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 posted in Farm Up on Nov 6, 14 9:53 AM
I don't know why they had to make the mobile version different from the PC version. Honestly, I tried the mobile version and hated it so much that I gave up inside of half an hour. The update should have brought the mobile version in line with the PC version, not the other way around. Any other developer will have the mobile version in line with the PC version. The developers need to bring back the old version of Farm Up and make their mobile version like the old PC version. This updated Farm Up is total crap and I will no longer be playing it until they do bring back the old version. New levels and such is great but making it so things cost more to do and take longer to do are not any way to make a game fun for players.
 posted in Farm Up on Nov 6, 14 1:50 AM
No kidding - should have read the forum before updating. The new update is a load of crap. I won't be playing anymore, even quit the game before using up my energy. I loved it before, it was my favorite game. But in order to feed, I have to grow feed or buy it which takes up energy, it now takes forever for stuff to grow, the screens in the store are all arranged differently. Why did they have to "fix" something that worked fine and that nobody griped about? If someone can figure out how to undo this update, or they change it back, I want to know, because I am NOT happy with this.
 posted in Farm Up on Feb 23, 14 2:07 PM
This is absolutely one of my favorite games, and not becuse it's free. However, despite even the most recent update of February 12, 2014, I still cannot play the game. I CAN now get it to load to the screen with the continue/new game/etc. buttons. However, when I click Continue, it starts to load and only gets to maybe 25% before it just up and crashes and leaves the game, then goes back to the Game Manager. I haven't been able to play this game in MONTHS and it's irritating. I will be sending a Dr. Felix report this weekend when my internet at home is working again, in an attempt to fix this.

By the way, for those having an issue with having animals to harvest (poultry, sheep/goats, cows), that are not in the pens, what you do is have Gramma harvest the spot anyhow. Click where you'd harvest and she will harvest them, even if they are not there. They are not invisible, they wandered off! If you watch the game for a few minutes afterwards, they will come wandering back in through (yes, literally THROUGH) buildings and such from the left side of the screen behind and just above the lumbering area. They are still there, they just wandered off out of the pens.
 posted in Farm Up on Jan 12, 14 12:51 PM
Jenak3769 - the problem is not blueberries. The blueberry stuff you actually need bilberries to complete.It's not an issue nor a gimmick - you simply are not growing the correct item to complete the quests.
 posted in Farm Up on Dec 22, 13 10:52 AM
I don't have time to hunt through the whole thread for this, but has anybody had the issue since the recent upgrade that the game will no longer start? I can click on the desktop icon or on the game in Game Manager, and I get nothing. I go to my Windows Task Manager, and it says that Farm Up is running fine there, but at only about 2100 KB of memory usage, it isn't doing anything, and the number doesn't change. It runs about 2078 to 2092 in memory usage. The game never starts now and I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it three times, and still have the same technical issue. I was about level 32 at the time, nearly to 33. I use an Acer One laptop (oddly, yes, it does run many games from BFG! as long as I watch the details at the bottom of the game page to make sure it's slow enough and small enough ... but still lots of games to try), running Windows 7 starter. Up till the update, the game ran fine with no issues at all, and afterwards, it ran for about a week. I really like this game, please help!!!!
 posted in Weather Lord on Apr 29, 12 2:55 PM
Trial version. Didn't play for long because the first thing it wants me to do is wrangle a couple clouds together, and I couldn't figure out how to do it, and there wasn't any help to tell me what to do to MOVE the clouds. I got the little scroll at the bottom to show me that if I combined them, I could get rain. But there was nothing to tell me how to get the clouds to move or combine. Not buying, though I love TM games, much more than the usual big file or HOG. If I can't figure out something as simple as the first level on a game, I'm done. i even looked online for help and there is nothing.
 posted in Fruits Inc. on May 13, 11 5:46 PM
I already wiped this one off the computer. I am a TM junkie, especially for farming games ... HOWEVER this is one game I won't purchase. The help system is basically nonexistent. Gramma takes up too much of the screen for too long. The instructions for the harvesting and selling of fruit is nonexistent. There's too much by-guess-and-by-golly play to it. I've probably tried just about every TM farming game there is, and this one just plain STINKS. It's not even worth the 6.99 game club price ... it's not even worth free. You'd have to pay me to keep this thing. And worst is, I have a netbook from eMachines ... so a lot of games won't play on it because of screen resolution problems (if it won't play at 800x600 I'm sunk), or memory requirements on the CPU (over 1 gig and again, I'm sunk). This is one that met the requirements for me to be able to play on my little netbook, yet it's gone because it just plain is awful.
 posted in System Mania on Sep 13, 08 11:46 AM
The game is a lot of fun to play, however, the mouse does not scroll as smoothy within the game as it could, making it more and more difficult as you play through the levels to get the mouse pointer on the various controls to work them. In addition, the joystick control itself does not move very smoothly within the "video game" to position the targeting lines on the target. Extremely fun to play but the scrolling issues make me leery of putting out money to buy it, as I'm concerned that the frustration in later levels would make me not want to complete playing the game and feel like I wasted my money.
 posted in Farm Frenzy 2 on Aug 31, 08 6:51 AM
Must be a problem with the player's computers. I bought the game after playing out the trial and have had no problems with it. I'm having problems reaching gold on many levels but...that's my problem and half the fun of the game is trying to figure out how you best need to manage resources to get that gold trophy. Right now, I've got so many levels that are silver (just BARELY missing gold, dangit!) that I don't have anywhere near enough credits to get the separator, so it's back to those silver levels and see if I can get past them with gold. I will say that some levels are easier than they look at first go, others are tougher to figure out. Good luck to all players!
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