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 posted in Airport Mania: First Flight on Jan 15, 10 8:10 PM
kempette wrote:Well this is an older game so I doubt anyone will check back into this forum BUT...

it says you can get the planes to switch places with each other... obviously I am deficient because I cannot seem to make them do this. I click on each of the planes I want to switch but they just look at me angrily. I end up just putting one in a waiting space to move them around but apparently there is a medal for making them switch & well... I just hate to not be able to do something I'm supposed to do! lol!

What am I missing here? Anyone?

Hello kempette, I recently found these Time Management games and I found them very entertaining; I didn't know what to do with the "switch planes" medal too, but after a few tries I think I have figured out. First, English is not my native language, so I don't know if I can explain myself.

I "define" switching planes like a route or a sequence, where two, three or more planes move to the next place that you assigned previously, at the same time.

I played on stage 3, level 4 or 5. I placed the first plane on Gate A and left it there, the second plane on one Layover Space and routed it to the Gate A, where the first plane is. I directed the third plane on Runway 1 to the Layover Space where the second plane is, and to Gate A.

This way, when you route the first plane (on Gate A) to other place (Runway, Gas or Repair), the other planes will immediate move to the next place assigned (the second plane go to Gate A, the third plane to the Layover Space).

The more planes you "force" to follow the same route, the planes will move simultaneously, and depending on the number of planes moving you should be able to get this medal.

Obviously, most of the planes will be "angry", but since they are in the ground, they just have to wait until they can take off. I got bronze without knowing how I did it. I played the level 5 of stages 4 to 6 doing the same thing with more planes. I got the gold medal on stage 6, when I could be able to move six planes at the same time.

I hope I wrote it right and help you to get the gold.
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