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 posted in Amelie's Cafe: Summer Time on Sep 9, 10 10:00 PM
I installed the demo. I played for 5 minutes. I uninstalled the demo.

Game starts moving at a very fast pace very early in the game and I hate having to clean up each chef's table so frequently. It was frustrating right from the start and needless to say, I lost interest very quickly. Such a shame.
 posted in Little Folk of Faery on Aug 16, 10 11:43 AM
I have to say that I truly enjoyed this game. I wish Big Fish Games would stop making so many damn HOG and start making more games like this. The graphics are beautiful, the characters are charming, the music is relaxing, and the game play is enjoyable. Good job with this one! And seriously... enough with the HOGs!!!
 posted in Little Folk of Faery on Aug 16, 10 11:37 AM
NO WAY!!! BFG is already full of HOG/IHOG games! I'm so sick of seeing HOG games... I NEVER download them! Stop making so many damn HOG games and make more games like Little Folk of Faery!
 posted in Cake Mania: Lights, Camera, Action! on Jul 20, 10 6:11 PM
I love all of the Cake Mania games except for this one! The story lines are excessive and boring. The characters move much too slowly in the beginning. I've only opened up one shop so far and thought that was a waste of total waste of time... it wasn't fun at all. The only thing I liked about this game was the relaxed mode. I definitely will NOT be buying this one.
 posted in Buried in Time on Jul 9, 10 11:23 PM
I truly regret purchasing this game. I thought the gameplay would get better, but it's all the same boring thing over and over: dig, brush, analyze. I like games where you get to be a little more creative than that. I'm not a fan of HOG, so when I find a new non-HOG, I usually try it out. I have to say it's a very boring game. I agree with someone else's post who said it's just like artist colony, but a lot less challenging. Artist colony wasn't that great of a game either.
 posted in Mall-a-Palooza on May 13, 10 11:32 PM
I really enjoyed this game. I think they should definitely come out with a second version with more store types, bigger malls, etc. I just found this game too short. I beat it quite quickly and feel it needs to have a lot more levels. But overall, AWESOME GAME! Much better than Build-a-Mall.
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