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 posted in Winemaker Extraordinaire on Apr 15, 16 10:19 PM
HI. I am STILL in fix mode with both BF and my own trial and error - mostly error though. I am on a Mac and I wish you guys would state that the posted "fixes" are mostly for PC's please!

To MoreKiwi4Me and anyone else who's is getting the "do you want to allow adobe to connect to the internet" window at end of opening sequence of Career Mode.

I am equally frustrated with this game, but I keep trying because, once - due some some unknown miracle - I got in and played it in Career Mode - and it's worth it!

BUT I don't know if any of what I tried caused that since I now can't get in now after competing the game. There is no replay using the same name and as soon as I change player name, it crashes.

I did this: I uninstalled Flash C6 and left C4 on my computer (thinking that Adobe will prompt me to upgrade as needed). I read that the game is trying to access a prior version. It might have worked, but no way to know!

Obviously, I have uninstalled and then restarted… several times. I have also tried to either hit "skip this" in the opening sequence or not hit it and wait for the "next," or a combo, but the adobe window still is coming up. BF has no answer yet - The update with the Rose fix - which I never encountered (PC problem?) does not apply to my game.

The only other thing I know about is to open security in preferences for Safari and go to "manage website settings" and make sure that BF is in window and arrow the drop down menu to "always allow."

I was also told that there's a trick, which I have successfully tried on another non game site. It is: Do the above but drop the BF "always allow" down to run in unsafe mode" open the program (I suggest having BF open behind the window so you can toggle back and forth quickly) and then go back and reset to "run in 'safe' mode." It seems to allow a specific program to run and then can block the rest out.

WARNING! This is only something I heard and tried with another program that specifically told me to do it. It was successful, but I have not done it with this game and am not saying to do it. Good Luck!
And - does anyone else know how to fix this problem yet??? Please!!! Thanks!

P.S. When I did get the game to run, it opened with the dragging arrow, but it went away. I also found that I had to quit and resume several times as the cursor picks up a miniature screen or picks up a miniature price quote when in "Inventory." If you get into the game, it will reopen.
 posted in Westward IV: All Aboard on Jan 23, 16 7:38 PM
Hi, yes, frustrating. It may be a tech issue.
There are a few things to do after the great race. It's called the FINAL SHOWDOWN. Sometimes you have to wait for it to show up. Part 1 = First, you have to "DEFEND THE TOWN." Part 2 = Second, use the TNT…
1. When you get back, if you can move, there will be 5 large boxes located in the upper right corner, lower right corner, lower left corner, the middle left- just below the buffalo area, and in the upper left, above the coal mine.
2. As fast as you can grab several law and bounties and place them near the boxes, but not to open the boxes yet.
3. There will be 3-4 bandits near the boxes, so when you place your guns there, they will fight. If you lose the fight they go in and raid the town, so make sure you have enough law guys at the boxes. (I use 5-6 per). If not enough law, build 1 or 2 sheriff buildings and hire the deputies (up to 3 per building).
4. Fight the bandits (This will happen separately in each place).
5. When all fought, open a box and they will all open and they all will fight again.
When the bandits are defeated, pull your law back to the places they defend the bridges as more bandits will try to come into town as usual.
P.S. I recommend that you buy as much first aide from the doctor as you can, before fighting and keep monitoring the law as they fight - keep buying first aide as needed, but be quick, these fights happen fast and all at once.
1. You should now be able to buy TNT from the blacksmith. It will show up at the right of the door. You need three TNT's. I think you have to buy them from the blacksmith, not from the store, it's a pop up. (Three people can take them all at the same time to place them. it doesn't blow up until all three are placed.)
2. Place all three on the track coming into town where the red arrow is and it will blow a section of track away. Then a train derails and the "owner" comes out.
3. You can then rebuild the section of track and re-employ the guy to the left of the station. Trains will start coming through again until you exit the game.
Good luck!
 posted in Westward IV: All Aboard on Jan 23, 16 7:27 PM
Hey Derek, nice work on your walkthrough. Like you I play it a lot BUT I have never been able to figure out how to make Annie "sing to the townsfolk so they will do the happy dance." Any ideas? Thanks!
 posted in Westward IV: All Aboard on Jan 23, 16 7:21 PM
Hi, if you are still playing and can't get this, try this. If playing as Annie, the Rat is in the big hump with a hole in it to the left of the entry onto the next plain - the one with the big tree near the field of grass. Dynamite the tree to the left of the entry - it will uncover a dig area which uncovers a treasure chest. To open the chest you need the rat. To get the rat, you have to drag cheese in front of the hump opening three times. Each time the rat will come out and sit on the cheese and then go back in. The third time, it is too big to get back in and that's when the key to the treasure shows up. go back to the cheat and it will open. The Rat is then an ally and will attack if needed, but it just sits there for the rest of the game unless you drag it somewhere. I usually let it keep the Dino company :-) Good luck!
 posted in Westward IV: All Aboard on Jan 23, 16 7:16 PM
Hi I agree, you may have to contact tech support. But - if you start killing other animals, the count eventually does reset and show correctly. Other hint: Killing other animals prompts the wolves to show up eventually. The same for Bears. It works much better if you have several deputies and bounties on the same animal at a time, it's faster. Just keep going and eventually they show up. Good luck
 posted in Westward IV: All Aboard on Jan 23, 16 7:12 PM
HI, I don't know if you were told this or not. You can have several people pick up multiple cheeses at a time and then drag them all to the dealer at the same time. Usually, only three at a time. When there, you have to have the characters let go of the cheeses one at a time and they will automatically start walking back to where they came from. If they don't, just click on a nearby place or another person and they will be released and start walking. Good luck!
 posted in Chocolatier: Decadence by Design on Oct 26, 14 10:23 PM
HI all! Being an avid chocolatier series fan, I was pretty upset when I couldn't download the 2nd and 3rd series on my upgraded Mac. Of course I contacted Big Fish about why i could no longer access the games I have paid for and played for so long…

