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 posted in Farm Frenzy 3: Madagascar on Feb 28, 11 3:00 PM
hi mommy tracy.
my names tracy to and im a mom so thats 2 things we have in common............endless mode last amchine not working...........
did you ever get it going and if so how?
many thanks
tracy x
 posted in Farm Frenzy 3: Madagascar on Feb 28, 11 2:54 PM
use yr stars and money to buy all the machines and there seems to trigger the game in to moving on, like wanting gems from elephants and bears in coats etc............ yes you have to keep rebuilding the machines depending on what you need, but thats the idea............little tip..if yr getting low on money i.e. under 2 hundred thousand,,,,,,, get lots of all the ingrediants for 30 of each.......and make lots of cakes...........till your money is back up and your free to keep machines again.
hope this helps............

ive built all mine and im trying to work out what the question mark is for in bottom right add rings but it dont tell you what else............ive tried making or buyin 1 of eveything but no joy, thinking it might give me something else later in game. any one got an answer let me know
many thanks
 posted in A Magnetic Adventure on Dec 1, 10 8:06 AM
it does not tell you how many levels there are and the map was confusing as to what you had and had not done.iiii i downloaded the trial and loved the game, so at the end bought it.....1 hour and 15 mins later i had completed it..... what a rip not a geniuse by any means and my partner tried the game and stuggled with some of the levels..............but i do expect at least a weeks worth of fun for my $6.99..... would demand a refund if i knew who to ask....and as some one said earlier.............sparse pickings on BF AT MO. THATS ONLY REASON I DOWNLOADED THIS GAME............IF I ENJOYED HIDDEN OBJECTS GAMES I WOULD BE AS HAPPY AS A PIG IN MUCK AS THERE ARE LOADS......most with the same pics of objects may i played one hidden object game you played them all.....
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Gone Fishing on Oct 19, 10 2:37 PM
when i uncheck the full screen box the game should shrink so i can access my desktop without closing the game or hitting escape, but it looks no difff....still fills the screen. any clues? i love this game, apart from level 6 and 11 being hard
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Gone Fishing on Oct 19, 10 2:33 PM
for those that say the game is slow..............i dont think so. it has high graphics, which is what you want isnt it? it will take longer to load....but only a few seconds longer. if your having to wait longer or yr comp crashes.....then thats down to yr comp system not being good enough, not the game. the game is great. its not bf fault if you dont have the high spec. if they made it with low graphics you would complain it looked cant have it all ways.
 posted in Farm Frenzy 3: Madagascar on Aug 31, 10 4:33 PM
whats that about then? and how do i get it?
 posted in Farm Frenzy 3: Madagascar on Aug 31, 10 4:30 PM
thanks sandyhome....done in 1.32
 posted in Farm Frenzy 3: Madagascar on Aug 31, 10 4:23 PM
1. Upgrade the vehicle to max and sell 9 guineas, 4 ostriches, and 3 buffalo.

2. Upgrade the well twice and water as often as needed. Be sure to water low and to the right. There will be several orangutan attacks and you need all of the buffalo to make gold.

3. Upgrade the warehouse to max and buy 2 cats. Even if you are a fast clicker, the cats will grab feathers and tusks that you may not be able to see.

4. Four orangutans will attack at a time. Cage and warehouse them, and sell them as you have room on the truck.

5. Upgrade the plane once. Buy 1 flour and 5 varnishes.

6. Send the plane back for 10 cloths at a time. Replenish the cloths 10 at a time throughout the level.

7. Start the Egg Powder plant and sell the guinea.

8. Start the Feather Factory with 5 feathers. Make costumes 5 at a time.

9. Make the cake.

10. As soon as the cake is finished, buy the Souvenir Factories. Do not upgrade them.

11. Make souvenirs one at a time as you have time.

12. Sell costumes and tusks.

13. Sell souvenirs as you make them.

14. Keep the truck going. You will have plenty of items to sell, and although the time looks generous, it runs out quickly.

15. When you have 165,000 coins, sell the buffalo.

not easy i know but if you follow the basics and play around a little it can be done
 posted in Farm Frenzy 3: Madagascar on Aug 31, 10 4:16 PM
* catch and sell the first 2 Orangutans
catch next two but dont sell them
* When truck returns, buy 1 costume then dress and sell 1st Orangutan (as quick as you can),
when truck returns, send helicopter for 1 dress and 1 varnish and then dress and sell last Orangutan (as quickly as you can),
and upgrade truck twice and buy 1 Buffalo
* When you have your tusk, send to grinder and sell buffalo.
* When truck returns, buy Souvenir Factory and finish making Souvenir as quick as possible..
i got gold at 3.06 but im strill trying to get best time of 3.05
 posted in Farm Frenzy 3: Madagascar on Aug 31, 10 4:09 PM
when you start a level and the box comes up telling you what you need to do it also tells u the best time...and when you finish a level it tells you the best time and if you beat it it changes to your time and your name appears. hope this helps. i found a walkthrough but its not always right, and you have to play around with the order you do things. ive finished the game , all in gold, and have 5 more levels to complete in the best time. hope this helps.
 posted in Ziro on Jan 31, 10 2:07 PM
thanks darije
it worked a treat.

