many unanswered questions, that I won't get into because I don't want to spoil it for anyone who reads this before playing the game. You'll understand when you play. I do like that even though I've been seeing a lot saying this is the end of the Ravenhearst series the ending is still open ended. There is still so much doubt that I believe we might just see another related game.

All in all I enjoyed this game and am glad I bought it. It's not my favorite, but at least it's not as bad as The 13th Skull. You will either love it or not. Very few are like me somewhere in the middle.
I finished the game last night. I only had to skip 3 puzzles because after 30 minutes on them I was frustrated, but I will eventually work them out. This is truly not one of their best games. I felt it had been "dumbed" down after playing RTR & DG. The fact that the game gave you objectives and told you what to do to move on took away certain elements that made the game fun.

I really wasn't expecting the sudden twist in the story but I will agree the acting was pretty lame. The ending was pretty lame too- jury still out on which ending was lamer DG or this one.

It was still a good game just not one of the better ones. I still like Posey better than Phineas for Crown
I just read all 111 pages of posts so far. Wow! The headache and confusion I now suffer and let me just say I wasn't expecting to spend my entire evening reading posts.

I wish I had some tidbit to offer in the remaining unsolved clues but I'm just baffled by them.

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Is anyone else having the same type of problems as me? I keep getting the access termination pop up. Sometimes it will shut my computer down and sometimes it will freeze up my entire computer and I have to completely reboot. I'm not that far along and it only took me over 2 hours & many reboots to complete Tokyo & Amsterdam. I've just started London and have gotten completely frustrated with the problem.
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