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Sorry, Metmichallica but I need to get this one off my chest...

You are forever scrounging codes. I've seen you do it for years, seemingly without any shame whatsoever... A simple 'please' and 'thank you' might be in order here or there, instead of demanding more codes because someone happened to make use of the code very kindly provided by Nan431.
You certainly got today's Code correct : GROUNDHOG.

I really felt as though I was having a Groundhog Day when I saw this Valentine's Bloom just now, straight after the first one only 5 days ago.

I bought and have finally finished the first Bloom. I was always a TM fan, first and foremost, so it was nice to see another one along the lines of Sally's Spa, but I have to agree with Kim0530 on the review page.

I'm putting this here as mine isn't really a review. It seems as if the developers have simply made a couple of code changes to the software to make this an all Valentine's themed game, whilst the first at least had Christmas, Mother's Day, Easter and (yes) Valentine.

By their nature, these games are repetitive but at least the first Bloom had variety. I wonder how much more repetitive it is to continually be making the same product? In all other respects it's the same as the first and I think that's a bit naughty, developers.

I agree with the variations Kim0530 suggested. I can't see myself playing this whole thing through again just because it's Valentine - which it isn't for another 12 days LOL.
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Persistent_Cat wrote:I use AdBlock and the page loads fine. I visit this site on both my laptop and iPad, the new page looks better on both.

Asking a website to tell each user about a change is the same as expecting every game to cater to you. The page changed, the games haven't. So you have to click somewhere else to get to the forum, so what? Does that affect the game play? Spoil your day to the point you can't enjoy the game you downloaded? Technology moves forward. Just deal with it. There are millions of users on this site, knowing that some left means nothing.

I wouldn't be surprised if the forums disappeared. Every day, there's another screaming rant at BFG because someone feels slighted about something.

Exactly my thoughts!
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Persistent_Cat wrote:The game tips forum will be hard to find once. Once you find it, you know where it is.

The old pages were dated and tired. It's 2015, it should look like 2015.

I could not agree more, Persistent_Cat. Now off to bed. Hope this doesn't get nasty come my morning!

Be nice fishes or this all may end up in the fish trawler they'll throw out LOL. Kidding... I hope someone can still take a joke. Oh, well.... I'm exhausted with one thing and another. Speak

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Well now... a friend told me about this and I had a look... and then I saw the warning.

Since I already have conditions 1 and 2, they may well combine to cause a heart attack and lead to condition 3 mentioned in the warning.

Nope... sorry, but I need to stay away from this one.

Enjoy, everyone. I wish I could, but I daren't.
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I mean no disrespect to anyone or their opinions here, but I just wonder why we should feel entitled to be given explanations or reasons by this company (or any company) of impending changes they wish to make to their layout.

We are not shareholders in this company. We are merely customers who choose to buy their games and have the privilege of having (and having had) forums in which we can chat. Those of us who have done so here over the years are a teeny tiny minority of the hundreds of thousands of BFG customers who never post.

I have thought for a while that the old layout was dated and it's been like that ever since I can remember. I'm glad they finally decided to update the tired old site. In this day and age where everything is so driven by websites, you can't afford to fall behind your competition.

Of course most of us don't like change, especially when it's sprung on us, but I guarantee that in a few days' time everyone will be used to it and most will probably see it as a step in the right direction.

For everyone having problems with Firefox - have you got the latest updates? Only two days ago Firefox asked me to update and I let it run. I can see the new layouts (in all games) without any problem at all.

... swims off her soap box now....
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tesamoine wrote:
gamblebug wrote:Well that was weird.Clicked on page 2 of this forum and the page enlarged so much,i couldn't see who was posting,had to swipe side to side.This has never happened before and when I go back to page one it's normal.I do wish BF would stop with all these changes.And even though I love the their games,it does seem since they sold out that we've had many many games with lots of tech issues.And i'm one that has taken up for BF in the pass.I'm still waiting a fix Midnight Mysteries Ghost Writer.Well off the check out todays games.

Same here regarding page 2 of the forum. And also about the tech fixes. And actually all the tech problems to begin with.

Hi guys,

That's only because one poster on page 2 put in a long row of ............ so it all stretched. Now we're on page 3 it's back to normal.
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You must have found it by accident as you're here posting.

It's that little grey link at the top right of the page that says "Get Game Tips".
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I'll add myself to the minority vote and say I like it. This is my opinion only, but it has brought what was a rather uninteresting game page into 2015 and moved with the times.

I never bothered looking at the videos. It was too much kerfuffle to go through all that buffering. Now it opens immediately and can only bring in more customers for BFG (the video for this one looks great). Also, the thumbnails open right away into that big window and the larger print for the synopsis is good for those struggling with the small print.

We still have a one-click link to the forums. I have a feeling, though, that this is the pre-cursor to these forums disappearing altogether, and with not even one day's notice as happened with CCC. If you don't have your friends' details, I'd gather them now. And there's zero chance of CCC coming back.
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Thank you very much, AkariNBG

I had a look at Level 37, because that one really was a bit of a nightmare and now I'm totally baffled.

It looks like the devs are playing it on Multi-click, same as me, and it took them over 19 minutes yet their timer goes down very slowly whereas mine seemed to be trying to break the speed record.

