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 posted in Cursed House 5 on Mar 8, 18 5:55 AM
Thank you FRHgames, it worked wonderfully; I got rid of the bugs first which did the trick !!
 posted in Cursed House 5 on Mar 7, 18 9:57 PM
Hi fishies:

I am playing on level 82. When I began the level a message came up saying: "You'll complete the level faster if you remove obstacles in the right order." What does this mean?? And what order is this referring to?? Please help me fishies before I lose my mind on this level and get stumped. Argh...
 posted in Cursed House 5 on Mar 4, 18 8:40 PM
Hi fishies:

I also am running into the same hint issue as eveyone else is having...

I turned off the hints in the profiles.dat file but they still keep reappearing every 15-30 seconds!! I am sooo sick and tired of these annoying hints !! FRHgames, you seriously need to fix this in the next Cursed House game (or any other Match 3 game) !! They just take all the fun away from the game every single time they come up then you have to click it off to continue playing !! Grrr...

PS: FRHgames and simmi36, I've also sent you PMs about this hint system as well...
 posted in New Yankee in King Arthur's Court 4 Collector's Edition on Dec 25, 17 10:21 PM
Ndwelt, I agree with you: I only found a few pieces to begin and completed 5 levels.

gypsy4191, you can switch between the normal and Relaxed modes at any time. The game saves your progress in both of those modes. Relaxed mode pauses the timer so you can look for those without taking too long. Be warned though, if you've played only on Normal then switch to Relaxed (or vice versa: Play only on Relaxed then switch to Normal) in Options, then Game Modes at the center top, it will put you back at level 1 again.

Hope these help you both...
 posted in Roads of Rome: New Generation 2 on Nov 1, 17 5:52 PM
Hi BEN1972,

I've found all caches but I got the same thing as yours: on the victory screen it showed briefly 2/2, then went to 0/2. But then I noticed if you got some points for each cache you find (100 points each) (they're right under the total remaining), you know you've found them. Also, on the level select screen, if you hover your mouse cursor over each level you've completed, if it shows "All caches were found", it means you found all of them in that level.

I'm thinking this is definitely a bug the devs don't know about... Hopefully they'll see this issue come up and get us an update...

In the meantime, BEN1972, happy gaming and enjoy !!
 posted in MatchVentures on Sep 25, 17 6:27 PM
Hi fishies:

I was having trouble with the battle rooms, namely level 11 which does have one battle room. Is there any strategies/tips on how to beat these battle rooms?? I keep on losing these rounds and have to start it over again. I read somewhere else (in another thread) that the battles are entirely optional and they can be skipped. I would "hate" to skip and ignore these, as I would not get a badge, and I am one of those people that like to collect everything and get the badges, so please help me out fishies!!
 posted in Cursed House 4 on Sep 11, 17 8:21 AM
Hi fishies and FRHgames:

I just found out that on bonus level 1, there's a message that tells you to clear all the coins without touching the red cells and if you don't and destroy the red cells, the red blocks will disappear which holds up the rocks at the top of the play field and they will drop down.

Don't fret if that happens as it has done it to me recently; you can still win the level, but only it will take longer to destroy the rocks and get all the coins to beat the level. It may help to start this level on Relaxed instead of the two Limited modes; this way if it does happen you can have more time to destroy the rocks and eventually win the level.

Hope this helps you all fishies out there...

But I do have one question pertaining to this level FRHgames: Is there a faster way to get all the coins without destroying the red cells?? Like, any shortcuts or tips that can help?? Any ideas or tips will be appreciated.
 posted in Laruaville 6 on Jul 12, 17 6:15 PM
FRHgames wrote:what they're going to tell you is that there are few more sequences in the town.
I'll give you one:
Clock to 6
Slot to turtle
Catapult down
Slot to anchor
Clock to 9 :-)

I only got one sequence and that came up after playing level 99 but before the final bonus level...

And did I mention I completed the game just now?! It came up after playing level 100...

One more thing: In reference to your post, I did get this sequence a while back (can't remember when I got this though)...

I forgot to add another: I cannot believe there was 140 levels in total (100 regular and 40 bonus), the longest Laruaville game in this series thus far, and I LOVED every single moment of it !! Great job FRHgames, this game is AWESOME !!
 posted in Laruaville 6 on Jul 12, 17 6:09 PM
Hi fishies and FRHgames:

I just completed the game !! When I was done playing level 100, the fireworks go off in the form of stars, and the huge pirate ship (the same one that you see when you create a new player) comes in, all three ghosts come up with a message "Why did the pirates want this much treasure?" and when you click the message off, two of the ghosts (the girl ghost and the detective ghost) go aboard and the ship disappears. Then another message "The game is over. You can either play random levels, play bonus levels or create a new profile." comes up. The end...

And I did play all the bonus levels as well as the final sequence...
 posted in Laruaville 6 on Jul 12, 17 7:46 AM
Hi fishies and FRHgames:

I just got the 10,000 coins the pirates (or so they say) wanted me to get. When I did that, I originally thought the game might been finished. Wrong-o ! The game is not officially over until it tells you so !! So, if the game tells you you got the coins you needed, keep playing on until it tells you you've completed it !!
 posted in Laruaville 6 on Jul 3, 17 9:17 PM
Thanks FRHgames ! You were very fast to get me that response !!