im well on my way again

many thanks

 posted in Ziro on Jan 30, 10 3:05 PM
well im fast losing the will to clearly doing sumat wrong in....128.... i sacrificed my dice and did all i needed to do, matched what i needed to match on top level and some how got all other dice added to make an 8 and lined up to go back down the shute to join the 8,s on the bottom....but it just loops through the top 2 transporters and if it didnt it would hit the conveyer so come back out anyway....ive tried not using the conveyer....this leaves a die in the block....but i cant get back one....a step by step guide as not to spoil the fun for any 1 who wants to solve it them selves you can send me a private message

 posted in Ziro on Jan 28, 10 7:37 AM
hiya darije
no i havnt solved it yet but only had 2 goes at it. did what u said with the number 2 so now i am hoping its just a case of working out what goes with what. will let you know if it drives me far...for me....this has been the hardest 1....the most fun..??? not sure ive played so many and ....once complited them....found them all fun
many thanks
 posted in Ziro on Jan 26, 10 4:17 PM
hi djrije
you say i need to sacrifice a block in fillter128 but u dont say a 1 or a 2 or which magnet etc.ive been looking at this level for a day or so and i cant get the moves i have out my head so plz enlighten me a little more.
many thanks
 posted in Ziro on Jan 16, 10 2:02 PM
if you play the harder levels of quest they do have a clock and if you dont complete a level in an area....they some times have 3 or 4 levels in an takes you back to the map and you have to start that area again.....but....if you realize you wont complete it just restart level before the clock runs out and you only start that level again....not back to map. ive only completed 54 games in skill level before ive lost all my lives. im stuck at mo on a level in quest called strange ways. i am loving this keeps me out of trouble lol
 posted in Ziro on Jan 8, 10 10:16 AM
thanks banditrider and claudiaw. will try the patch, if i can find it and work out what it is and what u do with it lol....have used the addy u posted and am waiting for a reply. in the mean time here is how i completed CORNERED..........
ok, you start with four dice, 1 in top corner, 3 under it but a block between, and 2 near the magnet
and 6 in a box with to ways in coverd by blocks.
first thing first....the trick is to get 2 and 3 in the box with 6...(by joining them to make a 5 at the right moment) so
slide 3 down then 2 down(it will then slide over, repeled by the magnet)so 2 will be on right side of screen.
slide 3 left then up then right so its next to 2
slide 2 down and then left then up then right so its on the left side of 3
keep doing this tillthere in a position either side of the bottom this point drop the block(you can drop it earlier if you want to, you just have to go round it a bit.
move 3 under the gap and add 2....making 5
slide up into the box to join 6....
IMPORTANT..... now use the same method to postion a die over the bottom gap and drop the top block on to it (this is so u can leave via the top gap and come back in to the box without going straight through and out the other side)
now use the same method to slide 5 out of the top gap, then slide 1 over to it
add 1 to 5 to make 6 over the top gap
slide 6 down in to the box and join with other 6
if you followed that well done.....i kind of lost myself a bit lol
if not, let me know and i will try again
good luck and happy adding
 posted in Ziro on Jan 7, 10 6:58 AM
after starting this game in south america......doing the skill levels first as thats where the instructions are.....i moved on to aussie land....then back to south america, where i came across a level called divided in caracas.... after 4 days of pulling my hair out i created a new account and started again but this time i moved up to north america the across to europe....doing pretty much the same levels as i had done in my other trip across the globe...and i have yet again come across divided...this time near i am stuck it seems no matter where you go in the world its the same. now dont get me wrong, i love this game, its frustrating but such a mind challange on some levels. the way the die add up seems to change from leve to level.....but thats the fun, working it out, not thinking its a crap game. where would be the challange if it was the same level after level.
so give it a fair go. and if anyone works out divided.....PLZ PLZ PLZ...HELP ME. i have scoured the net but there isnt a walkthough anywhere....i guess its to new a game. ive done 1 in the message above for level lost sheep as some one was struggling.
many thanks
 posted in Ziro on Jan 6, 10 6:44 AM
like alot on here im stuck on caracas divided....there seems to be no way to do it....but i noticed some 1 asking for help with LOST SHEEP] here it is....i will refer to the dice by the munber of spots they have on starts with 1 2 and 3 in bottom box and 4 5 6in top box.....
slide 2 up followed by 3...conveyer will stop
slide down 3 to bottom box and move it to bottom right corner
move 1 next to it on bottom in middle
move 3 up to top right of bottom box
slide down 2 then 5 then 4 leaving 6 in bottom right of top box. conveyer stops
hope your still with me at this point
slide up 4 to top box then move it to its in the middle next to 6, blocking the entrance to the top box
slide up 5 to join 4
add 3 to 2....not other way it becomes another 5 and slide it up next to the first 5
slide up 1...which will then be opposite the 1 stuck to the magnet....slide it over and join them to make them vanish you must do next bit in this order...if you add the wrong dice together they dont add up the same....
add a 5 to the 6 making a 1...
add the 1 to the 4 to make a 5
add the fives together and
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