Also, in their version the Musketeers could fight the guard when he appeared, yet in my version that wasn't possible and he kept strolling around destroying my buildings until I had enough resources to destroy his tower.

Glitches, or what am I missing... anyone?
 posted in The Musketeers: Victoria's Quest on Jan 22, 15 6:38 AM
Hi MariaJane,

After you click Inventory, look to the left and click on the tab with the blue Musketeer hat and that'll bring up the 'booster' screen. Then put the red bag on the figure's wrist.
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Hola Casandra10

Yo recuerdo que tienes que hacer todo en este Nivel delante de reparar el puente o te quedas sin madera o piedra suficiente (o lo que sea).

Es importante usar los bolsa y guantes 'booster' siempre que sea posible.

Buena suerta. Para mi, es un juego fantastico (lo siento, no tengo accentos en mi teclado - vivo en Inglaterra).
 posted in The Musketeers: Victoria's Quest on Jan 21, 15 9:20 AM

The basics:

- A resource gathering time management game with a difference. You gather some items which you need to interact with to fashion them into products you'll need in that particular level.

- In addition to the usual bonuses such as 'run faster' etc, you also have boosters; collected throughout the whole game.

I'll start by saying that I first disliked this game, because the tutorial wasn't very clear on exactly how important the + 1 Stone or + 1 Wood were and many of us gamers ran out of resources and got confused.

Once I understood how this works, I began to 'get' how the developers wanted us to think and strategise and I couldn't put this game down. It has literally dominated 2 days and nights of my life.

The graphics look lovely, clear and bright with beautiful colours on my screen and it played flawlessly on my Windows 7, 64 bit computer.

It becomes very important to use those switch boosters wherever you can which, at first was tedious, but you soon get used to doing it. You'll collect many boosters right until the end, but those two are the only ones you switch a lot - the rest you simply put on the figure according to the level.

From level 37 onward it becomes very challenging and you really need to look at the screen closely before you begin to figure out the only path you can possibly take, because often from then onward there is only one right way, regardless of the stone and wood booster.

It's a nice story and the ending hints at a sequel. I really hope so.

Did I do this in 3 star time? No chance. I played on Multi-click and in the later stages the game throws so many curveballs. However, Multi-click will let you finish a level if you run out of time, which happens incredibly quickly. I'm interested to see the developer's video walkthrough to get 3 stars on every level when it's released. Some levels took me 30 minutes or more.

If you have a spare PCC and you like a good challenge (as well as this type of game), I think this is definitely worth it. It's worth a demo at least. I'm glad I didn't throw it in the trash, which, to be honest, was my first reaction.

Happy Gaming!
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Hallo Rosis123

Am Ende musste ich, wie die anderen hier, lange warten bis der Markt endlich genug Holz gab. Dann konnte ich endlich die Quarry auf Level 3 bringen.

 posted in The Musketeers: Victoria's Quest on Jan 21, 15 4:48 AM
You are not thick, Pambo01.

This isn't an easy game. You collect the stones in the same way as everything; just click on a boulder.

Remember to go to your Inventory and click the blue hat to put the red bag on the figure's wrist which gives you an additional stone per boulder destroyed. Later you'll get gloves to do the same with the wood obstacles. Keep switching them around as it's vital on some levels.

 posted in The Musketeers: Victoria's Quest on Jan 19, 15 12:51 PM
Thank you from me also, Simlady40.

Your tip works beautifully and now I'm on Level 26 and enjoying the game very much after initially throwing in the towel.

We just need to remember to keep switching!
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I'm on Level 26.

The trick is to keep switching between your wood and stone boosters meticulously for every single obstacle.

Also, don't upgrade the pup tent as soon as you can.

What I did here is used Victoria only until very late in the game. Go left and build the bakery, then right to the sawmill. Go back again and take the path that curves around towards the Indian tribesman.

If you got all your + 1 stones correct you should be able to fill in the second hole in the road. If not, you'll be out of stones. Keep your stone booster activated from this stage onward the whole time and repair the iron mine. Only at around this stage did I upgrade the pup tent.

At some stage upgrade both bakery and sawmill until you have enough for the tribesman and just keep going and you should be fine.

Hope that helps.
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Hi guys,

Make sure you've got your red bag booster activated right from the get go to obtain an extra stone for every single boulder you destroy, and it should work.
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Hallo Rosis123

Am Anfang von dieser Level schau mal unten rechts und klick die Inventory, und dann links bei dem blauen Hut.

Da ist eine rote Tasche die Du auf die Figur setzen musst (auf das linke Handgelenk). Somit bekommst Du einen extra Stein fuer jeden Felsblock den Du zerstoerst.

Ich hoffe das gelinkt. Ich bin auf Level 26 also ist das kein Programm Fehler. Mann muss sich aber erstmal daran gewoehnen da dieses Spiel etwas anders gespielt wird als diejenigen die wir immer so sehen.

Viel Glueck.
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I totally agree with you, Penny.

Sipason was my 'go to person' on YouTube for all manner of TM games. I really hope he's ok. Sometimes he even made an appearance in these forums.

As for this game? Could have been really good, but this is way too much of a 'hit and miss' in terms of getting your path right and needing to start all over again (multiple times) to be fun. Sadly.

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