It worked - I was able to clear it out after doing those sequences (moves) to rid the magnet. And it didn't take me long - about 4 1/2 minutes to clear it !!

FRHgames, you're my savior and I owe you one ! Good Job !!
 posted in Laruaville 6 on Jul 3, 17 7:54 PM
Hi all fishies out there !

I am stumped on this bonus level. Here's what I see on left and right sides of this level:

Left side: Coins at top (2 rows), followed by rocks down near the center with 2 rockets in center (left and right), then rocks with magnet in bottom center.

Right side: Rocks at top, with 2 rows of rockets.

How are you supposed to clear this level?! At the very beginning it had a purple message saying wrong moves would cause me to be stuck.

Alas, I cannot play this level unless someone can come to my rescue and help me out of this jam I'm in...
 posted in Laruaville 6 on Jun 29, 17 3:16 PM
FRHgames wrote:The level 11 is designed so that it is enough available combos to collect coins until boxes will block you! If you will fail to find this out, please PM me!

Thanks FRHgames, I did check out you sent me a PM and I replied you back saying it didn't work - I became stuck - without collecting all the coins !! Bah !!

I need your help FRHgames... Please reply by PM if and whenever you can - I'm at my wits end with this level !!
 posted in Laruaville 6 on Jun 28, 17 9:06 PM
metmichallica wrote:I can't figure it out. How do you clear the grass on the top? Thank you;


Edit: Forget it finally got passed it.

How on earth did you figure this out how to pass this level Metmichallica?! I got to this level and now I am stumped on it !! I see gold coins on bottom (left and right) but there's grass on top and shielded boards right underneath them. If I make matches under these boards I'll make them come down but I will not be able to clear the grass tiles out, thus I am/will be stuck. Help please Metmichallica...
 posted in Laruaville 6 on Jun 26, 17 4:22 PM
Hi FRHgames in reference to my 2nd post above:

I finally found out how bonus levels unlock: They unlock as I progress further in the casual levels. I played 2 bonus levels now and 7 casual levels. And yes you can play the bonus levels on Relaxed, or even one of the two Limited options.

Hope this info helps.
 posted in Laruaville 6 on Jun 26, 17 4:03 PM
Hi FRHgames, I just have one question relating to bonus levels:

How do you unlock or open additional levels?? I played bonus level 1 on Relaxed completed it and it didn't open up the next bonus level!! Do these levels open as I play more casual levels?? Please let me know.
 posted in Laruaville 6 on Jun 26, 17 3:10 PM
Hi FRHgames:

I was sooo super excited to see another Laruaville game in the series ! I now have every single game in this series owned.

When I began playing this game, I noticed that unlike in the other games of this series there were 2 new features and a new power-up which I was honestly surprised to see them !

The new power-up which I came across in Level 2 is the Morphing Power-Up which gives me 3 different power-ups: a Lightning Bolt, Barrel or Rocket.

The 2 new features:
1) The Bonus levels: This was a nice addition to be able to play these.

2) The Notepad: Another nice addition to see about creating sequences on the town map.

I must apologize FRHgames, but I may not be able to discuss these new features or the power-up (to prevent spoilers) unless someone (the fishies) wants to ask a question about them, but if any of you fishies want to know about these features or the power-up please PM me or FRHgames about it.

I am only at level 4 (not playing it) at the time of posting this reply (post) and not to mention buying the game.

Thank you FRHgames for a job well done in bringing us fishies this fantastic game !!
Hi Marusya:

Please use the Guide (click the ? button in the lower left corner to access it). It will show you in steps how to complete the level. And if you click the blue puzzle piece icon it shows you where the puzzle piece is at if you're stuck trying to find it.

Hope this helps. Let me know if this does...
Hey Elizabead:

Did you try clicking the ? button in the lower left? That is the Guide. The Guide shows you in steps the best way possible to get the three stars. Just remember to use your bonuses as much as possible, because they can get you the stars. It can also help you find those stubborn puzzle pieces if you click the blue/green puzzle piece icon !!

And, by the way, did I mention if you play on Expert difficulty, it might be impossible to get three stars because your time just goes wayyy too fast, that is unless you use the Guide and the bonuses effectively (and also keep clicking away at that mouse!) !!

Let me know if this helps you.
Hello all fishies:

I just encountered this issue when I came to playing the bonus puzzle on level 1:

I got all the puzzle pieces from the first 10 levels, got to the bonus puzzle and opened it up, completed it, except... one piece missing !!

This is a major shame (and a huge disappointment) for us fishies to try to get all the puzzle pieces collected, then all of a sudden get one piece missing and cannot complete the bonus puzzle !!

How on earth are we supposed to complete the bonus puzzle - with one piece missing - and got all the pieces?! This is seriously a technical glitch with the pieces missing or disappearing entirely !!

Mods, could you contact the devs to see if they can get us a patch or update for this game so we can play the bonus puzzles?!? Please help us fishies !!

I have contacted support already and hoping they get me a satisfactory resolution to this "technical" matter... Fingers crossed...
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