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 posted in Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride Collector's Edition on Feb 27, 14 10:32 AM
rainworm wrote:Hi all,

as always, there are perfect reviews already here and I cannot anything which wasnt said. What me strikes, is: I am sure I have played this story before! It was not the beta version of this game. It was another game, but ???????

Anybody any idea?

This game was beta under the different name "Grim Legends: The Abyss". Hope this helps!

Artifex Mundi
mavisfearn1 wrote:hi is there going to be an update so we can continue playing this game its over a week the game was fine for the first hour when bought the game it will not activate i have done everything you have told me to do and still waiting thank you

Hello Mavis - have you contacted customer support about this?
Embrace yourselves... I hear something... is it a call?
 posted in Time Mysteries: The Final Enigma Collector's Edition on Jan 13, 13 10:57 AM
Good! Hope you liked the game I assume you must be finishing (or even fished it by now)
 posted in Time Mysteries: The Final Enigma Collector's Edition on Jan 13, 13 10:56 AM
Great! Have a nice playtime
 posted in Time Mysteries: The Final Enigma Collector's Edition on Jan 13, 13 10:53 AM
Hello Aria!

Travel to the location with the hut and then go to the other location usual way (not via the time device). Hope that helps!
 posted in Time Mysteries: The Final Enigma Collector's Edition on Jan 13, 13 4:42 AM
Hello Jofre!

Check the magic mirror in the Uncle Sean lab. Hope this helps
 posted in Time Mysteries: The Final Enigma Collector's Edition on Jan 13, 13 2:26 AM
I'd swear we have 13th today
 posted in Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden on Nov 5, 12 11:39 PM
I would advice to contact with customer support with this issue.
 posted in Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden on Oct 29, 12 6:02 AM
Dear Thistle,

Forum policy forbide me to answer your very true statement about walktrough. I am VERY sorry.

Artifex Mundi
Lolaliloo wrote:i just finished playing, i am not a hog person (lol) , but i thought it was fun and loved the story...i would like too know if the sequel is out?
Thank you

not yet, not yet... but little fishie told me that may happen somwhere in the future (but what do you know about time with games like that? )
 posted in Time Mysteries: Inheritance on Oct 18, 12 8:16 AM
denden882 wrote:I have been trying to give the alchemist the poisoned wine, but each time I try it just goes back into inventory. Can anyone help?

that is rather common issue - put it first on the table - if I am correct, that should start a minigame that leads to finding out IF the wine is poisoned
 posted in Time Mysteries: Inheritance on Oct 18, 12 8:14 AM
you need to solve all the HO scenes. I suppose you have to solve one with the fireplace - you have to blow it up before.
 posted in Time Mysteries: Inheritance on Oct 18, 12 8:12 AM
Please look to the barrels (the A square)
 posted in Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek on Oct 17, 12 11:14 AM
gingergal wrote:
Mr_Russ wrote:
gingergal wrote: I don't know if it's a to be continued in the bonus (CE version) which I'm guessing or for the next game.
There's meant to be a sequel. The bonus in the CE is backstory.

Good to know but as usual when DEVS do this by the time the sequel ever comes out, I've completely forgotten the story!

Very helpful as usual - so thanks for the information.

Hi Gignergal!

You have recently reviewed a game from the very same devs: So you may like this one too

And yes, there are some rumors about a sequel, but this story is complete and case is solved.

 posted in Dark Arcana: The Carnival on Oct 9, 12 11:07 AM
Hi Angel!

Always eager to help in such request

Time Mysteries: Inheritance
Time Mysteries: Ancient Spectres
Enigmatis: Ghosts of Maple Creek
Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart

and the older ones:
Joan Jade and the Gates of Xibalba
Hospital Haste
Haunted Domain
Try searching the car. Let me know if you need more help
lvfao wrote:just finished the bonus play...loved the graphics, most of the puzzles, and the hos. actually, at the end of the game i was getting antsy to finish, felt it was going on and on. this is new for me, either i am becoming jaded or maybe it's too easy...i so miss the really fun and difficult puzzles from the MCF RTR or Madame Fate...

Lvfao - as you mentioned RTR (btw: my favorite game ) I would like to know if you consider Enigmatis to be so much easier than RTR? I don't want to say that Enigmatis is as good as RTR but I would really would like to know your opinion about difficulty
cherbtoo wrote:I totally disagree, the way I see it is that it is the developers original programming that is likely to be at fault and I don't see why antivirus companies should keep making exceptions to accommodate them. The devs should have tested their game thoroughly with all AVs to make sure there were no problems before releasing it.

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 posted in Time Mysteries: The Ancient Spectres on Jan 19, 12 4:39 AM
joyce2121 wrote:Like the game, not too dark, good graphics, enjoy the option of going
to Match 3 to find last of H0s. Great hint system, but very disappointing
ending. I wonder if the "extra play" in CE brought the story to a
better conclusion?

Will definitely look for sequel.

I guess sequel may pick up the story where this part dropped it But I am just guessing it!
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