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 posted in Witches' Legacy: Awakening Darkness on Jan 23, 16 8:54 PM
pikespeak62 wrote:So...noone wants to hear my solution?

I would LOVE to hear a valid solution, since I am having the same issue. I installed the demo, all loaded fine, and after I get the prompt for the tutorial, nothing in the scene is clickable or responds in any way. I am running Windows 10 x64, completely updated, NVIDIA graphics card, all drivers updated, etc.
 posted in Dark Dimensions: Shadow Pirouette on Nov 8, 15 5:47 PM
BFG, please stop allowing people who have only completed the demo to post reviews on games!!! I have just finished looking at the reviews for this game, and as I have seen recently with several games, the most negative review came from someone admitting (thank goodness they at least stated this) they only played the demo. There is absolutely no way that anyone who has only completed a demonstration of anything should post a review on the product, game, or whatever is being reviewed. Reviews should be based on the full experience of something. I certainly have yet to agree with the assessment of anyone who has just reviewed a demo here at BFG. It is so pointless and ridiculous to have someone actually give their opinion based on one hour or so of playing time. The chance to play a demo is an opportunity for a person to decide if they want to play a game further, but it certainly does not paint the entire picture of any game.

I do not need, nor do I care to hear if the style of the game is not your type, especially when you are stating this based wholly on playing just the demo! Why try it then? You can clearly see what style a game is before downloading it or the demo. I also don't care if a game conflicts with your personal morals or convictions, but I would certainly respect that opinion more if it was based on the entire game and included commentary on things like graphics and artwork, voice-overs, music, fun while playing, etc. I honestly do not think anyone can give a proper game assessment for a review based on a demo, and they should not be allowed to do so. When a company like L'Oreal sends you a free sample and asks for your opinion, they do not expect you to swipe whatever they sent on your hand, look at it, smell it, wipe it off and send them a review. They expect a full test of wearing the product for an extended period before you give an opinion.

Also, if someone cannot get a game installed and running on their computer, they should also not be allowed to post a negative review. Post that information in the game forum certainly, but since reviews count toward what people shopping for a new game see, then someone's inability to do anything more with a PC than turn it on should be kept in the forums. I do not need someone else's ineptitude with computers downgrading the rating on a game that I would possibly be interested in. So annoying and a true waste of time to have to wade through reviews like this.
 posted in Nevertales: Legends Collector's Edition on Oct 5, 15 6:58 AM
Third vote here for thinking about a skip button for the physically handicapped if manual dexterity is a must for completing a game.
 posted in Nevertales: Legends Collector's Edition on Oct 5, 15 6:52 AM
Can those of you who are having or have had problems with the game freezing at a particular point, please post what type of video card you are using and what driver version is installed? Or, post whether you are using onboard video and what type. This is if you know any of this info. If not, don't worry about it.

I am just curious, because although I notice SOME Windows 7 and 8 users complaining, I see mostly Windows 10 users complaining. When I updated to Windows 10 a few days ago, my year old laptop with its NVIDIA video card really started acting up. I am set to auto-switch to the NVIDIA card from onboard video for gaming. All of my video drivers are as updated as they can be. The Windows 10 upgrade actually uninstalled the latest NVIDIA video driver and will not let me reinstall it. The PC blue screens when I try.

So, some info about what video card, with what OS, what video driver, and whether your PC is set to auto-switch from onboard video to a video card for gaming might help US start narrowing down where we may have a problem, since all BFG can do is keep posting the canned responses they always post when there is a problem (bet they post it again).
 posted in Witch's Pranks: Frog's Fortune on Nov 22, 14 3:07 AM
I seriously LOVED this game. I normally despise cutesy, fantasy/fairy tale-type games, but this one was so well done that I could not help but love it. The artwork could have been a Disney film! This was not a short game at all, but I wanted more, more, more just because it was so awesome. I forced myself to only play it a little bit each day so that I could enjoy it longer. What a treat! I wish BFG would list games by developer on the site so that I could find more of Shaman Games creations!
 posted in The Other Side: Tower of Souls on Jul 17, 14 10:45 PM
Hey thanks Tiger2010 and Daxadillion! Looks like everyone's code is different. Tiger, you are correct! I do not know what I thought I saw on the box boards before I axed it, but the code was indeed on the stones! Thank you so much!
 posted in The Other Side: Tower of Souls on Jul 17, 14 2:48 AM
Once I used the axe on the boards, the code was no longer accessible! ARGH! Does anyone remember the code from island 4?
 posted in Rite of Passage: Hide and Seek Collector's Edition on Jun 14, 14 1:46 PM
Those of you with game freezing and/or shutting down issues (or the game won't run).....please post whether you have AMD or NVIDIA video, and if it is a separate graphics card or onboard video combined with your CPU. Also, what version of Windowsare you using, and do you have a laptop or a full desktop computer? It seems like BFG needs a lot more answers to video problems with these games, so perhaps by providing some of the above information, we could get them closer to possibly avoiding issues if they pass hardware data on to their game devs.

