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cll1950 wrote:alpha_Tau, Since it's only the 4th, maybe something will come your way.

By the way, DragonLadyOz(sp?) started a thread in ChitChat where you can donate codes you might not be able to use in time. It's called "Unused PC credits". I don't mind the present set up of free code use as there are so many older games I have let slide by in the past because of financial restraints. Who knows, BF changed to being able to use 2 credits on CEs when enough people requested it, policy may change again. But for me, I like free. it gives me the oportunity to try something I might not have wanted to take a gamble on before.

By the way, I contacted Live CS once when I had been a bit indisposed and they gave me an extension on a credit.

Take care

P.S. having fun with this one, cute little game to spend some time with while I get some much neeeded things done around the house today. I probebly won't even notice the length as I'll be poping in and out most of the day. Beside, i can slow to a snails pace and just spend some time just looking around in a game this pretty.

At least you and others can get game to start. all I get is vocal on story line and NOTHING ELSE. will not go into play mode at allo.
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how do you even get to play the game. get voices, but will not start game. AND NO, IT IS NOT PC AS EVERYTHING IS UP TO DATE.
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play the game at all. going to [removed by moderator] site to see if I can play it there. what a rip
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game opened up but on page where options, credits, etc. are listed. will not go into game play. got voices telling story though and everything on myf dang PC is up to date. bad enough they took a game credit I purchased on Friday, 9/30. saving that to get a CE....
I was going to buy this game with credits, but had to actually buy because someone from CS took my credit that I purchased yesterday after I had purchased another game. .

I loved the games graphics, music, and voice overs. They sure have good ventroloquists. Talking with clear voices but not moving the lips.This is one very long game. Took me over 6 hrs. + to finish. I even played the bonus where you got to whack of blondie. Note, I don't hate blondes, just one in particular.

I ended up with between 6th , 7th or 8th place in length of time to finish whole game. Makes this grandma (3) and great grandma (2) happy.

I really liked it where we deidn't have to a lot of HOG scenes. The only thing I really hated was the loud explosions (not good for the motherboard of PC). Penalty for fast clicking. . Also, cursor floated around a lot, before and after I released our handsome little beasty.

I give this a:

To the developers and BFG:

Look in the strategy guide. that will tell you wher3e to find the last one.
lost a roller when I went to do last staomed glass window pane. got to finish game though with no bonus game. go figure.
I lost one of my rollers and can not find it to finish last stained window piece. what happened?????
Poutoule wrote:Ann, you're downloading now, are you ?

Game took a short time to download, a bit over 5 minutes.

One big plus for this one, you don't have to exit the game to get to the SG (you had to in the last one) and the SG remains on the page you've left when it went right back at the beginning in the last game.

- Beautiful graphics
- H0 not too easy to find and you do interact
- Story : seems we'll never get rid of that witch, just as she can't get rid of us
- Didn't notice the music so it must have been acceptable
- Mini games easy up to now, they were tricky in the last one
- Hint refills pretty quickly, no need to find mirrors in H0 to get more hints
- A lot of walking (at least one pair of sneakers Goofy !) and a lot of items to collect

Obviously when you find a knife it has to be blunt so you need to find, etc, etc. If you see some hay, just ignore it though you know you'll find something useful under it, search for the tool first !

A good game, which I'm going to buy, even if I'm not overexcited about it. Hope the length is worth a CE.

Story : seems we'll never get rid of that witch, just as she can't get rid of us

Yes you can get rid of her. All you have to do is put her on one of the web sites that finds the perfect match (or you hope it does) for you. For the witch though, I'd probably find an ugly old toad (Prince) for her. You know, the one where you have to kiss the toad and he hopefully turns into a Prince Charming.

Game was good, Graphics nice and turned down the voice volume. HOGs were okay, but some I had to use a magnifying glass to find some of them.. I hated the explosions. Not good for the mother board of your PC. Will have to wait to see if I have enough $$$$ to buy. Hopefully game only costs $13.99 and not the usual

Have a nice and safe day everyone.
gee only 25 to 30 min. of game time and it'snot even a demo. I wasn't even going slow. got second number for clock and then went to HOG scene. geesh.
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direct x 9. I have direct x 10
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did same for me. looks like it has a small tsusami in it. hint hint.
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Game is jumpy. got as far as finding difference in pictures and it zapped out. had 35 min. of play left. freezing , getting bumped. not a good way to sell something. game about as bad as the one I purchased yesterday ( Seawise Chronicles: Untamed Legacy) and it would only play in a large or small window. no full screen. this game I played in full screen. it seriously needs working on. funny how U.S. east coast have games go bonkers on them.

looks like it has a small tsusami in it. hint hint. a NO BUY from me til it gets a major overhaul.

another thing I hate is when you have to go thru 6 or more pages to look at the views.

IngoM is one of the developers for the game look in the reviews below this one.

edited to add: rec'd. this in a message.

Most of the issues are due to wrong direct X versions .
The game needs directx9c 1024x768 and a modern 3d capable graphic card. Them is done with a 3D engine.

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tanjadelphling wrote:I must say I like it too .. I am sitting with my hubby "thomasK" and we enjoyed playing the demo a lot. In fact I had to sign in to ask those who say the items are too small if you are all blind ? As far as our demo goes you don't even have to find the small / bonus items. We like challanging HOGs and thats what this seems to be.

The Story is intriguing and I am glad to have a Story !! (unlike other games). The Pictures/ Scenes we saw are all beautiful and look realistic.

It looks different then most BF games and we like it.

Great game !

did you know that as you get older your vision changes. also some players might have cataracts also, which makes finding tiny objects hard.

edited to add: I have cataracts so I know first hand what it feels like trying to find a tiny object.

 posted in The Seawise Chronicles: Untamed Legacy on Sep 25, 11 1:31 PM
Game can only be played in window mode. If you try full screen, it is a bigger window stuck in upper left top corner. Can't get dang boulder to trap snail. With out a doubt game was not worth buying. Window jumps around on the screen. Can't even send a screen shot of full screen/ window mode only problem. Window minimizes and drops to lower tool bar.
game goes slow. drags on getting from place to place. but wait, must be our PC's and not the game. funny how quite a few of us have the same problem. game only lasted me from beginning and to where it stopped, 17 minutes.

will I buy? depends on whether game is given some metamucil to get it going the way it is supposed to.
 posted in Sonya on Sep 21, 11 4:37 AM
even as a very very short demo it was to short to try out the game.
I found it worthless too. I also hate the fact that it takes 30 Minutes of game play so there goes the trial play period. I would rather have a walkthrough for this type of game. much ieasier to use when you hit an obsticle.
is this when you get ripped off on the time 15 to 20 min. of play is not worth playing a game. this was not a demo either. as for the strategy guide; it is worthless.
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