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 posted in Castle Secrets: Between Day and Night on Jan 21, 15 12:56 PM
I am on level 52 but want to know if the game ever finishes or am I now just going over old ground?
 posted in Castle Secrets: Between Day and Night on Jan 2, 15 11:40 AM
This game had mixed reviews, however I persevered with the trial and had to buy it as by then I was hooked. You need to be patient and build up your cash and inventory through visiting and revisiting the rooms, killing monsters and fulfilling challenges and collections. HOS whilst there are repeats also change through three modes - text, shadow and night, which adds new dimensions, also the objects change and as you build up experience it gets more difficult. You do need to be creative and visit the right rooms: also not everything is done at the first attempt so you have to retry. I am now at level 48 and totally hooked. Been playing for three days of hols so lots of hours and no sign of the game being finished. I suspect it is not for everyone but recommend you try it and for at least the full hour of the trial so that you can see how it develops and evolves. A clever game. I still have loads of collections to complete so looking forward to many more happy hours.
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