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 posted in Aveyond on Aug 26, 11 12:22 PM
I can't find the Blackbone Caves. Can you help me?
 posted in The Witch and The Warrior on Aug 1, 11 5:55 AM
Totally forgot about the hideout--thank you!
 posted in The Witch and The Warrior on Jul 29, 11 12:38 AM
Thank you for telling me to look for the footprints--my only excuse for not ever seeing them before is that I play in the middle of the night when I'm feeding my baby. Still, I'm pretty lame.
 posted in The Witch and The Warrior on Jul 29, 11 12:37 AM
I have the enchanted mushroom powder, but it's been so long since I received this side quest that I can't remember who wanted it--all it says in my journal is to retrieve the mushroom powder for the Witch's College. Who do I give it to?
 posted in The Witch and The Warrior on Jul 23, 11 4:57 AM
Can anyone tell me how to find the student hideout for the school of displacement?
 posted in The Witch and The Warrior on Jul 16, 11 7:27 AM
Thank you!
 posted in The Witch and The Warrior on Jul 14, 11 8:20 PM
Apparently I'm an idiot because I can't find the fairy village. Help, please?
 posted in The Witch and The Warrior on Jul 11, 11 9:00 AM
Where's the one in the five crystals area?
 posted in The Witch and The Warrior on Jul 10, 11 2:29 AM
Where do you get the super broom from?
 posted in Wedding Dash 4-Ever on May 20, 11 8:14 PM
Okay, I'm horribly stuck on 5.5. I've followed all of the tips for 5.3. I've made a diagram and charted where everyone could be placed. Still, I can't get expert. Can anyone help me?
 posted in Wedding Dash 4-Ever on May 20, 11 5:09 PM
I've been fighting with 5.5 for weeks (literally), and I totally forgot about the flirt bonus. Let's try this yet again...
 posted in Wedding Dash 4-Ever on May 9, 11 10:02 PM
This level had me so freaked out, I couldn't see the one under the star table.
It took me forever to beat it, too. I finally passed it by buying as many disco balls as I could and using them every time someone in line started getting all pointy (impatient). What put me over the top was grouping the last set as much as possible, and having the tables full all other times.
 posted in Wedding Dash 4-Ever on May 5, 11 10:29 AM
Thank you so much! I was way stuck here, too!
 posted in Roads of Rome II on Mar 2, 11 7:54 PM
I'm getting so I hate this game. Been playing it way too much the past few days. Stupid bonus level...
 posted in Roads of Rome II on Mar 2, 11 10:23 AM
Stuck on level 39. Watched the play through, and I don't think I can move as fast as dude can. Maybe I'm just a failure.
 posted in Ella's Hope on Feb 20, 11 8:15 PM
I'm in Laynia and I don't stand a chance in heck against the cylop guys. They kill me every time without breaking a sweat. Am I just not leveled high enough? How high do I need to be? I'm getting really frustrated and thinking about just deleting the game because I really don't want to have to start over and fight every stinking bad guy in order to continue.
Also, it irritates the crap out of me that, once in a battle, you can't exit the game. It's bad enough that you can't even try to run away, but it just adds insult to injury that I have to sit there and let the stupid guys kill my entire team before I can admit defeat and leave the computer.
 posted in Avenue Flo: Special Delivery on Jan 30, 11 6:08 PM
gsilberman wrote:In the supermarket word jumble puzzle, it won't let me put the letters in the sign. When i try to drag the letters to their correct spot, it just drops them back to the floor. I've tried dragging them all over the place but they are not accepted no matter what I do.

I am having the exact same problem.
 posted in Spa Mania 2 on Jan 22, 11 11:50 AM
Sent an e-mail to tech support for the same problem...let's see what they have to say...
 posted in Cooking Dash 3: Thrills and Spills on Jan 13, 11 2:48 PM
The expert levels are dang hard! I guess I'm going to just have to admit that I'm not an "expert" ...wait, maybe I should blame it on the flickering mouse arrow ...yeah, that sounds better. Stupid game glitch
 posted in Millennium: A New Hope on Nov 9, 10 4:52 PM
I don't know about the pillar of speed, but I got back to Bobobaka by heading down and right as much as possible until I got to the ghost, then traveled back through the stone area. Hope this helps! (You can also check out the walkthrough--it might help).
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