I personally have a 5+ year old laptop with an AMD processor and onboard AMD graphics. I am running the latest video driver available for the card (NOT the native Microsoft driver supplied by Windows) and my operating system is WIndows 8.1 with all updates current, including Adobe Flash and Sun Java. All web browsers are up to date as well.
 posted in Rite of Passage: Hide and Seek Collector's Edition on Jun 14, 14 1:35 PM
OK, perhaps I am dense, but the instructions for the game say to place the star disks and match up the colors of the stars. In looking at the disks and at the colored stars on the board next to the disks, it is impossible to match up these stars and their colors. The disks do not even have the correct color patterns on them, unless perhaps you could rotate the disks, which I cannot figure out how to do at all. Anyone know how to make this puzzle work?
 posted in Another Case Solved on May 29, 14 12:35 AM
Just installed and started it. I am in a case to find a cat, at a screen with a bunch of footprints and question marks. No matter what I click on, nothing happens. I see nowhere to click to get instructions either. What on earth do I do to get this game started?
 posted in Shtriga: Summer Camp on Apr 24, 14 3:43 PM
Who is the developer of this game please? I have repeatedly asked BFG to post this information on each game's web page, but they continue to ignore me. Since I really love some devs and hate others, I am reduced to having to ask this question in the forum for every game in which I am interested.
LOVE this game. I also wish there was a reset button for the mini-games though.
BernieCooks, you have to add the 3 lb weight to one side of the scale, then set the "tablets" from your inventory on the desk, then add one tablet at a time to the scale until the tablets even out the scale.
 posted in Redemption Cemetery: Bitter Frost Collector's Edition on Feb 4, 14 10:28 PM
I see this has been mentioned several times in these forums but not answered. Yes, I have performed all the technical suggestions. No, the game will still not play. What is the solution to this issue?
 posted in Dark Alleys: Penumbra Motel on Jan 23, 14 6:36 PM
Is there some reason that the "Goals" button in the SE game does not work?
I also cannot pick up the cookie in the iPad version. I checked the other locked thread mentioned help there...all steps recommended were already taken. And WTF BFG?! You do not lock a thread after two or three posts when people are obviously trying to report a problem and get help! I am really starting to get hacked off at you guys! I paid $6.99 for this game after getting ripped off on the iPad game sale, and now, I cannot play the game further after JUST having paid for it. And why on earth would I want to uninstall and reinstall, only to lose all my progress so far?! And, don't tell me to contact Apple again either. That is BS! YOU guys are responsible for this game and all your other games...and whether they work or not. I am tired of having these issues after paying for a game. I can understand and forgive problems once in a while, but this has not been the case over the last three years or so that I have been with you. It is a constant nightmare on the iPad games! On top of that, your ability to give helpful advice or resolve the problems is almost nonexistent! I would like a refund or a working game, and no...I should not have to work with Apple on this. YOU are the vendor...Apple is just the delivery system. They are ridiculous to work with as well. Please fix this game or contact me to issue a refund. I would actually prefer a working game. Be assured that I will be giving my opinion on how you handle this, good or bad, is as many social media places as I can.
 posted in Sinking Island on Aug 14, 11 6:52 PM
All censorship IS bad. Sorry. No two ways around it.
 posted in Hidden Mysteries: The Fateful Voyage - Titanic on Jul 22, 11 4:45 AM
Hey BigFish...we all really need the option to set the screen resolution that we want to play in for every game. Some times, a short cut can be created and the parameter -w 1024 -h 768 entered at the end of the "target" line in the short cut's properties. However, often this has no effect, which means one of the game files is overriding any resolution parameters set in the short cut.
In Titanic, the game insists on stretching the screen waaaaayy out when it starts, which pixelates the crap out of the game and makes it look awful. I have tried the previously mentioned fix, as well as setting the short cut properties to run in compatibility mode, disabled scaling, disabled Aero, etc., etc. I also tried setting the desk top resolution prior to starting the game, but the game still used it's own resolution. None of my tweaking has worked to start this game in a smaller resolution. For this and other games like it, is there some way to force this? I will happily edit a cfg file if that will work. Just point me in the right direction. If not, you...Big Fish, should make a little modification to all your games or require the game publisher to, that will allow for the manual selection of a desired screen resolution. I bet that would solve a boat load of the tech complaints you field for all your games.
Finally got this game to work, by following a few things that everyone has said in this forum. Since I purchased this game via a "buy it now" click after the demo ended, I figured I should try uninstalling and reinstalling it from the full download on the BFG site. Also, I only played it as "Player". I did not try to enter my name to create a new profile. I also made sure to quit the game several times before I entered the police station, in effect, saving the game's progress before entering the black screen area. I am not sure which one of these did the trick of if it was a combination of all of them. I am pretty sure that what worked is only playing as "Player", but I could be wrong. I have now almost completed the game, and I have really enjoyed it. Thanks to everyone who posted their information here, and once again, no thanks to BFG, since they continue to give only the stock, lame suggestions (and never responded to my request for help or my Dr. Fish report).
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