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MissJuniMoon wrote:Help! I can't get the dumbwaiter to open, either. I have done all the chores and deposited all the clippings, zits and hairs. But it still will not budge. I can't get to the hot water until I do. I have gone back over every step up to this point and I can't see that I have missed anything. Please!!!

i had a problem with this too, turned out i missed 2 toenail clippings i was supposed to pick up. they are by her left foot (right to you) and are kind of tricky to see. go back and see if you got them all.
i am on the second little girls chamber i have found all of the door tokens but i cant find the one of the bird.can someone PLEASE help me, ive went back and forth over and over and i still cant find it, maybe i missed something?
 posted in Zuma Deluxe on Jan 9, 10 4:16 PM
i just bought zuma deluxe and its not letting me play it, its telling me i need a registration code, which i dont have..did anyone else have this problem who can help me????
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