BF was cool, but after pressing them, I found out that there is a contractual problem with the developers and Choc 2 and 3 are no longer available and have been pulled from the market. I have located them in a couple of sites, but they are selling at premier prices and I'm not familiar with the sites, so I haven't repurchased them. Amazon sells them, but only for PC's or only Choc 2 for Macs.

Even though we have all been told that Choc 4 would be released last Spring, clearly it isn't going to be released at all. Play First will not respond - even in person - and Big Fish is doing nothing but "sorry!"

I tried Winemaker, but it has a glitch, so that's a Career Mode no go and I agree with someone else here, it controls the action too much. Playing it on Free Mode is fine, but there's no challenge to it. BF was great about helping with Winemaker, but they have no comment at all about Choc.

So - does anybody have more recent info.? I have played the original so many times I am now speed playing it, but like any game, it too gets boring. If anybody with any clout is reading this - Please, please, please reinstate the Chocolatier series. Fix the contract dispute and let us have our games back! Better yet, make a 4th series. So many of us have written in such great suggestions - just use one of them!

P.S. PF told me some time ago, that "The Great Choc Chase" and "Sweet Society" were not written by the same developer as the series.

 posted in Westward IV: All Aboard on May 7, 13 10:31 PM
Hey, thanks! After playing the game many times, I finally got everything you can get EXCEPT, I never did get the hero to sing and of course, I look up everything on the walkthroughs, but never saw that - so I'm going with the made up facts theory, unless I made this all up to begin with :-)) yup - lame...
 posted in Westward IV: All Aboard on Mar 5, 13 10:46 PM
how do you get the hero to sing to the townfolk so they do the happy dance?
 posted in Hell's Kitchen on Oct 21, 11 8:28 PM
Hi All,

Well, I finally did it - I got 5 stars on everything and now I'm a "Legendary Chef" Yay! This game was surprisingly difficult in some places, but I finally figured out how to time everything and got my stars.

Thank you to everyone that posted the recipe unlock codes, it was very generous of you guys! But now what? Is having the code supposed to give some kind of bonus? It hasn't shown up for me, but I'm proud of my accomplishment anyway and had fun with the challenges - even if I yelled at Chef Ramsey on the screen a few times.

As he says -The game was spot on! Good luck to everyone!
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